Can I Change Multiple Hyperlinks At Once

I have a large database of files that are hyperlinked in a File Register
created in excel. All of these files have now been moved to a different
drive, but the folder names etc are the same. Is there a quick way to change
the path of the hyperlink, as to do each one individually would take weeks.

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I have a database saved as an excel spreadsheet that includes hyperlinks to AutoCAD drawings on my hard drive.

My database worked fine until I recently decided to reorganize my files into more specific folders. Now, when I update my hyoerlinks to the newer and longer file paths, they don't work.

An example of an old file path is:
C:\Program Files\AutoCAD LT 2000\Drawing Files\Avalon Hse\BLSouth\BLSAva51FBA001FTG.dwg

The same file at its new address is as follows:
C:\Program Files\AutoCAD LT 2000\Drawing Files\Avalon Hse\BLSouth\FBA\Version #5\BLSAva51FBA001FTG.dwg

When I use the hyperlink function, it works fine using my old path, and it gives me an error with the new path that reads "cannot find specified file." I am positive that the file path is spelled accurately as I copied and pasted it from the path in Windows Exploer that points to the given file.

Is there something in Excel that limits the length of a file path in hyperlinks? I sure hope there's a way for me to get this database working without having to go badk to my old filing system.



I'm creating a spreadsheet that hyperlinks to about 50 different documents. Eventually, i want a ** to contain the excel file and all the hyperlinked documents. To get the hyperlinks to run from the **, i had to change all of the hyperlinks within my spreadsheet to the E:\ (this is the drive where my burner is). I then inserted the ** into a different computer (D:\) and none of my hyperlinks work anymore? Is there anyway to make sure that the excel hyperlinks open to the files stored on the **, regardless of which drive it is in?

thanks in advance,

Hi. Noob here. I have a doc with a very long A Column filled with titles of songs that are stored as audio files on my system, and I'm wanting to change all these mere titles into hyperlinks which would call up RealPlayer (or whatever) and play each audio clip when a title is clicked. I can do that, but each time I right-click/hyperlink, the 'Look In' dialog defaults to My Documents, and I have to browse to the correct folder, which is very tedious. We're talking over 2,500 titles.

Excel Help's entry for the Hyperlink Function didn't seem to address this. I did find a forum discussion about changing the Hyperlink Base by going to File>Info>Show All Properties and entering a path into the Hyperlink Base field, but after doing this, right-click/hyperlink still defaults to My Documents. (I'm thinking maybe this solution was intended for docs with already existing hyperlinks?, which isn't my situation...)

So, how do you get the Insert Hyperlink dialog to open to a different specified folder automatically?

Also, as a bonus, assuming there is a way to change the default folder, would there then be a way to simply select the entire column and convert all the titles to hyperlinks in one operation? Does it help that each title in the column happens to be identical with its corresponding audio file on the drive (well, minus the file extension)? Just trying to keep from doing 2,500 repetitions of anything.

Thanks for any insights. Excel 2010, Vista 64-bit.

- Bob K.

Hey, I hope this is the right place to post this...

Basically I'm putting hyperlinks into an Excel spreadsheet (using Excel 2002). They link to a different file in a shared network drive. However, when the file is sent as an e-mail, and opened by someone else, the file path has changed to the user's local C: drive. I've tried to set the hyperlink base to the folder path, and zipping the file before sending, but it still isn't working properly. I'm using Lotus Notes to send the files.

Any ideas on locking the file path so that it will still retain the proper file path when it is e-mailed?


****sorry about this, just got the problem fixed, changing the base worked. This thread can be deleted*****

Hi guys

I was just wondering if it was possible for a hyperlink to be created that works regardless of where the folder containing the files is stored.

I have a range of data each with its own unique ID. This ID refers to a pdf within the same folder as the workbook is stored so I have created the following formula to quickly make a link that I can fill down.

C:\Files\ 28 .pdf

The file names will always be the same and so will the folder name, however the folder may not always be stored at the top level of the C drive.

Is there a way to make this more dynamic and quickly?


I have a 100's of hyperlinks that take a part number from a cell and
then point to and open a corresponding pdf drawing located in
However some of the pdf files are located in '...vol2\data\xx'
Can the hyperlink not have a formula or some msdos command in it so
that it can search for a particular filename by itself on the whole
hard drive. This way if the pdf files get moved around there will be no
problem with the hyperlinks? I'm using Excel XP 2002.



I was given a large Excel workbook with many hyperlinks to Word documents. The problem is that the hyperlinks are still pointing to where the files were originally stored, before they were palced on the flash drive. Both the Excel workbook and the word documents are stored on the same flashdrive.

1. Knowing the flash drive will map to different drive letters depending on the computer it is using, is there a way to make the links work on the flash drive? Is there a way to wildcard the drive letter in the hyperlink?

The user is wanting to keep all files on the flash drive and hand out flash drives to multiple people who will access them on different machines. They want the links to work, no matter where it is plugged in.

