Unlock File After Crash

How do I unlock an Excel File after a crash. It unlocks if I re-boot my
machine, but I am wondering if there is a lock file in some temp directory
that I can delete instead of re-booting


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I have an excel file with hyperlinks that point to the network directory. After a crash MS-Excel offered to re-store the excel file saved just before the crash. I did that and now all the hyperlinks point to the local /Documents & setting/ user directory
How can I restore all the hyperlinks to the correct destination.

I tried with 'replace' but that did not work. HELP.


hi all,

i wanted to open a file which has locked.

when i opens a file its shows file is locked for editing by "user name" click read only or notify. so how would i unlock this file for editing ,and also i dont want to do copy of this file like save as in other place i wanted to edit in same file,
pls help me out out from this problem
thanks in advance


This file contains the printing options of a larger userform. But I am having problems with the print preview crashing.

I'd click one of the printing options on the userform, this would bring up the print preview of that sheet.

And when I try to "test" its stability by going crazy on the view next/ previous page on preview, it'd crash. This is especially when I've got the screenupdating set to false.

Just wondering if anyone else can varify the crash/ suggest what maybe its cause?


I'm new to the forum so please forgive any lapses in board ettiquette.

The question is...

Can I lock/unlock cells that contain drop down data validations based on the result of another drop down validation. And if so how?

eg - relates to attached file.

C12 is a drop down. Variables are Select, Yes, No (Select is really just an instruction to users)

If Yes is selected value I want cells M12:R12 to be unlocked allowing access to the drop downs they contain. Any other result for C12 should leave M12:R12 locked.

Columns M-R have CountIf functions against the Yes results but I need these only to be returned where C12-22 value = Yes.

Hopefully the attached file helps to illustrate the problem.

Any help much appreciated.


I am using Excel 2003. I have a dash board where students enter a user name and password to see their page only. Is there Some type of code that would allow me the instructor to Unlock all sheets in the work book for editing. or do i have to use the tool menu and the protection option for each sheet?

I lock the same cells for every students sheet so if i could find some type of macro lock that would lock the same cells or range of cells in every sheet for and would allow a password to unlock those cells.

I am currently using a code on each sheet that locks the unlocked cells once any information is put in.

I guess I was thinking my new code might be a workSheet code.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

thanks Mike

Hello All
Anyone know how to lock cells using VBA, also unlock others currently locked.
Page protection will be in use at the time this needs to be done.

Also, is there anywhere on the net with a complete list of VBA functions,
including a short statement of what each one does, with or without examples.

If not, any good books that cover the above area. I'm really (strange as it
might seem), enjoying playing with VBA and seeing exactly what it can do.


Can anyone suggest a way to unlock a range of single cells
let me do some work
and then re lock them again

Starting from P11
every 6 columns right till AZ11
and every 7 rows down to the last row (around 13000ish)

P11, V11, AB11.....AZ11
P15, V15, AB15.....AZ15

I could ctrl click/every one

do my work then start over, but I think thats gonna cause RSI and i need my hand for other things, like raising a toast to the guys on this forum

Oh please let there be an answer!!



Am hoping there are some solid Pivot Table (PT) users out there who could give me a hand on this...

The problems:

1) The main problem: Refreshing some PT's makes Excel stop or crash

2) Additionally, changing the filters in these PT's also makes Excel stop or crash. Other PT's don't crash Excel when refreshed, but do crash Excel when the filter is changed... Both sets of Pivot Tables have the same filters...

Further, there are other Pivot Tables in the workbook with the same filters that do NOT crash Excel when either refreshing the PT, or changing its filter!

Moreover, for those PT's which can be refreshed without crashing Excel, but crash it when changing the filter, when we refresh them first we don't experience problems changing the filter!

And a final problem is that the PT's which exhibit 'problematic' behavior can change given different data sets.

So I am wondering about whether Pivot Tables are the best way to meet my goal, which is to dynamically regenerate statistics given a user inputting various periods (w/ start and stop end dates) out of a large times series of price data.

General details: my workbook file is currently about 50Mo. There are 52 sheets, organized around a
main data sheet (raw data + data calculated on this sheet).

There are 112 pivot tables, all linked to the same (internal) source.

