Not Equal To Symbol In Excel

What is the symbol for not equal to in excel

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Hi All,
I'm using a formula in conditional formatting to highlight cells values compared to a standard i.e. greater than or equal to or less than.
Most values will be straight numbers but others will be entered with a < symbol leading the number. The formatting I'm using is simple red green (red bad green good). The problem is when I enter a value with a < symbol the cell turns red.
All help greatfully accepted. Example attached.
Thank you.

Hello Friends,

Is it possible to highlight tick symbol and a cross symbol in individual columns and rows ?
Just like validation in cells. (Without using the checkbox tool).

Please help !!


I would like to embedd a symbol into a cell. I dont want it to be done by using Fonts. By symbol I mean Harvey Balls (Plan, Do, Check, Act) symbol embedded the same as the "and" (&) symbol. I have seen it done once on a spreadsheet but did not get a copy and I would like to recreate it as a way of visually showing the status of an action item.


How to Add New rupee symbol to amounts in excel. like $444 i wnat to repalce $ with new rupee symbol.

I am using Excel 2007.

I am engineering student and use the greek symbols ('symbol font') very often in excel.

Can I have a 'symbol' font toolbar button separately, so that once I click on it, the text will be changed to appropriate geek characters.

In MS Word, the customize toolbar -> Command ->category has a separate 'Fonts' section in which I can choose any font I need as a separate button. Excel does not have this facility?

If So, how to get separate 'Symbol' font button in toolbar?

There is a formula I am trying to understand and it it has a weird symbol, looks like a shaded in triangle.


What does that mean?

Thanks for the help out there!

I recall some months ago being able to add a curly bracket symbol and being able to span the symbol over multiple cells for purposes of adding an inclusive notation. Have lost the instrux for doing this. Can anyone help out?

Many thanks

I'm trying to create a macro to enter a symbol in a text box at the cursor location. Excel doesn't seem to be set up to record text box input.

Font: Calibri
Subset: General Punctuation
Character code: 2022
from: Unicode (hex)

Its a bullet symbol. (trying to avoid using the bullet tool in excel). This is for a multi-user form.

Thanks for any ideas.

Hi Guys, I am trying to incorporate an up/down arrow in our P&L sheets. I.E, if we are in the red the character is downward pointing and red, if we are in the black a green arrow up arrow will show. This is the formula I am using:


The absolute referenced cells(U1 and V1) contain the symbol I am using:

The trick is I am trying to save column space so I would like it to all be in one cell. Conditional formatting is out because the numbers themselves are suppose to be in black and only the arrows are colored.

Question is: how can i insert a colored symbol? Perhaps export the symbol to paint and manipulate at will, but then how do i reimport that as a symbol? Any ideas. I greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!

Im trying to use the IF function but cant seem to find what the symbol for greater than or equal too is for it. I can get it to work using greater than, but i need it to work with equal too aswell.

Also is there way to make the cell change colour aswell as what it says in a IF function, for example the box turns green when the IF function puts Yes in the cell, and red when it puts no?

Edit: Is there anyway to make certain cells hidden when the sheet is protected?

I can insert the degree symbol by using alt+0176 anyone knows what short cut
can be used for greek symbol "delta" and the circumference "pi" symbol???


So, I'm working on a dataset which involved downloading track data from a gps and pasting the results into excel. I am having trouble with the "heading" column. The column gives a value, followed by a degree symbol. I need to get rid of the degree symbol in the entire column, but I don't want to have to do it manually, and so far I have not been able to do this using the formatting tool, or the find and replace tool. Any suggestions?


Hello all,

I'm trying to input some currency symbols specifically;

Japaneese Yen Symbol
British Pound Symbol
Swiss Franc Symbol

Is there anyway to input those specific symbols and not simply the three
letter abbreviation??

Thank you all,

Hi there

I am looking to insert subscripted greek symbols into legend in an Excel plot.

