Need A Excel Spreadsheet For Fleet Maintenance - With Formulas

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What is a simply, accurate formula to calculate average fleet age when the fleet contains vehicles of different ages and different quantities of vehicles within each age group and fleet group.

See attached example.

Many thanks

I am looking for a Maintenance Follow-up schedule or Preventative Maintenance
Manager. It could show Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.

We have a fleet of vehicles that are serviced at 4week, 5week and 6week
intervals. I would like a workbook with 3 sheets covering the different
service intervals and 52 sheets, week1,2,3....52.
The 4,5 and 6 week service sheets would have the vehicle reg and fleet No.
What I would like it to be able to do is for me to input a vehicle reg/fleet
No. into any of the weekly sheets and excell to check if it is 4,5 or 6 week
service and add it to the weekly sheets accordingly. This is way above my
head :-( any help if it can be done most welcome.
Thx in advance.


I am setting up a maintenance schedule as part of our compliance with PUWER. I have set up an Excel sheet with the dates of the latest maintenance completed on each of our machines. I now need to 1) Add 6 months on to each date and 2) use the conditional formatting tool to ensure that each cell turns yellow 3 weeks before the planned date and then after this date goes back to being clear..

Cheers Chris

Morning all

I am looking to put togther a small fleet truck mileage tracking spreadsheet, new, but manually backfitted with data from an old, really ugly, spreadsheet. The current person doing the entry is not detail oriented so I would like to lock down most information except for the data entry. The ones that maintained the old sheet would just copy and paste the info and bring all the baggage and formatting and extracting the information is like pulling teeth. There a couple dozen sheets (not in the same format) roughly based on date.

The current daily entries would be truck, driver, odometer start, odometer end, date, date, and hours but most of the older the data (a year to two years old) contains just dates and miles periodically. There are about 40+ trucks in the fleet and they come and go depending on age, mileage, and condition.

What would be the best way to arrange the data to be able to provide the most useable information to satisfy a PR hungry manager? ...minimize or ease data entry?

They seem to like things like -- "the fleet has reached the 7 million miles" or this truck has put in 100,000 miles this year, or this one has 160,000 miles and is ready for a rebuild, or this truck averages 200 miles/day. Each truck runs an average of 60,000 miles per year depending on work load. I'm not used to working with running or accumulating data and dates and I am not sure of the best way to present the information (i.e. pivottable, dashboard, or basic report).

Hi All,
In my workbook I have a fleet maintenance calendar and it has start/stop dates and a charector in columns B-D for planned events. I need a script to look at the dates and then populate the corresponding cells in that row with the charector. The dates are in row 1 and it is on day per column format, if no event is planned the cells in B-D are blank.
Any ideas?


Currently I am stuck on the layout of a spreadsheet to capture and predict servicing of fleet vehicles.

To explain further,

I have been given the task of looking after out work fleet vehicles, maintaining cleanliness, servicing, damage reports etc, etc.

On a weekly/fortnightly basis I collect the current km's and note them down, record any damage, book them in for scheduled service's etc etc.

What I would like to do, is have a sheet per vehicle(or all on one if I can), then have a summary sheet, with a graph/graph's, that will plot the current up to date data(km's) with the data and then also using the data to plot an estimated date/week that vehicle will require it's scheduled service.

Any advise would be appreciated.

Edit: I should add, the maximum lease is 24 months and and 60,000km's. The attached sheet, is the average km's per month(this is keep by a different person and is statewide). But something like this would be great.

Hi Forum, so I am looking to see how I can have a spreadsheet to where I have pre-existing data already and in one cell I have the current value (we will say 5186.4). What I am looking to do is make it where I can in the left adjacent cell enter a value and it will populate the sum of Cell A(5186.4) with the new value from Cell B(new data). The condition is that I need the new value to be retained as the new "default value" for Cell A so when I open up the spreadsheet for the next days daily maintenance report, it will report the new value so all I have to do is enter the new data in Cell B and it will keep populating and saving the new value into Cell A..