Problem 1 occurs with and without the option "Save source data with file"
of the PT.

For the PT with both problems, I use 2 Values and 2 to 4 "rows" with filter on 2 of these rows. I use the "Equals" subtype of the "Labels Filter".

Anybody encounter the same kind of problem or have an idea about the origin of this? Solution / suggestions appreciated! I also can't find much out there about

Thanks much in advance,


i have a 2 particulary large sheets of data (something like 640 rows by 52 columns on each sheet) and need to protect the sheet so that the users cannot edit / alter any cells that contain formula's, however, they can edit any cells that do not contain formulas.

there are far too many cells to manually check, lock or unlock and then protect the sheet.

i know the cells can be locked or unlocked in vba using


Cells(x, y).Locked = False

however, i have no idea how to check every cell, deterin if it contains a formula (and lock it) or if it does not contain a formula (and unlock it), so i am looking for some advice on how to proceed.

any help would be gratefully appreciated

I have an excel file which - if I open from my hard drive I can save with no problems. I can also save it as other names and open and save them - again no problem.

If I email the file (including to myself) - I can open ok but if i attempt to save (with same name or another) it causes excel to crash!

I sent to a colleague (who has excel 2003) - he can open it fine. he saved it as 95-2000 workbook and emailed back to me. - I could open ok and save it but if I email it to myself it crashes excel again .

I am using lotus notes 6.5 and excel 2000

I have had microsoft office re-installed with no success.

Does anyone have any ideas?


I was tinkering with a larger Excel file on a network drive (~7 MB) and
tried to run a macro that wasn't there (using keyboard shortcut of Ctrl-D).
Obviously, nothing happened. In response, I tried to create a new tab (Excel
seemed to be doing this, but it failed three times; no new tab appeared). I
then figured it was time for a computer reboot.

After rebooting, I tried to open the aforementioned file, only to be met
with the 'Error -> Send Error Report' dialog. Repeated attempts to open this
file yield the same results. I tried rebooting again, but the results
remained the same.


Another computer in our office was able to successfully open this file. I
had them create a copy of it, figuring I could get into that one & trash the
original. However, I get the same crash/error dialog when trying to open
that file.


I am able to open other Excel files, both on my local HD as well as some in
the same folder where the problem Excel file resides.

So, is anyone familiar with a problem such as this? Obviously, there appears
to be something about this file now & my work computer that refuses to let
me open it on my work machine.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


My worksheet has a tab for each month with the name of the sheet the month and year (Feb 11, Mar 11, etc.)

In cells (D3:AH3) I have the day of the month.

I can't use an open event to lock cells because macros are not enabled when the file is opened.

Instead I want to use a close event to protect and lock the entire worksheet.

Then when the user opens the worksheet he/she will have to enable macros and then I'll need a macro to trigger that will unlock all of the columns except those that are from previous dates.

It goes the long way around but accomplishes what I want.

I would need the two seperate codes 1 to lock all of the cells on all the sheets with a close event.

another to unlock all the cells except the ones from previous days. Each sheet represents a different month and the range (d3:ah3) has 1-31 for the days of the month.

Thanks for the help

I have closed a document (that I forgot to save), I cannot figure out how to restore the file (or if there even is still a file saved). Is there any way to recover the file or does the Excel need to 'Crash' to bring up the restore file dialog?

I have found many similar questions and tried to modify the code to work for me, but no luck. Here's my challenge.

I'm trying to create a protected spreadsheet form (but no password) with a key cell at the top (say A3). If the user selects (from a data validation list) 1 of 3 or 4 possible choices for A3, specific non-contiguous cells below will unlock and be available. Otherwise they are locked. In other words, some of the questions to be answered below only relate to 1 or 2 of the choices in the key field. Also, I'd like the cells that are locking to be cleared of any existing content - perhaps all the cells in the range could be cleared whenever the key cell changes... (Use [B3, C4, D5] as the range to lock/unlock. I can change as needed.)

I've been really impressed with the quality of answers at ozgrid and am not posting anywhere else. Any help would be much appreciated!

To All Genius,

What I want here is a macro coding which can lock/unlock my computer for windows 7.

Hi ,

I have an issue with unlock vba project.
I need to do following.
1). When vba project unlock message popup say "If wrong password attempt VBA CODE will delete"
2). If the user attempt more than three need to delete macro module.

If any body have any clue as how above mention two stept automate in excel(VBA MACRO) Please let me know.
Now I'm really sufferng with this issue. I gone though several thread, But no one has clear idea on that. Pleassss


I have a Pivot chart that is very sensitive. When mutually exclusive variables are selected in any of the 4 visible drop down filters, it crashes. I understand why it does this, I'm just wondering how to prevent it. When you do this mismatch in a pivot table, the data field just goes blank, but it does not crash and reboot/recover file.

So why does the pivot graph crash. This means my users will have to pre-know what is compatible and what conditions are mutually exclusive, right?

My clients are executive who don't really know any of this...

Any tips/suggestions would be appreaciated~


Hi, is there a way to track lock and unlock time of computer from excel?

I use Excel 2003 and within the last few weeks, it started creating a new temp file each time I saved the document. Each time I either do ctrl S or hit the save icon, it saves the file and creates a temp file at the same time. If I save the file 10 times, it creates 10 temp files. The only way to get rid of them is to manually delete them.

Please let me know if there is a setting which needs to be changed. I can't remember changing anything but I sure may have.

Thanks for your help.


How do I unlock radio buttons on a speadsheet.

In the attachment the sheet is locked with the radio buttons and group box unlocked however when I lock the sheet and select a button I see the msg

'The cell or chart is protected therefore read-only'.

Any advice on how to lock the sheet with the buttons working normaly would be appreciated


I have an .xlsm file that I saved last night at 4:30pm today any time i try to save the file it auto crashes.

I cant save it on the network or locally, I can't save it as a dif file type it all causes the crash.

Other files are fine its just this one.

I have tried moving all sheets to a dif file still crashes..

Any ideas?? I will lose days of work if I can't get this file to work!

I have a shared excel 2003 workbook and upon opening it advises that the file is in use, locked for editing and gives me the option to open the file as a 'read only' file. All users who have access to this workbook are not viewing the file and it has been in this state for 4 days. I have checked the properties of this file and the 'Read Only' box is not checked.

Could someone please help me out with how I can unlock this file


Recently, I have noticed that my VBA editor window will automatically open
when unlocking my computer. I am running XP, with Office 2003. I unlock my
Windows using Ctrl-Alt-Delete, and type in my password. Then a VBA window
pops up. I have done some troubleshooting and here's what have found.

If I open a fresh session of Excel, lock my computer, unlock it, I get no
editor window pop up. But if I physically go into the editor, then close the
editor, lock/unlock my computer, then it will start popping up. Same with
Outlook. If I hav an Outlook session open which I have been in the editor at
one point since that session has been open, then I will get a pop up after
unlocking my computer. I will get a editor pop up window for each case. In
other words, one will pop up for Outlook, another for Excel, and for each
separate session of Excel (if I have manually opened the editor during that
sesssion at some point). So some times, I will have 3 or 4 editor pop ups
after unlocking my computer, and I have to close them all.

Now I also have a laptop, running on the same network, XP and 2003 Office,
and I cannot duplicate this issue. Nothing has changed on either to my
knowledge, but I don't even know where to begin checking for differences. Any



We have a network share on a Win2K3 Server where users are trying to save
Excel workbooks to. They do not have the delete permission.
When Excel saves I believe it creates a temp file, then saves the .xls and
then tries to delete the temp file. If the temp file is unable to be deleted
the save fails.
(E.G. If the users have delete permissions they can save OK).

Anyone have a good workaround or fix for this?



Hi guys

I have an excel file (6.6MB) damaged during a system crash.

Trying to open it from its shortcut prompts the "open with" box. Clicking excel prompts the ".....cannot be opened. The file may be read-only......." error message.

The properties box for this file identifies its type as "File", not as "Microsoft Excel Worksheet". (Some other damaged excel files are now also identified as "File" but I can open these ok).

I have opened and saved a version in Word but obviously the file is unreadable!

I have also tried to copy cells to a new workbook but get the "File not found" message.

(System Details:Windows 98SE, Excel 2000)

Any help would be very much appreciated