For example, I have a plot of Ctheta vs X. In legend, it appears as "Ctheta". But I want theta to appear as symbol and also subscripted. "C" should appear as it is next to theta symbol. I got part of it working, not fully. I know by using Symbol font, I can get symbols. But in legend, it becomes a problem. "C" also gets converted into its corresponding symbol. Also, "theta" part alone couldn't be subscripted in the legend.

I need this to submit quite urgently and your help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, I am new to the forum and also not very savvy with Excel. This may be an easy question but I just don't know how to solve it. Any help is appreciated! I use Excel 2008 on mac.

1. I am using accounting format for the price column of my spreadsheet. I like how the figure is indented away from the currency symbol. Now all the figure is right aligned properly, but the currency symbol is not. It is positioned based on the number of digits in the figure, so all the currency symbols are not aligned but crooked vertically. I don't know how to attach a screenshot or excel file to the post, otherwise I would explain it better.... How can I make all currency symbols all aligned?

2. I have a merged cell with 4 paragraphs of text. When I save the document in pdf, the text became #######. Any tip to fix this? It looks just fine on excel but not on pdf.

Thanks so much!!!

I want to be able to insert a checkmark (symbol) in a cell from a drop-down list on an Excel worksheet form. How do I do this? Where can I find a checkmark or checkmark symbol?

Many thanks!

Mr. Excel,

How to insert the sample mean symbol, so that the "bar" is centered over x?
x −

Thank you,

I've got a cell that displays a formula result from other cells.
This output is an angle. How can I get Excel to automatically display the degree symbol after the number?

One of the most bothersome problems for a scientific/engineering application in excel is that there aren't enough markers to go around for a scatter plot. The easiest way to get around this is to make your own. This discussion was implemented in Excel 2007
First you need to draw your own symbols and save them as gif, or png files. This can be done with a variety of packages including Inkscape (free!) or MSPaint. I did mine with Inkscape. Just draw a polygon (say a hexagon) with thick lines (2 pt or thicker). Then save/export the symbol to a .gif or .png file. You may want to make up a bunch of these and give them clever names like hex2pt.png or inverttri3pt.gif so that you can remember later.
In Excel, build your chart like always, then if you need a custom symbol do this:
1. Use built-in marker option for a square (it's symbol size will dictate your symbol size)
2. Go to Marker Line Color and select "No Color"
3. Go to Marker Fill and select "Picture or Texture fill"
4. Get the file that has your favorite polygon (like hex2.png)
5. Click on Insert and you got it.
6. Note: you need to select the square marker as your marker otherwise your custom symbol will be clipped off.

You can generate an infinite (well, nearly infinite) number of symbols this way. The size of the symbol is goverened by the size of the "square" marker you selected in step 1.
Hope this is helpful

Can someone help me to enter a superscript font (temperature symbol) in a
Excel spreed sheet legend box.


I am looking the name or a location to find the name of the long division symbol

It is not called the long division symbol, long division bracket, or gozinto.

Thanks for your help,


edI recently upgraded from Office97 to Office 2003. In Excel 97 when I typed
(R) that's what I got. Now, in Excel 2003, when I type (R) it automatically
gets converted to the register symbol (the letter r in a cicrle). I have a
spreadsheet on movies I've taped and always list the film's rating, i.e.,
(G), (PG), (PG13), (R), etc.

When i format cells to show the € symbol in the currency format it appears as
a| instead, can anyone explain why this is happening, it happened even when i
opened the document on another pc.


I am having to play around with heaps of data entries and for whatever reason some data includes an asterisk *

I have attempted to find/replace the * symbol to either change or remove it, but for some reason in Excel this method won't work with the * symbol (changes the whole text string rather then just the *)!!? So currently having to paste the data into Word to find/replace any * and then back to Excel (which is proving very time consuming with large data lists).

Is there a formula that will allow me to search a text string and replace any * with a specified criteria and why doesn't Excel like the little blighters?

Formula changes any * with a number 1

John* = John1
*House = 1House
Mr*Excel = Mr1Excel



We cannot type the mathematical equation for standard deviation without the X
bar symbol. Does anyone know if there is one available?