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Does anyone know how to export several lists from sharepoint to excel? Currently I export one at a time via the "Export to spreadsheet" function.

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I have a hidden excel sheet that houses critical usage statistics that I would like to push to a sharepoint site. I simply want to relay that data to the sharepoint site...

Excerpt of something I read on line:

Exporting data to Excel is well-supported in SharePoint and makes graphing and printing convenient (via the Print with Excel and Chart with Excel options). But it's also possible (and may often be desirable) to export data to Excel just for the sake of manageability. The Excel Export function creates an Excel Web query linking to the original data. In this way, you can create spreadsheets that will accept data, and then push that data to SharePoint.

This can be done by generating an Excel spreadsheet, then linking the spreadsheet to SharePoint (by using Export and Link to Excel from a Datasheet Task Pane). Once this is done, data can be entered into the spreadsheet and pushed from the spreadsheet to Excel with the Synchronize List option.

Any ideas?


Is it possible to import\export data to and from Infopath.
i know i can export Infopath forms into Excel but can i export an Excel spreadsheet into Infopath. I presume if this were possible i would have to have similiar fields in infopath to that in excel for the data i want to export.

i will need to be able to do this via a macro

basicly i will be export data from an application into Excel then export to infopath to display on our intranet site via sharepoint 2007, but it all has to work in 2003 versions as this is what the users have.

Thank you

hello team-

the following VBA exports "myfile.xml" from within an excel file to "mydocuments" folder on my sharepoint server. It exports perfectly as long as there is no existing "myfile.xml" already in the destination folder. It produces an error where there is a previous incidence of "myfile.xml" already in the destination folder..

Can somebody offer me some VBA to overwrite the previous instance of "myfile.xml" with the current file without prompting the user?

I have read/write administrator rights on the sharepoint so it's not a rights access issue on sharepoint (I get the same error when trying to export to my local c:\ as well)


Code BlockSub ExportXML2Sharepoint()

ActiveWorkbook.XmlMaps("XMLMap").Export URL:= _
End Sub


Code BlockRun time error '-2147467259 (80004005)'

Method 'Export' of object 'XMLMap' failed

Thanks Conor

I have a macro that does an export of a chart to a Sharepoint image library. This is the code I am using to do the export:

    Dim oChart As Chart    
    ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart 1").Select
    Set oChart = ActiveChart
    oChart.Export Filename:="\\SharePointAddress\NCC\publishingImages\filename.gif", FilterName:="GIF"

The code works fine on one computer but returns an error on another. The error I recieve is:
Run-time error '-2147286987 (80030035)':
Method 'Export' of object '_Chart' failed
Also it will not work on that same computer for a different user.
The code works anywhere if I change the address to an actual folder location like C:\Images.
I realise this might be more of a problem with sharepoint than excel but it doesn't hurt to try.

Not sure if this is even possible, but I have a co-worker who wants to import the data located in the calendar entries in Sharepoint. I know there is a button which will manually export them to excel. Is it possible to export them using vba?

I attempted linking the website to excel, which imported the file names but not their content.


Hi All,

Here's the short question: the SharePointURL property of ListObject is ReadOnly. I wanna change it!

The long version: I have a SharePoint site where many months ago I did the "Export to Spreadsheet" command. I've since done lots of work on this file, including code that lets the user refresh the data:


So this is a one way pull-the-data-from-SharePoint process. Works fine, back slaps all around.

Now another division wants to use the same process, but wants to keep their own SharePoint list. Easy enough to give them a duplicate site. Now I want to give them a copy of my Excel file, except that it should pull data from the duplicate site.

I don't want to just "Export to Spreadsheet" again from the new site and copy my Excel changes to that workbook. Too many named ranges, dynamic ranges, etc for that to probably work easily.

So any ideas on how to do the equivalent of changing the SharePointURL property of ListObject to point to the new SharePoint?



Hi All,

Access and Excel 2003.

Is there a way by any chance to export data from Access to Excel, to a specific template that formats the fields better?

I know how to export data to excel, but the Time field comes up as "00-JAn-00" for all records. Also, some of the State and Research accounts aren't show because the column isnt wide enough and I have to fix that to see all of the data. There is also a couple other small format issues.

So I'm wondering if its possible to set something up like that for excel to eliminate these formatting issues because I need export to excel on a daily basis??

Thank you in advance

I have been trying to get IE to export a database table to EXCEL. It will
not do it.

I can right click on the body of the data and say EXPORT to EXCEL - but it
won't export or go to the clipboard.

How can I get it to do that?


I just created an EXCEL 2007 file that does a screen scrape of a web site within one of its worksheets. I am now trying to make it available via sharepoint. I tried to export the range as a sharepoint list, but when I create the range, it forces me to kill any connections with an outside source, therefore, killing my screen scrape. Is there anyway to get around this problem?




I have created a macro to convert an Excel sheet to csv that works fine. But my problem is that when the sheet is converted Excel has the .csv file opened and not the .xls. I would like to have the xls file open after I export to the csv.. as well as have the xls file saved at the same time as it is exported to csv. Is there a function to export to csv "in the background" and still have the xls file open in Excel?



I'm trying to export an XLS to CSV with excel. The XLS is in ISO Greek
and displays properly in Excel. When I export the file all greek text
comes up as question marks so I get a file that looks like :

503,????????? ??????????,??????? 62 ?,"?????? ?????????? Chris
526,?????????? ??????????,???????? ????????? 62,100m ??? ?? ??????
598,???????? ??????????,????????? 3,"?????? ????????

How can I export this file properly??? I am using Office XP (Excel



following the 'success' last week of my posts to get my charts exported as an image, I have moved on a bit and now want to export a selection from one of my sheets as an image too.

I have worked out that I can select part of a sheet to export like this :

Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("C6:D9").CopyPicture _
Appearance:=xlScreen, Format:=xlPicture

but how do I then 'write' it to a file, say a gif for instance?

something like blah.Export "C:\temp\test.gif", "GIF"?

The synchronization between my Excel lists and the lists published on my
Sharepoint site fails. I receive the following message from Excel:
"A connection to the Sharepoint site cannot be established. To synchronize
or refresh your list, you must be able to connect to the Sharepoint site."

The Sharepoint site is accessible (even from excel) and the same list can be
synchronized some days ago.
I have the same problem with different platform (XP, 2003), (Office XP or
SP1), ...

Hi Guy's
I need to automate a file export to CSV. i want to export a table called NotePadOutput and save to a csv on my desktop.

I have searched Google but can not find anything that works???

Any help would be great?


Basically I want to import an XML file into excel to change a certain number and then save or export it back again.

However when I try to Data>XML>Export or when I try to save as an XML file I get the following message:

"Cannot save or export XML data. The XML maps in this workbook are not exportable."

Can someone help me with this? Many thanks

Hello Friends

Has anybody figured out why some times we get following error message when exporting data to Excel?
"Cannot Expand Named Range"
Use Access 2007 and I run a weekly export and have saved export that I use. Earlier I used to export query result in Excel 2003 and never had this problem. But with time number of records have grown and exporting to Excel 2003 is not an option anymore. So I tried exporting to Excel 2007. That's when I started getting this problem. And it only happens when export is over writing a file that already exists in the destination folder. That is critical if you are looking to automate the function.
Does anyone know fix for it? Or is it unfixable so that I should move on.


Morning all, just joined as can not find the answer to a question I have searched for hours to try and solve. I have done this in the past but can not find the original file, or page showing how to do it.

All I want is a simple way to export named charts from within vba, the best guess I could come up with was this:

Sub Export()

With ActiveChart
ActiveChart.Export "C:\MAPBOOK_OUTPUTS\ChartName.png"

End Sub

Thanks in advance for any help!

Have an excel spreadsheet that has a record length of over a 1000+
characters. Export it as a 'prn' extension, but when I look at the prn file
I find that it has been broken up into 3 segments. This is not a problem
with wordwrap as that is turned off. I have even verified in multiple
editors that this file has been segmented out by Excel. Problem is I don't
know why it is or how to change Excel it so it will export the entire record

I am trying to generate .sql scripts to drive a DTS package, I am using Excel as the hub as certain elements within the script change on a weekly basis. So I am the stage where I want to export my worksheet into .txt/.sql format. However, when I use the FileFormat:=xlText export function, the exported text file includes inverted commas around code which has commas.

Is there a way I can export an excel worksheet into a .txt/.sql compatible format which includes commas which doesn't include inverted commas?

I am trying to export Excel data into SQL server.
How do I export Data from Multiple Worksheets into one Worksheet or is there a way to export data from mutiple sheets directly into a single table in SQL Server.
Help would be Much appreciated.

How can I export excel chart into a gif image with highest resolution.
I did the normal export using Export method but the resolution was not good. I want the resolution to be same as we c the plotted chart in excel.

I want to create a record within an export spreadsheet, export this to
another file(not xls) and retain fixed length fields in the exported file.
Does anybody know how this can be achieved?

I need to save my Excel charts in the eps format. Unfortunately, unlike other
statistical software I use, Excel doesn't seem to offer any "export" option.
Any clue?
Thanks in advance for your help!

I'm trying to export from MS project into Excel. When I did the save as in project, it allows me to export into excel BUT the tasks and subtasks indents are removed when I open up the file in Excel. Is there a way I can export and keep the structure? I remember a few years ago I saw a script that someone had wrote. I thought I saved it but cannot find it anywhere on my pc.
Is this something someone has? Please let me know. This will save me much time vs copying and pasting the project plan into Excel.

Please let me know.



I have an excel workbook containing many sheets, of which I wish to export
the data residing on one worksheet only. I would like to know how to do 2
1) export the data into an email so that it appears as flat text, not an
embedded picture, so that I am able to have a robot scrape the data to go
into an HTML ODBC. There will be approx 6 columns by 60 lines and the
workbook has many macros embedded in it.
2) export the data directly into an HTML ODBC
I am not a developer, but asking the questions for one, so appreciate layman
terms if possible, but happy to accept any and all help.