Put Form Fields In Word Forms Into An Excel Spreadsheet?

I have multiple Microsoft Word 2002 forms with the data in form fields. I
would like to convert the data into Excel 2002 so that the data from text1,
text3, etc., are placed in an Excel table with each document's form fields in
a line of Excel. I hope to be able to import the Excel Spreadsheet into
Quickbooks 2005 as invoice data.

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I have two word form documents and a letter that I need populated with the same basic data. The forms are secured, with only the form fields (text, dates, checkboxes) fillable. The document is open.

I need to find a way to pull the info from a single source xls file and populate both forms' fields and the word document. I can probably do this via bookmarks; however, I have to admit that I'm not sure how.

I'm not even sure if I will have to use vba to do it. But any help would be greatly appreciated.

First off let me say I apologize for not keeping my Microsoft Office skills
up to par. I just spent a few hours making a very nice-looking, printable
member registration form using Excel. Unfortunately, I now want to be able to
convert it to PDF, and make it so that the answer fields are editable in the
PDF. ...but don't see how. Is there a way to do that using Excel? (I suppose
my first problem is that I need help inserting editable form fields into
excel worksheets? It seems to me I used to be able to do that, but I have
completely forgotten to do that. I can in Word...but copying and pasting to
Word only ruins my otherwise lovely registration form. Should I be
'exporting' or something?).


What I have got is a word document and an excel document.

The excel document is used to enable a userform which a person can fill out.

The word document is used for the details of the user form in excel to be transferred to the word document.

I have created the forms and the word template and i am looking for a way the following can be done when the "SAVE" button is clicked on the user form in excel.

1) Have the details from the user form transferred into the word document at the top where the corresponding headers are.

2) The word document file name automatically created(using the issue title in the user form) and inserted into the excel sheet under issues for it to be reopen and viewed in Microsoft word.

I know it would be simpler to have all this in one form but the idea is to get someone to fill out the issue only then someone of higher authority can update the issue's progress but still allowing the issue creator( or any one else) the access to re-open it and see the updates in a read only format in word.

complicated i know but that's how its got to be.

attached are the word doc and the excel doc

(See attached file: Issues Log new.doc)(See attached file: new sample issues log.xls)


Is there an easy way to setup a user form in excel 2007 ?
Ideally the column headers would serve as a table or data list,which would then become the fields in the form.
The primary purpose is to have the form used for data entry & also act as a basis for searching the records.
Once the data has been entered into a new form this would have to be saved into the data sheet on the next available vacant row.
Can this be acheived in excel or am I just wishful thinking ? any help would be appreciated.

I am currently working on an excel spreadsheet that contains data that will need to be filled out onto a paper form this needs fo be done many times, same form differnt data. Now since I want to cut out the transfer of data from the screen to the paper form by handwriting I am going to scan the form and turn it into a fillable PDF. Is there anyway I can use VBA or any other method to take the data from cells in the spreadsheet and put them into text fields in the PDF.

Thanks for any feedback!


Hello everyone,

Here is the case:-

we use Ms Excel to send forms of "quotes" to our customers, each form has data spread throughout, it is not based on columns, instead the fields are side by side like in :

Name : John ==> "This would be in one cell"
Address : 234 Ozr RD ==> "This would be in one cell"

So, there are 1000+ xls files that contains data for previous Quotes, I would love to transfer everything into a database in Ms Access, "I'm an advanced user of Ms Excel + Access, knows some VBA".

Is this doable? given the fact that the forms are consistent. i. e. Cell locations, information fields..etc. in every xls file.

Please let me know if you have any questions...
Thank you

Is it possible to create forms in Excel without VBA? More specifically, I'd like a way or a tool to create robust Access-like input/view forms automatically (like in Access) but still use Excel.

I know there's the Data>Form 'autoform' built into Excel, good for 32 fields in Access, and J-Walk's free Enhanced Data Form, good for an unlimited number of fields. I'm looking for something like that, but which permits customization, such as permitting check boxes for Y/N fields and the ability to move the field names and field values around on the form so they make more sense visually.

