Cant Copy Or Move Sheet - Greyed Out

Afternoon all,

Can someone take a look at this for me? This workbook, which is unprotected, will not let me copy or move an existing sheet, or create a new one.

What have I done?

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I am working in Excel 2007 with a workbook that is saved as an Excel 2003 file (.xls extension). The workbook has a seperate tab for ever person in my office (around 30 people) to post their workschedule. It is a shared workbook so everyone can access it at the same time. I need to add a new tab for a new employee so I had everyone exit from the workbook and then I unshared the workbook. I am trying to copy and paste one of the worksheets so the formatting is the same. I usually just right click on the tab (i.e Sheet1), select "Move or copy", and then check the box to copy the worksheet. When I try to right-click the tab I get nothing. I am able to right click in a cell just fine. The workbook is unprotected and I don't know how to fix this.

Any help?


Can anyone tell me how to move/copy a worksheet to a new workbook and keep the values made by the formulas but not have the formulas included on the new sheet?

In our current method, we copy/move the sheet to a different workbook, sometimes 60 or more, then we must copy,paste special, values, in the columns that contained formulas.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



I've built a tool via a pivot table with several macros that work either in the background or via form control buttons and all of a sudden I'm getting an error when I try to create a new tab/sheet in the overall workbook that 'That command cannot be used on multiple selections'.

I've checked pretty thoroughly that there's no multiple selections in play via the following methods:
Group and ungroup the tabs Clicked in a separate cell without having the Ctrl key held down Pressed ESC Run a new macro with just 'Application.CutCopyMode = False' Tried to execute a macro with 'Application.DisplayAlerts = False' 'Sheets.Add' 'Application.DisplayAlerts = True' which got still came up with the error Holding Ctrl and moving a current sheet to the end Right clicking a current sheet and selecting Move or Copy and Copy and Move to the End Shift + F11 Move or Copy and Copy from a fresh Excel to this sheet Nothing seems to work. And I'm completely stumped - any ideas?

This is the error i get by doing> edit> move or copy sheet

A formula or sheet you want to move or copy contains the name 'HTML', which already exists on the detination worksheet. Do you want to use this version of the name?

All I want to do is copy a sheet into the same book. If I click yes, two more errors pop up.


Is there a way to password protect a workbook but still allow users to still right click a sheet tab and either rename it or delete it?

I am basically trying to block the move/copy feature to prevent a sheet from being copied to a new workbook and the currently passworded VBA codes from being exposed.

Hi all,

recently i saw that the Insert and Move/Copy sheet options from right click on sheet tab menu or the Edit menu are disabled . This is not only at existing documents but also when i open a new excel document. So NO VBA scripts behind that eventualy disables these menus and also NO protection is active on the document...

I tried to repair the Office package... no luck... does anyone have an idea...?!? ... by the way, i have Office 2003...


In an Excel workbook I use that has several sheets, when I copy/paste/create a sheet into the same workbook twice, I get a message box that reads:

A formula or sheet you want to move or copy contains the name '----' which already exists on the destination worksheet. Do you want to use this version of the name?
*To use the name as defined in the destination sheet click YES
*To rename the range referred to in the formula or worksheet click NO and enter a new name in the name conflict dialogue box.

I have to click YES 26 times to get through all the names that pop up.

I have no idea what this is all about. I have used EDIT/Find to try to locate the name in both text and formulas, but they are not found. They are not macros either.

Has anyone else seen this message? Can you direct me to find where the conflict is?

Any help would be appreciated.

I'm in a workbook currently and some of my toolbar functions, namely; Trace Precedent/ Dependent, Drawing & Auto Filter are 'greyed' out and not responding. I noticed this was the case after I couldn't produce a drop down list in the same workbook. If I 'move & copy' the workbook the functions on the copied workbook are then active. All other excel workbooks are fine.

Anyone know what could be causing this issue?

Would appreciate any help.


I have a workbook that was shared and sent to me to update.
I have unshared it and it is not protected however it will not allow me to Insert, Delete, Rename, Move or Copy, Hide or Unhide any sheets (options grayed out).

Any ideas why I cannot add a worksheet?

I inherited a workbook. I understand why whomever created it wouldn't want people to paste into it, but I own it now and I need to.

The workbook is unprotected.

Macros are off.

I unlocked the cells.

I am using a licensed version of full Excel 2007.

What else could be stopping me from pasting? Cut and Copy are available, Paste is greyed out everywhere.

Thanks in advance!

I am running Office 2007 on Windows XP. Normally when you have two workbooks open you can move or copy from one to the other. But, for some reason it is not letting me do it. After I click on move or copy I click the drop down box to select the other open workbook. But, the other open workbook does not appear in the drop down menu. Do you know why? If so, do you have a remedy?

I am currently using Excel 2003, I have a 3.11mb file with about 20
worksheets, this file has been around much longer than I have. Every month I
would copy 4 worksheets to another workbook. This month I am no longer able
to do this, I right click the tab, and choose move or copy, and choose the
workbook, and check create a copy, nothing will happen, it does not matter if
I right click on the worksheet tab or use the Edit menu. It will let me move
the worksheet, but it will not allow me to copy it. I got an error message
on named ranges (saying they already exist) when I moved it to a new workbook
and then tried to copy it back to the orginal, I looked at the name ranges,
and there had to be over 50 of them, I don't need them, so I deleted them
all, expect one. it will not allow me to delete it, and it is refering to a
workbook that no longer exist, before the name of the range it has to square
boxes, I can not rename or deleted it, I dont know if this has anything to
do with not being to copy the workbook.
Please help if you can

We have a workbook that does not allow us to use the Move or Copy command. When we right click on the worksheet and select Move or Copy, we are able to check the box to make a copy, but when we click OK nothing happens.

We have checked to make sure that the workbook and worksheet:
1. Are not protected
2. That there are no hidden worksheets
3. That there are not worksheets that exist with the same name
4. That not all the worksheets are selected

There are only two worksheets in this workbook.

Any ideas of why we are unable to make a copy of this worksheet within the same workbook or to another workbook?

The sheets tab at the bottom of the screen?
In excell I have a bunch of spreadsheets where the insert / delete / rename
/ etc...
is greyed out. The File > Properties is also greyed out. I can make
changes and
save the doc, just not change the sheets


i'm new to this computing stuff i wonder if someone can help,
i have an excel sheet about 1000rows in use at present.
i am trying to make a copy paste macro. to expain further- i want to copy c1 through to g1 and paste those cells to m1 throught to r1, then the next time i want to move down 7 rows and copy that range across .
i recorded a macro to do this but when i move down to for example c8 and run the macro it copies and pastes the original c1-g1 ito m1-r1.
i have had a go at reading the help but and trying a few things to no avail.
it,s just normal numbers i want to copy and paste not formula or anything complicated.

I have an unprotected spreadsheet that when opened does not open to fill the full window area and the scroll bars and tabs are out of view. For whatever reason I cannot move the sheet or expand it to fit the current window. I've exhausted the Excel help suggestions with no luck. Any suggestions? This is a first for me.

When I right click on a worksheet tab the only options enabled are "View Code" and "Protect Sheet" The spreadsheet has been one in use for months. Just a time sheet that gets updated biweekly. The user wants to make duplicat copy of a worksheet. Any ideas why the move or copy as well as other options are not availible?

I think I'm fairly good at troubleshooting errors, but I'm far beyond my capabilities here. Here's a problem im having in Excel 2010:

I have tables in 4 documents that I'd like to save in one document. Sounds simple enough right? There seems to be something wrong with these files, that it isn't working right for me. If I copy a table on one sheet only, and try to paste it in another workbook, I get the error "That command cannot be used on multiple selections" (I've looked - I have ONLY ONE tab highlighted, and all the cells are contiguous). Moreover, If I click the new tab button, I get the same error: "That command cannot be used on multiple selections. Which makes no sense to me.

Giving up on copy paste, I thought at least I can copy the whole sheets into a new workbook, so I right-click the tab, choose "Move or Copy", select a new workbook (or an existing workbook) and click the buttons for copy to end of book. Without fail, this crashes Excel and it sends out an error report.