I have a workbook, stored as Read-Only on a network, that has external data links (for vlookup functions) to files on the same network but different folders.

My problem is that the network path in the formulas seem to randomly change. I started with a full path, \\server\folder\folder\file. Occasionally the path will change to match my mapped drive, Z:\folder\file, but the data links usually still work.

Today it change to C:\folder\file, which is, of course, completely wrong and the data links won't work at all.

It's a large file with 100+ links. When this happens it costs me a lot of time to fix. Anybody out there know how I can prevent this? I'm using 2007, as are the other people in the office who use the workbook.


Currently I am using (.htm) files import to excel one by one from a folder in Z drive. In this drive there is one foler named Vidal which is fixed. In this folder there are some sub folders like Year wise folder(2010,2011 etc). In Year folder there is Month wise folder like (May,June etc). In month folder there are day wise folders like (010611,020611, ddmmyy). In this folder some htm files we are storing regular basis. The htm file names like (C_MTM_CM_5067_20110603_CM.htm). Every day only date is changed and remaining all keeps same. C_MTM_CM_ is a fixed name. 5067 also fixed with Client Code. Only this code (20110603) is changes as per current date. Like (YYYYMMDD).
Eveready I have to change the folder name & date and import it. Have any code to import every day with current date htm files from the current month folder. We have some multiple files and all files will stored in the Client Code based sheets. Like 5067,5252,5511. Example of the file names mentioned here. (C_MTM_CM_5067_20110603_CM.htm, C_MTM_CM_5252_20110603_CM.htm & C_MTM_CM_5511_20110603_CM.htm)
I have attached file for your reference.

I have an excel document from where I have to provide hyperlinks to files and folders located in common server.The problem is that the location of files can change within the common server and hence it is problematic to provide hyperlinks.My requirement now is to have a macro which should search for a file or folder from the server and open it whenever the user choose the perticular file name from the cell.


I would appreciate your help for the below.

I have
The source folder path Colum A,
file names in Column B
Destination path in Column C

Each file which are there in Column B has to be moved to folders which are there in Column C entere for each of these files.

I have attached the sample file for your reference.
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I have a workbook located on my local laptop. The workbook contains a procedure that opens some excel source files from a network folder and copies data to the local workbook.

The issue is that the I need to change the drive in order to open the source file and I have no clue how to change the drive from local drive to network.

The folder is not mapped to a drive-letter. I would avoid mapping the folder, since a other users use a same workbook with the same code on their laptop assessing the same files.

Could anyone help me on this.

ChDrive ???
ChDir sFileDirectory


In one of my excel files I would like to Reference cells in other excel file which is in the same folder. The obvious answer is to just put all of the other excel files into a different worksheet, I don't want to get into why, but that solution actually would end up being more work in the end.

I know how to reference another excel file C:documents/ .../blah.xls etc. The problem being that the folder that the link comes from is always moving. As the data is archived it moves from one network drive to another and the link breaks.

However, all the files stay in the same folder even though the folder moves locations.

So I was wondering if there was a way to Reference a file within the same folder but disregards its overall location.

For example)

I have a folder named 'August'. In the folder are four xls files; Master.xls , s1.xls, s2.xls and slave3.xls.

The master.xls is populated with certain values from s1 s2 and s3, but like I said, all of the actual files need to remain separate.

Creating the reference is easy enough but it doesn't last.
When August is over, the folder gets moved into an Archive and all of the References are broken since the C://Current/August/s1.xls moves to C://Archive/August/s1.xls.

But all 4 of the files always stay together so if there was a way to disregard where in the computer the files are being looked for and only referenced s1.xls in THIS folder then all references would never break.

So I was wondering if there was any reference formula or Macro code that would reference files in the same folder.

Thanks in advance

Hello all:

Attached is an excel spreadsheet with a hyperlink that opens opens a zipped folder with only one csv file. I would like to save that file to some pre-defined location on my hard drive. There are thousands of files that eventually need to be downloaded so my intention is to save the files programatically using VBA.

The problem I'm having is that every time I click the link, a new zipped folder pops up but its location appears to be different.

For example, on my computer, the folder defaults to C:\Users\Gateway\Desktop\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5..... but the next folder in the path is always different.

So my question is; is there a way to automatically locate, unzip, then save the file to another folder of my choosing given that the location of the file keeps changing.

Thanks for any help offered.


I am trying to set the hyperlink box so that it automatically reverts to a particular drive and folder to retrieve the file from. Is there a way to do this?

I have a spreadsheet that requires a hyperlink to an accompanying file on a shared drive for every entry. So for each hyperlink that needs entered I need the hyperlink box to start at O:/shared folder/Estimates/Sent Complete/

Once here the users can choose the saved files that they need linked to.


If you would like to permanently display the path in the
cell (i.e. replace microsoft with, right click on the
cell, and use edit hyperlinks. The top pane shows the display name, the
bottom pane shows the path. Copy the path to the display name. I am not
sure if there is a quick way to do this. NOTE: You will have to use keyboard
commands to copy and paste.