For example:
my power generator engine has 5186.4 miles. On Day 1 I ran the engine for 16.1 hours so the new engine hours are 5202.5 miles. But when I input new data for day 2, it would say I already have 5202.5 hours and the hours run were 20.4 so it takes the new default of 5202.5 and adds the new value of 20.4 to create 5222.9 hours on the engine and so forth. I can understand and am all for using a behind the scenes formula that takes place on other cells that are hidden when i print out the maintenance report. I just need it because doing all the calculations i need to for all my engines and such is time consuming since i have to constantly input the values for all my engines.

Looking for a facilities maintenace schedule template. Has anyone developed
some good property management tools? Maintenance tasks lists, HVAC and other
large equipment maintenance log sheets, inventory of property with
replacement costs. I would really like to see someone else's hard work
before I re-invent the wheel. I don't have time to do that!

The code below was working fine in that it activated my word doc "HSS Fleet Report 0500" - just suddenly stopped working, no error msg though.

It also should copy data from my excel file and paste into the "HSS Fleet Report 0500" word doc but doesn't.

Any ideas would be most appreciated as I'm loosing the will...

Dim WordApp As Object
Dim wrdDoc As Object
Dim tmpDoc As Object
Dim WDoc As String
Dim myDoc As String
myDoc = "HSS Fleet Report 0500"
WDoc = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\" & myDoc & ".doc"
On Error Resume Next
Set WordApp = GetObject(, "Word.Application")
If WordApp Is Nothing Then
' no current word application
Set WordApp = CreateObject("Word.application")
Set wrdDoc = WordApp.Documents.Open(WDoc)
WordApp.Visible = True
' word app running
For Each tmpDoc In WordApp.Documents
If StrComp(tmpDoc.FullName, WDoc, vbTextCompare) = 0 Then
' this is your doc
Set wrdDoc = tmpDoc
Exit For
End If
If wrdDoc Is Nothing Then
' not open
Set wrdDoc = WordApp.Documents.Open(WDoc)

'Excel copy etc
Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlToRight)).Select
Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select


Selection.PasteSpecial Link:=False, DataType:=20, Placement:=wdInLine, _
End If
End If
End Sub

HELP please...

I am trying to calculate the prepayment penalty on a commercal mortgage - it
is based on yield maintenance:

Loan Amt: $13,600,000.
Term to Maturity: 10 Yrs.
Amortization Term: 29 Yrs.
Interest Rate: 6.85%
Term Remaining to Maturity: 2 Yrs. 3 Mos.
Equivalent Yield of RemainingTerm Treasury: 4.25%

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

I have a spreadsheet that has two worksheets:
Worksheet 1 has absolutely no formulas associated to it and is all data entry.
Worksheet 2 is a summary spreadsheet that has alot of complex array formulas that pulls a bunch of data from Worksheet 1.

The problem i'm facing is that now when entering data in Worksheet 1 it takes nearly a second to recalculate all the formulas that are stored on Worksheet 2. Is there a way to disable the formulas from recalculating each time new data is entered in Worksheet 1 and only have the formulas run when i press a macro button?

Hopefully there is an easy solution to this. Thank you

I'm trying to set up a maintenance and information spreadsheet for each of
the 230 vehicles that I manage. I would like each vehicle on its own
seperate page. I would like to be alerted when a date entered for a
particular truck, such as oil change, gets near the current date?

Does anyone know how to restrict certain areas in various cells throughout the spreadsheet - from being altered?

I want to ensure the formulas CANNOT be changed or deleted accidentally - and the formulas are scattered throughout the spreadsheet.



Hi All,
I have been asked to make up a proposal in an excel spreadsheet
for routine maintenance on computer equipment - eg. vacuuming machine internals, checking BIOS settings, etc. and to include the ability to monitor progress and produce reports showing dates work was performed and who did it. But to be honest I don't have the first idea on how to put in the options to monitor the work progress or who did the work either, I have managed to do the basic spreadsheet but that is all. I have tried to find some info on how to do this but I don't really have any idea on what I am looking for, so I am hoping someone can help me out with this request....... so if you can a "Big Thank You" for your time and effort.

regards Oldfart

Hello all, I have been trying to create a equipment maintenance database. What I want to do is have 1 excel sheet under 1 tab for all my Mechanics to send me every week. There is 1 row of each day for 7 days to input the meter reading. The other part has 6 columns. First is the Description (example-Engine Oil). Second column is the Intervals (this tells how often the engine oil is changed (500 hours)). 3rd column is Previous Change Hours (this is what they have sent me in the past) along with the Previous Change Date on the 4th column. Then we have Current Change Hours on the 5th along with Current Change Date on the 6th. The current change hours will also be another thing the mechanics input into the excel sheet. There is one last thing they will input and that would be Major Maintenance Repairs & Comments.