In Access, it's really easy to create forms automatically. Is there such a way, maybe a third-party tool, to do it with Excel? (That is, WITHOUT needing to code with VBA, which I cannot do.) If there were some built in wizard, like in Access, that's be GREAT!

Why not use Access? It's just too complicated for me. Plus, I get the feeling it's harder to go back and forth from Outlook to Access and vice versa, whereas with Outlook and Excel, one can more easily update changes in each by sending data to the other and overwriting the old data, thus ensuring each has the most updated data of the other.

My goal is to create a database in Excel, one which would manage my small business. (Creating a legal case management software program, similar to programs like AbacusLaw, TimeMatters, etc.) The ability to have forms to remind what data needs to be inputed, and also to see the data in a 'big picture' way so as to make sense as to what's going on (and what data is still missing) is important. I also want to use Outlook more, and have Outlook 'visually' display the data in Excel (such as when appointments are, and have Outlook pop up the appointment reminders).

Thanks for listening to my long question!

Hi all! I am new to this so forgive the ignorance.

I've been playing with forms and I know that excel creates a user form from any row of data. it also retrieve the data using the find next command button on the form.

I've been reading some of the post to see if I can figure out how to do that on my form and quite frankly I get a little lost. So here is my post.

I created a user form with many fields in it. The form will be used at different times to insert different data. So I wanted to have the users of the form be able to retrieve the data at a later time so they could complete the form and then re-save it.

Since I don't know how to do that I don't really know what it is called. If you could direct me to some examples I would appreciate it much.

Im looking to create an excel document with a database array. I am going to populate the db with form data that I would like to be able to query with a macro to fill a predetermined Word document.

How would I go about creating a macro that would create and fill a word document template with 3 values?

Example: Excel sheet
Column A Column B Column C
Name Category Cost

Word Document will have many fields in the template, but only the 3 fields need to autofil based on Excel data.

I am trying to put together a calendar events list for my organization that
will be publicized in the local press. I have set up a web page that allows
folks to input specific information about their event which I can then
download to an Excel spreadsheet. From there I want to be able to import the
data (what, when, where, etc.) into a Word document. Copy and paste takes way
too much time and I don't know a thing about macros. How can I create one
Word template that includes data fields that links to specific cells in
Excel? Mail Merge would seem to be the obvious answer however I am not trying
to create several form letters, I am trying to create one document that lists
several different events. Any help in layman's terms is greatly appreciated!

Hi there,
I have a pre defined excel form with 6 fields to be entered. I am looking for a method to automatically transfer the data entered in these 6 fields onto a database and reset all the 6 fields for a fresh entry. As multiple entries are made on the form, the database should automatically keep apending.

I am trying to loop through a series of fields on a pdf form and read the values into an Excel spreadsheet. I found some code on another site (www.khk.net) which looks like it should do the trick, but I get an error - Object Required - on the line that is trying to assign the field value to a variable (it appears the author did not DIM the variable correctly, but it fails on either one). I have Acrobat and I have checked the reference to Adobe Acrobat 10.0 Type Library in the VB Editor. When I open the form in Adobe LiveCycle Designer, the Field Name matches. Can anyone point me to the problem? Thanks in advance.


Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() 
    Dim AcroApp As Acrobat.CAcroApp 
    Dim theForm As Acrobat.CAcroPDDoc 
    Dim jso As Object 
    Dim text1, text2 As String 
    Set AcroApp = CreateObject("AcroExch.App") 
    Set theForm = CreateObject("AcroExch.PDDoc") 
    theForm.Open ("C:\temp\sampleForm.pdf") 
    Set jso = theForm.GetJSObject 
     ' get the information from the form fields Text1 and Text2
    text1 = jso.getField("ESName").Value 
    text2 = jso.getField("ESID").Value 
    MsgBox "Values read from PDF: " & text1 & " " & text2 
     ' set a text field
    Dim field2 As Object 
    Set field2 = jso.getField("Text2") 
    field2.Value = 13 ' assign the number 13 to the fields value
     ' get the information from the form fields Text1 and Text2
    text1 = jso.getField("Text1").Value 
    text2 = jso.getField("Text2").Value 
    MsgBox "Values read from PDF: " & text1 & " " & text2 
    Set AcroApp = Nothing 
    Set theForm = Nothing 
    MsgBox "Done" 
End Sub 

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Am new to using VBA but with some excellent tips and help from this and the net I have created an Excel spreadsheet that collects info from a userform; we are using this as a issue log.

