How Can I Convert Degrees/minutes/seconds To Decimal Degrees?

i have a column of info in degrees/min/sec
example: 254802N 0503311E

How or can vert this column to decimal degrees?

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Need formulae to convert decimal degree (lattitude/longitude) into Degree,
Minutes, Seconds format.

I have the following:
Lattitude data of 0.1741463938 and to convert to decimal degrees, I muliply
by 180 which gives me decimal degrees of 31.3463508840. Now I need to
convert to a Degree, Minute, Seconds format (N34* 50' 56.04"). Note: the '*'
represents the 'degree' symbol - did not know how to display the symbol.
Need to also display whether 'N' (North) or 'S' (South) based on actual

For Longitude, I have data of -0.4758427618 *180 = -85.6516971240 (decimal
degrees) and need to also convert to Degree, Minute, Seconds format (W16* 40'
23.54"). Note: the '*' represents the 'degree' symbol - did not know how to
display the symbol. Need to also display whether 'W' (West) or 'E' (East)
based on actual coordinate.

The formulae needed will take the original lat/long data, multiplied by 180,
and then ???? applied to deliver the data in Degrees, Minutes, Seconds format.

Thank you very much for your assistance.


I need a formula that will convert degrees Lat/Long to hours minutes seconds.


32.53042 -92.0901

Need to convert to:

32 31 49.5114 92 5 24.36 (With spaces in between)

Following on from a previous post , I have a set of data which is graphed using a radar chart.
The data is a signal value measured at 1 degree intervals, 1 to 360 degrees (actually 0 to 359 degrees) and the graph shows this at one degree intervals.
The problem is the graph is too 'busy' if the axes and labels are drawn every degree, every ten degrees would do fine . Can I specify the axes to display every ten degrees, if so how?
Alternatively, how can I write a formula that will look at the column of data 0-360 degrees and copy every 10th cell of data to a new column, so that the data is every ten degrees - this would be quite adequate for the graph

I'm doing a project for work that requires lat and long. It isn't a big deal if I were to enter the number as 351724.11548, but I just thought it would look better and be easier to read if it had the degrees, minutes, and seconds symbols after the numbers. Thanks in advance for any help!

Is there a way to format cell for angular data? Is is a "Custom" number format? if so, what is the format?

in a followup...if data dan be (and is) entered in Degrees, Minutes, Seconds can that data be converted to a decimal format?

I wish to convert a number to a degree using the Tan function

the example given is
opposite side of triangle 333/ adjacent side 769
equals .43
TAN(0.43) = 23.27degrees

I tried it on a calculator -- no good
so I tried it in Excel -- same -- I got .458621
but not in degrees. ( I thought TAN gave degrees ? )
I'm mathematically challenged as it's a long time since I was at school
could some kind person show me the way please

thanks Keith

I have my other speedometer graphs that are 180 degrees working fine, however the boss is looking for one that looks like a tachometer. I have my layout done just fine with the doughnut graph but I'm having a hard time with getting the needle from the pie chart to work the entire way around the 300 degrees. File is attached and I'm hoping someone can help. Thanks in advance.


I have an excal project that requires me to use degrees, minutes and seconds.
How do I enter this into a cell

Anyone know how to format a cell for degrees - minutes - seconds?

This is similar to hh:mm:ss except that the 'hours' can go from -360 to 360, while the minutes and seconds are 0 to 60 (positive only). I need a format that is easy for the user to enter the number.

86* 35' 49"

where * is the degree symbol, ' means minutes, " means seconds.


Hi all,

I have done a search but couldn't find anything that helped.

I am trying to work out how to convert the slope/gradient from degrees to %, and ratio.

Any hints on how to write the equation?

Hi I am trying to create a (x,y) chart on a scatter or radar to plot 3 values (electrical vectors)

Magnitude | Direction
30 | 60 degrees
60 | 150 degrees
90 | 270 degrees

any number really, but basically , the origin is 0, and the endpoint is 30. that's the easy part, but excel doesn't have a "compass - 360 degrees" chart that I can plot the direction of these values on.

could anyone lend a hand in this?

any help is appreciated

I have a formula that goes like this;

Fhk = Fh0k / K90 * sin^2 alpha + cos^2 alpha

At this point in time alpha is 90 degrees.

Using my calculator (with degrees setting) i get sin 90 = 1

However in excel even typing into a separate cell =sin(90) i get 0.8939

This result is in radians, but i dont want it in radians, i only want it in degrees.

Is this an excel setting or do i need to specify in the formula that i want a result in degrees??



Hello, I am a new user so please forgive me if I fail to include anything.

When using the 'SLOPE' function in Excel 2007, is the returned value in degrees, percent or radians? Below is an example:

Column A (Y-values)


Column B (X-values)


When I use the function " =SLOPE(A1:A8;B1:B8) " I get the following result: -0.349. Is this number reported in degrees, percent, or radians?

Assuming that the value is not in degrees but simply an angle, I then use the function " =DEGREES(-0.349). The result from this function is -20.

Am I correct in interpreting this value (-20) as being the slope in degrees?

Does this seem to be a correct way of converting the original slope value into degrees or am I wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

I have values in excel (all in degrees), that I would like to flag as outwith or within tolerance levels set. The formula I have is:


So this should tell me that is my planned value (S51) is greater or less than the actual value (AE51) by 10 degrees, I want it flagged as outwith the tolerance. It doesnt seem to work, can anyone help with this?

Also as the values appear to be numbers, where a cell might have 359.2 and the actual value was 2, I want the difference to only be 2.8 rather than the obvious if they were numbers and not degrees, how can I do this in excel??


How can I create a format to display a number that is in decimal degrees, in

Using Chart, Add Trendline, then selecting Linear in Excel to chart a linear
regression line on a series creates a new line on my chart with either a
positively or negatively sloped regression line.

Is there any way, using this built-in Excel feature, to convert the result
into degrees so that I can then label the regression line in degrees, for
example, 45 degrees?

My thanks for any ideas. Brad

WORD allows text direction change of 90 degrees. How do I change text 180

How do I change setting for trigonomic functions, radians - degrees.
I am making a table with many different trig functions, the answers are
currently in radians, I need degrees.
Using Excel 2003.

I would like plot values on a semi circular looking graph where 0 degrees is the left (pointing west) which rotates clockwise to 180 on the right (pointing east). sample data would be the following;

0, 3
1, 5
180, 2

So the values on the left would be plotted as actual degrees and the values on the right would be the radial value from the origin of the semi-circle.

I hope my problem description makes sense to someone and I hope someone can help me.


Simply put I just need to show a pie chart representation whatever degrees are in the corresponding cell.

For example, if A1 says 90, I want a pie chart that would show a 90 degree piece of pie in the upper right of the pie (12 and 3 o'clock positions)

Then for 180 it would be divided in have etc.

So I need a pie that represents only one cell of data which in this case is degrees.

It seems to me that should should be simply?


So, the subject line asks the question, Can Excel be set up to work in degrees instead of radians, and of course if it can, how do I do that (-: