Excel - Arrow Keys Move Whole Sheet Instead Of From Cell To Cell

I have Excel 2000, and for some reason when I try to move around the
spreadsheet using the arrow keys on the keyboard, the cursor stays on the
cell and the entire worksheet moves up, down, left or right. The same thing
is true when I try to scoll down the spread sheet using the scoll tool on my

Any suggestions?



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hi there,
I don't how this happened. I can't move the "little square" in excel using the arrow keys. when I hit enter, it moves to the right as I specified in the options but when I use the arrow keys the whole spreadsheet moves but the square does not move to the next cell..

Anybody knows what is causing this problem??

thanks a lot for your help

I have Excell 2007, and when I try to move from one cell to another using the arrow keys on the keyboard, it moves the sliders on the side and bottom of the worksheet and move the entire thing, much like a web page moves.

How do I change that? It's frustrating having to use the mouse to navigate throughout the workbook when the keyboard is much faster.

I've got a worksheet with 10 unlocked cells in a column, all other cells on the sheet are locked and the sheet is protected. Only the unlocked cells can be selected.

Clicking in the top most cell (row 1) allows me to select that cell.
Pressing TAB or ENTER will move the cursor down one row at a time and from row 10 put me back in row one. That works fine.

However, clicking in the top most cell and pressing the down arrow on the keyboard will move the cursor down one row only 3 times. At row 4 pressing the down arrow will move the cursor to row 3 (up).

Clicking in row 5 and pressing the down arrow will move the cursor to row 6, 7, 8, etc, however pressing the down arrow from row 10 will not move the cursor to row 1 as TAB does, but to row 3.

um.......what have I done here?

I seem to be stuck on a funny setting where I can not move to select a new cell (up, down, left or right) with the arrow keys. When I press an arrow key on my keyboard it has the same effect as clicking the scroll arrows on the scroll bars. It's driving me crazy! Can someone please help?!


This probably sounds like a dumb question, especially since I've been using
Excel for quite a while, but I've always used my arrow keys to navigate from
cell to cell, but now when I use the arrow keys, it causes the page to
scroll. Is there a setting that I inadvertently may have changed?

Oftentimes, e.g., in the formula field of a custom data validation form, trying to move left or right through the formula string using horizontal arrow keys does not move the cursor but inserts a cell reference instead. What is the name of this incredibly obnoxious behaviour and how do you suppress it?

Please help. I must have unintentionally changed a setting. In Excel 2003,
when I move from cell to cell holding the top/bottom/left or right arrows
down, it moves very slow from cell to cell. Also when editing a cell, it
moves very slow to move within that particular cell with the arrow keys.

I haven't changed anything in options, etc. It just started doing it. The
cursor works fine when moving it in Word. I have re-booted 3 times. I have
tried another keyboard. I don't know what else to do. Scroll lock is off.

Also, I don't use User Defined Functions.



I'm creating a small Excel RPG where the player moves the around a blank worksheet with the walls of a maze appearing as you approach them (think dark corridors, you can see only 1 cell in all directions around you).

The players current location is shown by excel setting the activecell to the players location. Currently I have four buttons labeled Up, Down, Left and Right which the player clicks to move in the desired direction.

The testers were frequently missing the four movement buttons and this would put the activecell outside of the maze next to one of the buttons. They'd have to move it back manually.

I would like for the players to move around using the arrow keys to use the activecell, as you would normally move around a sheet... but before each movement there is a procedure that check IF the player can move in the desired direction or not (cell borders used for walls), and then once they've moved there are more procedures to check for monsters treasure chests etc.

How can I make the arrow keys trigger the macros that the Up, Down, Left and Right buttons currently trigger, and not just move the activecell?

I have text boxes in excel worksheet's and they are behaving abnormally. for example:
1)when you click in the text box then use the arrow keys to move the cursor, it moves left if you press the right arrow key and right if you press the left arrow key.
2)when the cursor is at the end of the text and you press enter(to get another line) the cursor instead moves to the beginning of the line and then executes the new line.

Has anyone else seen this?
Does anyone know how to fix it?


Highlighted box will not move around with the arrow keys, why not? Screen
shifts with arow keys, but need mouse to move to next box. Return key moves
highlight as usual.

Hopefully this is an easy one. After I paste an excel graph into powerpoint, is there a way to move it around using the arrow keys instead of dragging? I want more control over the movement that dragging doesn't allow.

Images and excel tables can be moved with the arrow keys, but when using arrow keys with graphs they just select different elements of the graph.

Please help!!


I've got a problem using keyboard to select cells when editing some "
sticky" formula. By "sticky", I mean when the arrows don't move you out
of the cell you are editing.