What I want is for all mechanics.. (like 10 of them), send it to me weekly and let it automatically put all these sheets into somewhat of a database or master list.

I want the database to insert meter readings into a report format, send current hours & date to previous hours & date for the updated list I send them in the beginning of the week.

I want all rows of the Item Description and the rest of the columns to be red when the item is pass due on a change.

I have to send out weekly report to managers (probably of the database) of all equipment. The weekly report would have to have all the meter readings of each day and the following maintenance changes made that week. I would then move them to previous after the report would be sent.

I have the template done for the mechanics to use but have no clue how to go about doing this. Please help!!!!!



I have a massive spreadsheet that I need to add formulas to but the cell from
which I need to contruct the formulas from has a contant and the formulas do
not work how do I remove the constant?


I am having a problem using data from my combobox to find the cell on the worksheet and write to the adjacent cell.

Worksheet name is Fleet
ComboBox Name is ComboBox7
TextBox name is TextBox3

I would like to be able to take the text from ComboBox7, find this text in Col A of worksheet Fleet and write the Value of TextBox3 in the adjacent cell in Col B. when
the CommandButton1 is pressed.

Can anyone help please?

Using Excel XP. I have a spreadsheet with formulas and I want to import data
from a web site into those cells with formulas. In other words, I want the
formulas to operate on the imported data. Is this possible to do or will the
paste command always place the data in the cell and remove the formula?

I have a spreadsheet with many formulas I would like to keep protected from coworkers in other departments who delete the formulas due to lack of understanding of Excel. Originally I went to Edit - Go To - Special - Formulas and would highlight all the cells with formulas and protect the sheet from there. However, it was noticed that rows/columns could not be inserted once these formulas were protected. I need to be able to allow them to insert rows/columns as needed.

There are many worksheets. Any suggestions or maybe a macro to help this process go quicker?

Hi guys,

Looking for some help and would appreciate your help. I want to prevent people cutting/copy/pasting on a spreadsheet I have developed. A couple of users keep doing so which in turn knackers my formulas. There will be occasions where I will need to be able to use these functions for maintenance and updates. Ideally I would like have a private marcro which I can run to enable these features as and when needed.

I've been at this all morning and feel like I'm going round in circles. I've tried various bits of code (sourced via google etc) & have ended up with a whole manner of outcomes but not the one I want.

To summaraise what I am looking for is some vba code which will do the following Disable cut,copy and paste when sheet is opened Enable cut,copy and paste when closed Have a macro which when run will allow me to cut/copy paste so as to implement updates when necessary.
Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance

I have an excel spreadsheet with formulas linked to data in another spreadsheet. The spreadsheet with the source data is not opened. When I press the Update Link button, the cells with the formulas linked to the closed spreadsheet returns a #VALUE# indicator. I have to open the source spreadsheet so that the Update Link will return the correct data. Why doesn't Excel extract the data from the source spreadsheet when it is closed?


I have a large spreadsheet in pdf format that I want to convert to Excel. I have tried several programmes that will extract the data (not the charts), and will dump it into a worksheet, however all formatting and formulas are gone.

It will take days to have to try & work out all the formula links. Does anyone know of a programme you can use to convert all the data from a pdf into Excel including most importantly the formulas?


I had an issue with a 2010 spreadsheet that has a number of sumproduct formulas (around 690).
I wanted to pass this on if anyone else that might be having this type of issue..
I read in one of the forums that changing to 64 bit would help this issue, but I also heard that this Excel cause other issues so choose not to go there...
Just for giggles I save the spreadsheet to .XLS instead of the .XLSM and ran in capiblity mode...It worked and faster too...
So give it a try.