Drop Down Calendar

In a cell I want to have a drop down calendar of the current month. I
downloaded a template of a calendar and tried data valadation but it only
displayed the source range. Any ideas?

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Okay, in need of more help.

I would like to create a drop down menu within a cell that brings up a calendar, from which the user can click a date and that date is populated into the cell w/the drop down.

So far, I've not been successful, other than using the calendar control, which is a full-time displayed calendar that is bound to a single cell. I have a column of cells that each will potentially have a different date. I would like each cell to have independent drop downs, from which dates can be selected and populated accordingly.

All I've been able to find that is remotely close is this: http://danielcurran.com/instructions...ontrol-60-sp4/ Unfortunately, his recommended files that I downloaded did absolutely nothing. Any other ideas?

Thanks for looking.

I am trying to make an interoffice work order for maintenance issues and need
to create a drop down calendar with a box with a button (icon) that when
clicked on shows the calendar to pick the date and enter it into the box. I
know how to insert a calendar that stays on the page but does not drop down.
I am using Microsoft Excel 2003. Help!!!!


I am working in a userform and I need to find out how I could set a field for date and have a calendar drop down in it?

Any ideas or codes anyone?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Guys,
Is it possible to create a drop down calendar in 2003?

Basically i have a cell that displays the date. I would like to be able to click on the date and it open a calendar to choose a date from. Is that possible?

Let me first start by saying why is this operation (Importing Excel into Outlook Public Folder) so clugy?

That being said, although there are many ways to skin this cat, I'm sure, what is the most elegant (less hair pulling) way to do this:

I have a query I run in Remedy. It pulls various Change Ticket data that I export to a .csv file. I then go to Outlook and create a Calendar under a private folder and import all the data into it. I then have to drag and drop the newly created calendar under my public folder and delete the current calendar that is there and rename the new calendar with the old one's name. I then also have to check Add to Favorites again to create the shortcut so I can view the Calendar in my Outook.

What a hassle.

Any tricks/tips?

Hi all,

I have looked for this answer but no luck. My apologies if it is lurking somewhere in a past post.

I have a functional Gantt chart that I would like to use as the input for a calendar tab. I could use nested if statements inside each calendar cell, but there are two problems. As I add a job to the Gantt chart (each job is listed in it's own row) I would have to go back to the calendar cells of each day and add another nested IF statement. And second, even if each calendar cell had all the IF statements in the world, it would only be good for that month and I would have to recreate the whole thing for the next month.

I have thought about using a matrix that sits off to the side of the calendar (out of view) that lists the number of each day and the column of the corresponding Gantt data (on a separate tab) and then using Match and/of Index to lookup if the Gantt cell has a job in it that needs to be carried over to the calendar. Then use a dynamic IF statement that could be copied and pasted to each month with only the matrix needing to be updated.

Sorry to be so verbose but I often see the first question is please provide more detail, so here it is if you want it:

Gantt chart is on one tab. Monthly calendar is on another tab (due to formatting). I would like to have the monthly calendar dynamically update as the Gantt chart updates.

Thanks in advance for your help!


I have several date inputs in some of my excel sheets. I would like to add a drop down calendar for these cells. How to proceed?


Over in the following thread


you can see we've hit a problem with the Calendar Control object.

I submitted a workbook which has an Activex calendar control embedded on a User Form. On my PC everything appears as you'd expect, with the calendar showing the individual days in the calendar matrix. However when the user loads the form on their system, although they see the calendar as you'd expect, and they can change the month & year at the top of the calendar, they don't see the individual day numbers, 1,2,3 etc. within the body of the calendar.

Can anyone shed any light on what the problem might be? The original thread contains a picture image of the calendar showing the 'missing' days.

Regards and usual TIA


i insert calendar 12.0,but if the day is changed my calendar doesn't change.
when i insert my calendar yesterday the date is oct 29 but today is 30, my calendar is still in oct 29.

what code can i used?
i want to set my calendar up to date?

I recently downloaded an Excel calendar template that shows one moth or one week at a time, and is linked to a second tab with assignments and dates the assignments are due. What I would like to do is:

1. Rather than have the words "Assignment Due!" appear on the specific date, I would rather have the actual event post. These events are tasks, and the calendar format is preferred for viewing.

2. There is also the likelihood that multiple tasks will be due on any given day. Is there a way to display all of the tasks on their due date?

I have tried using variations of the code included with the template and VLOOKUP without success. Any ideas?


Excel 2010 user

I decided to share my Scrolling calendar template, I created it as a background for Scheduling, time Line and other Calendar related presentation.

I hope it is of use to people, comments are welcome!

I have been trying to create a Rolling Calendar spreadsheet and nothing I do seems to be working.

How Do You Make A Rolling Calendar Where The Hours Drop off after a year to the exact date?
Example hours were used on 4/13/12. How do you add those hours back to the Hours Remaining once it past 12 months (4/13/13)?

I really hope I am making since because I am really frazzled and confused right now. I attached a copy of the spreadsheet. If anyone could look at it and send me a formula or update my spreadsheet I would be extremely greatful.

Help - how to create a rolling calendar.xlsx


I created a userform to allow users to enter data. One of the issues is that we are relying on them to enter the date correct. So I wanted to create a way for the date to be prepoluted and defaulted to today, or they can click on it and a calendar with will pop up. They then select the date on the calendar, and that causes the calendar to dissapear and the date is the populated into the user box.