I just need to copy some data! I'm getting frustrated with what should have been such an easy task. Any ideas for solutions!?

Hi Mr.Excel!

Hope you're doing good.

I've created a macro-enabled template, and as the final part of the macro, I should move two worksheets (say, Sheet2 & Sheet3) to a new workbook. I know how to move one worksheet to a new book (right click on the 'Sheet2' >> Move or Copy.. >> Select 'New Book') I want two sheets to be moved (simultaneously or otherwise) to the same NEW workbook. Is that possible?

Thanks for your help in advance!



(Btw, You & Mike rock!!! Love ur vids on YT )

In versions prior to Excel 2007, I was always able to copy a chart when I copied a tab. However, when I copy a tab in 2007, the data copies fine, but the chart does not. Something similar happens when I try to move a tab with a chart on it to another workbook.

This is a big problem for me as I work with a lot of charts. Are there any known fixes around this, or any good solution (short of recreating the chart from scratch)?

Thanks in advance.



To make a really long story a little shorter, this is my situation:

I have an excel (2003) workbook with approximately 20 sheets. Each is fairly heavily formatted and is used as a data entry form. Each sheet is protected so the user can only enter values in appropriate cells.

Users require the ability to be able to SAVE the data into a "data only" workbook, and LOAD preexisting data from a "data only" workbook.

I originally used the worksheet.copy method, but due to the following MS Excel bug - - I am unable to rely on it.

Because there are approximately 10000 unprotected cells in the 20 sheets, looping through them one at a time simply takes too long (especially when it comes to LOADing an existing backend - approx 60 seconds).

So, I have had to find another method of doing this.

I have set up named ranges for all the unprotected cells which I use for clearing the sheets (when required), and my thinking is to perhaps somehow use these named ranges to speed up the process. However, because the ranges are made up of data in non-adjacent cells, I am unable to use Copy and Paste methods.

At this point, the only way I can see to do this is to basically do the following:

To Save Data:
Create a new workbook with the same sheetname structure
For each sheet, unprotect, then select and copy all cells.
Paste contents into appropriate sheet on new workbook.
Reprotect sheet in "frontend"

To Load Data:
Open presaved workbook
Unprotect and unhide all sheets in "frontend"
For each sheet in presaved data workbook, select and copy all cells
Paste contents into appropriate sheet in frontend.
Reprotect and hide sheets in frontend.

I believe that this will work, but I have some concerns:
1) it seems like a messy way, would prefer something a little more professional
2) when loading data, is this going to affect my named ranges in the frontend?

Any suggestions welcomed.


I have a newly created worksheet that I am trying to make duplicates (tabs) within the existing workbook (Holding the control key and dragging the tab to create a duplicate). When I make the new sheet (tab) an error occurs stating "A formula or sheet you want to move or copy contains the name 'b', which already exists on the destination worksheet."

1) No formulas exist in the source worksheet.
2) No cells are named in the source worksheet.
3) How could the name 'b' already exist in the destination worksheet when I am in the process of creating it?

Dear All,

If you could,please help me,i have one excel sheet.i want to share this sheet with others to have a look,And i protect my sheet,but they are selecting by CTRL+A full sheet & making copy & paste to use unprotected.
So,I want to disable copy feature from protected sheet.

I am waiting for your reply.

Thanks in advance for every thing.

I've created a template in a worksheet that has all but 4 cells protected. I need to make 50 copies of this worksheet in the same workbook so it can be individualized for 50 people. However, when I copy & paste the formatting does not carry over nor does the comments in the data entry cells. Using Move/Copy works but I don't want to do that 50 times. Is there a way to use Move/Copy and stipulate how many copies I need?

I have a sheet that i need to make 70 copies of (in the same workbook) and I would like to rename them 1-70. I know how to select tab>Move or Copy>create a copy and so on, but this takes to long to make that many copies and rename 1 by 1. Is there a way to make all the copies i need and rename them quickly. I am using MS Office 2007. any help with this would be greatly appreciated.