I found this problem does not exist when starting a new formula, where
you can use arrow keys to select other cells. It is a problem for
editing existing formula.

For example, when you return to re-edit an existing formula like the
MIN, once you insert the cursor there, the arrow keys only moves within
the cell rather than allowing you to select other cells needed to
complete the formula.

I have a spreadsheet where I have unlocked the cells in the user input area and turned on sheet protection. Rows and columns outside the user input area are hidden and their cells are locked. Frozen panes is turned on with cell B3 as the upper left.

Ctrl-home works fine; it takes me to B3.

When sheet protection is on, the home key doesn't behave right. Rather than moving the cursor to column B in the current row, it jumps to row 1 in the first hidden column.

When I turn protection off it works as expected; the cursor moves to column B.

Another strange behavior I'm encountering when protection is on is that when I use arrow keys to move the cursor to the right and I hit the end of the user input area the cursor jumps to the first column of the next row. With protection off, the cursor hits the end of the row and just stops. Right arrow does nothing at that point. Similarly, when I use down arrow and hit the bottom of the user area the cursor jumps to the top of the next column. With protection off, the cursor stops at the bottom of the column and does nothing in response to more down arrow inputs.

Transition navigation keys is not selected.

What is causing this behavior? Is there an option or setting somewhere that I'm missing? I haven't seen this happen before.

I can navigate using the arrow keys if the sheet is unlocked. If its locked I have to click on them with my mouse. Scroll Lock is also off. Suggestions?

All of a sudden, my arrow keys are not functioning as they always did. They now cause my whole page to scroll around. I used to use my arrow keys to navigate around the page and select which cell I want to be highlighted. Does anyone know what may have caused this and how to return to the original setting?

Thanks, Chris

When I hit the arrow button the whole excel spreadsheet moves, the cursor does not move to the next cell.

How do I fix it?


I have a spreadsheet on which I think I changed a setting accidentally. I can select any cell with my mouse without issue, but when I press any of the arrow keys on my Keyboard to scroll through cells (usually changing which cell is selected) it does not change the cell selection. Instead it moves the view around while keeping the same cell selected. It's almost like the cell that's selected is fixed and you can move the view around that cell. Any one have any ideas on what this setting may be?

Hi all,

anyone can help me on this...

How do i control the cursor movement within unlocked cells. I have created a simple input form by unlocking a certain range of cells (e.g. B3:H33) and locking all remaining cells so that when I protect the sheet, the cursor movement will only be contained within the unlocked range of cells. My problem now is that when I press my left arrow key from B13, it goes to H33; when i press the down arrow from B33, it goes to C13.. In short, by just hold-pressing any of the arrow keys, the cursor moves across all unlocked cells.. Is it possible for the cursor to stop when it reaches the B13 or B33 (or when it reaches any of the start/end cell of a row/column?

Thanks in advance. :-)


I've searched all over previous posts (found a lot of folk who wonder where arrow functionality went!), but I'm wanting to disable arrow keys and force the user to use the mouse and return key only.

Thanks for your time!

In my excel spreadsheet I used to be able to enter a number then use my arrow key to move one cell to the right and then enter the next number.

Now when I enter a number in a hightlighted cell and use the arrow key to move one cell to the right the cell does not move my page shifts to the right but the highlighted cell stays in the same spot.

I must of hit some kind of key combination to cause this. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Not sure if this has been addressed, but when moving around a text box placed in excel, the arrow keys on my keyboard operate backwards. This is not happening when I am moving from cell to cell in the worksheet, and my scroll lock is not on.

Thanks in advance.


After selecting a single worksheet cell with my keyboard arrow keys, I want to press a keyboard button which transports me to the white cell edit field (just below the menu) so I can edit the cell.

The only way I know of doing this is by clicking on the cell edit field with my mouse. Icky.

How can I edit a cell without using the mouse?

I use Excel 2007 if it's any help.

I'd appreciate any tips.




Is it possible to arrange for the cursor to move diagonally in response to the arrow keys? (It is, because I have come across a spreadsheet where this happens. There are no macros. )

I want to do this because I want to look at the interactions between 8 factors, but cannot set up an 8 x 8 matrix because I am using the space for something else.

Arrow keys do not move curser, only shift screen view. Is there a command or
other "set up" function that I can implement so correct this?

Hey guys, I need some help.

I dont know what happened because I did not mess with any of the options, but last week, my arrow keys started to scroll and not move from cell to cell.

I cant seem to find the option to switch it back to navigating from cell to cell, can anyone please show me how?