I managed to create a form with a calendar on it. On my Entryform I put the following:

Private Sub dte_Change()


End Sub

On the Calendar form, the code I tried taking from another forum and it doesn't seem to be doing anything.

Private Sub calendar_click()

Me.TextBox.Value = Me.Calendar.Value

End Sub

Thanks in advance for your help!


I have created a pop up calendar on a user form in Excel 2007 using Calendar Control 12.0. I created it with a blue background and black digits.

Someone else used the form and when the calendar popped up, the month and year were correct at the top but the calendar had a white background with a dash where the numbers should be in the date squares on the grid. If you click on a date square, the date will appear correctly.

The other user is also using Excel 2007 but has calendar control 8.0. This form has to be used by several users in the office and I would like to know what is actually causing the calendar to not appear correctly and what can be done to rectify this.


I have a form using a Calendar 11 object (Excel 2003)

The form pops up and the calendar works great for all users except 1 (corporate machines, identical setup)

This user gets an error that "Object does not support this method"

The method that appears to be missing is "Value"

When I type in the name of the calendar and hit "." the normal autocomplete drop down shows, BUT "value" is not included in the list

Any Ideas?



[edit: spelling]

Hi all,

I'm basically trying to put a calendar in a sheet, which will NOT pop-up but always stay there. I have managed to do this part..

Second, I need the active cell being equal to the date that I choose on the calendar. I suppose, this part needs a linking between the calendar object and excel sheet through some VBA code, and I can't do that.

Could someone please help me?

I searched all the forums, but my VBA is far poor to modify existing "pop-up calendar" codes..


I am working on a schedule book for scheduling daily routes for three vans. want to incorporate a calendar that stays visible that displays the currenty month and highlights the current day. Trying to figure out how to set it up so that when you click on a day on the calendar; that days spreadsheet becomes active. I want this to be my primary navigation method. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!!!

Posted by GlenKirkup (mr)
on 07/09/2009 11:18:00 AM
hi, can anyone help? I have built an excel application using visual basic that uses the ms Calendar control 8.0. The application works on some machines but not all. Can we use these activex controls in applications and are they safe? I also get a message "this application is about to initialize activex controls that might be unsafe. if you trust the source of this document select yes and the control will be initialised using default settings". Can i also use this control without getting this message being displayed to users? I don't really want to build a calendar from scratch but have been asked to implement a calendar in my application.

Many thanks. __.____._

I created a form with a pop up calendar that pops up and lets you select a
date to be diplayed. I can see the calendar but I emailed the form to someone
and when they open it they only see a red X. Is there something in the
options that they need to select so they can see the calendar?

I want to give a user the ability to pick a date in a column of cells by
using a small, drop-down calendar? Data Validation doesn't give this as an
option-it only allows choosing dates between a range entered as free-text.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.


I am making a 12 month calendar (2 sided, 6months per side). It will be a wallet size business card (2x3.5"). I have the calendar made in excel and I want to print as many as possible on a 8.5x11 page. I will print the first 6 months, turn it around and print the next six months to make it double sided.
I need to somehow shrink or format the calendar to get 10 calendars/page (2 acroos the width, 5 down the page). Does anyone have any ideas on what might be the easiest way to do this. I will attach the calendar if anyone wants to see it.

Hello, Excel experts,

I've looked at Lots of calendar templates... can't find what I want.

Using Excel 2007, I'm trying to print a calendar for any year.
The calendar itself is pretty simple...
the tricky part is getting my friend's Birthdays to appear.

Attached is what I've got so far.

How can I get the text to appear on the correct date?

Thanks, in advance.


Each month, I create approximately 200 invoices from my Outlook calendar appointments.
Right now I copy and paste location, subject, date, message body, etc. into each invoice (MS Word), and I need to automate the process.
I am most comfortable with mail merge, so I started there.
I exported my calendar into excel, then created a mail merge template.
I ran into trouble trying to add multiple appointments to one invoice.
I'm looking for general comments about the best method to convert my calendar entries into invoices.

Thanks for any help

I have a spreadsheet that lists the date in mm-dd-yyyy format followed by several columns with related data for that date. It is in traditional spreadsheet format but I'l like to convert it to a standard monthly calendar view if possible. I'd like the day boxes in the calendar to reflect the correct day-of-week based on the date and then list info from a few of the cells associated with the corresponding date on the original SS.
Can this be done? I tried downloading a Calendar template and import the data but I must be doing something wrong....


I'd like to use the Calendar ActiveX component, but it's giving me headaches because MS decided not to ship/install/activate it consistently. I have a Windows 7 system that gets an error because it is not installed... all my other test system seem to have it configured and working correctly (XP & Vista).

So I have some options....

Option 1
If I could detect the missing Cal functionality at the start of my program, I could avoid the "Could not load an Object because it is not available on this machine." error to the user -- then tell then to go off and install it. Yea - like that's real friendly

Option 2
I could rework my installer to install a version of the MSCAL.ocx but which version? If I install a newer version on an older OS will that give me issues? or break existing functionality?

Option 3
Don't use the calendar object at all, just create 3 drop-down values, one for the month, day & year. Allow the user to pick from those and forget the pretty calendar.

Option 4
Find something or someone that has created a Calendar that does not require the use of the possibly missing MSCAL.ocx.

I'm leaning towards option 3.