This solution works, but it is one by one. Does anyone k now of a mass
change method? I want to take a hyperlinked word (web address or email
address) and have it display the hyperlink properties instead of the word.


Hopefully someone can help me. I've hyperlinked WAV files in an excel spreadsheet. When I click on the hyperlinks, the file plays, but no media player is launched, so I cannot stop/pause/etc. I'd like for Windows Media Player to launch and play the file when the hyperlink is clicked.

Please help!


I use the Hyperlink to open PDF files that are on the CD drive from my spreadsheet. I am on Windows XP and the CD drive is the D drive. In Vista the CD drive is the E drive. When I take the spreadsheet to a Vista machine the link fails as there is no D drive.

Is there any to code the path of the Hyperlink so it will go to th default CD drive for that computer.


This might be a little off topic, but I'll ask anyway.

I work on multiple workbooks. They all calculate a lot of functions and I am forced to create multiple workbooks to do these calculations. Linking to other workbooks basically displays the results of workbook1 and works from there.


I need to keep an overview of these files, so I store them in different folders all within the same 'master' folder. So let's say: master folder is FolderMaster, and this contains folderA, folderB, folderC. FolderA contains workbookA1, workbookA2; folderB contains workbookB1, workbookC2 and finally folderC contains workbookC1 and workbookC2.

Suppose that this hierarchy might change. Moving eg workbook A2 to folderB. This would cause a #REF.

So I thought: organise your hierarchy in a 'master workbook' and store all paths to the individual files in a worksheet. If I link to a specific folder I do not directly link to the actual folder, but would use INDIRECT and grap the filepath from the masterworkbook. If the path to a workbook change I do not have to update all individual links, but only change the path in the masterworkbook. Right?

But how is the big one here. How do you formulate you path to a file? It can not be the entire file path since that's variable... (sometimes 'hd:User1:....'; sometimes 'HD:User2'...")

Hey, I've got a problem. I have a spreadsheet that I'm using in which I put hyperlinks. Those hyperlinks link to various files in folders directly under the folder my spreadsheet is in. The hyperlink address looks something like this:


I want the hyperlink address to stay exactly as I entered it above because I will be sending this spreadsheet plus the folders and files under it out to many different places. Excel, however, keeps changing the addresses I've entered to point to those files only on my machine:


I normally wouldn't care, but I have to put this bunch of files on **'s and on several different websites, so the second link won't work in those situations. I need the hyperlink to look directly at the folders in the same directory as itself for those files.

Ok, hope this makes sense and somebody can let me know why this is happening and, more importantly, how to stop it. Thanks.

I have a large spreadsheet which contains hundreds of hyperlinks to PDF files on my machine.

I want to be able to burn the spreadsheet and all the files to CD or package them up and email them for distribution.

My problem is how do I make the hyperlinks work on various different machines? My CD drive is labled "E" but it could be different on others machines. I brought the spreadsheet and files home on a usb key and all the hyperlinks are broken.

Thanks in advance


I need to move multiple linked workbooks that pull from multiple different folders to a different server.

I am hoping if I keep the hierarchy the same that the workbooks will automatically take on the new file string?

For example:
Current situation
Folder 1 = file a in drive a is located at - \\a\b\c
Folder 2 = file b in drive a is linked to file a located at - \\a\b

I need to move folder 1 file a to drive x - \\x\y\z

If I move both folders to the correct location will it change accordingly?

Hope this explains it alright.

Thanks in advance.

I would like to put PDF, excel and word docs into a folder and have them automatically hyperlinked to an excel file. Is there a macro to search a folder and hyperlink every file in it? If not, PDF files would be preferred.

How would one set up relative hyperlinks in Excel? For example, if the links
refer to a file system directory, so that the whole hyperlink would be <base
directory>/<variable part of filename>, how could one set things up so that
if the <base directory> were to change, one could either change one value or
change all of the hyperlinks at one shot?

Let's say that <base directory> = "c:\my files\html base\" and <variable
....> = "html_file1.htm", "html_file2.htm", etc. How would I change the
"c:\my files\html base\" to "c:\my files\other html base\" with one edit?
And how do I set up relative hyperlinks in the spreadsheet?

I have very minimal Excel knowledge/experience. So please keep things real
simple for me, if possible.


Hello All,

I'm currently trying to mass edit hyperlinks in an excel file that links a chemical name to the chemicals' MSDS sheet in the same folder. The file was moved to a new drive so more people could have access to it, and now I need to change the hyperlinks. However, the hyperlinks all begin with the following:


of which is followed by the chemical name. I have not be able to get any VBA macros to work and I believe it has something to do with the '../../../ at the beginning of the drive. For reference, the actual location the above is directing to is:

O:\EHS Share\MSDS\Chemistry MSDS\

And the new location I would like the hyperlinks to point to is:

O:\Chemistry Share\Chemistry MSDS\2010 Chemicals\

Any help would be greatly appreciated!