However, at the same time, upon completion of the log, the engineer then needs to fill out the essentially the same information in a Word form for sending off to the customer. I was thinking that perhaps this could be done by using a mail merge but from past experience this generally isn't very user friendly or quick.

Is it possible to automate this somehow using VBA such that when Enter is clicked on the form, not only does it fill in the next available line in the log spreadsheet but it also opens Word and populates the required fields with this same info?

Good Morning/Afternoon/Night,

I'm looking to create a macro that will take data from Excel, copy it into a Word document (I have a template already made up), and then save the word document. I have multiple lines of data so I will need to create multiple word documents.

Here is an example of what I'd like the macro to do:

1. Open the Word template I have created
2. Copy the Data from excel to word: ie. Cell B2 in Excel will have a name, I need the name copied from excel and pasted into word about 10 spaces down after the text that says "Name". C2 data will say have an age, I need hte age copied from excel and pasted into word about 12 spaces down after the text that says "Age". Etc...
3. After all the data has been populated, I would like the document to be saved as a combination of two of the fields in that were populated in Word.
4. The Word document will then be closed.

5. Steps 1 through 4 are repeated with the next line of excel data.

I know this is pretty detailed but if someone could help me I'd greatly appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!

I have a large mailing of about 65,000 pieces. I need to print variable
addresses and other variable data onto the forms. So, I basically need to
create a template in Microsoft word and import variable data (such as unique
address and account numbers) onto the form. I will then need to store the
data in a standard file type to send to the printers.

I have successfully written/borrowed some simple code to create a basic e-mail and attached a pdf from some spreadsheet data.

However, there are about three form fields in the pdf that I need to populate from the spreadsheet also.

Is this possible? and if so I'd be very grateful for some pointers. Have looked at the various acrobat reference libraries.

I use Excel 2007, XP and my users will have reader rather than Pro.

Many thanks

Hi folks,
I am currently trying to send emails to multiple users with respective attachments to the concerned recipients. The attachments are word based and have mail merge functions and the data is extracted from excel. All the word documents sent to the users are just one pager, and i am using mail merge to transfer the fields over, because I don't know of any other way of updating fields - if someone knows of a better way please tell me.
When there are changes addressed to the excel sheet, the word document should update. However, it does not update and i need to open the document and click yes to the 'data will be stored in this document' type message.
this defeats the purpose and ends up in me opening each word document for updating, then using the macro to send the emails with attachments out.
please help me. All help is appreciated.

I have a spread sheet set up in excel and would like to transfer certain data cells into a template set up in word(what I am wanting is to create an Invoice from the excel document into word where the layout is created and only puts in the invoice description, total, vat and date fields is this possible?

Happy Christmas Eve!
This is my first post to this forum and may be a terribly naive question, but here y'go...
I'm using Excel 2003 to develop an very simple Excel 2002 application: I need a form that is almost EXACTLY like the Excel Data Form with JUST ONE tiny change: I would like to make one of the text boxes MULTILINE.

I figure that if I can get to the vba behind the Data Form, I can copy and modify easily enough. But how, how, how do I get to the vba for the Excel Data Form so I can tweak it? Shall I just buy the code behind the JWalk Enhanced Data Form?

Many thanks


Client has an excell spreadsheet with a large volume of data:

Greater Than 100 columns
Greater Than 13000 rows

Currenlty client has a need to identify approximately 5 fields for any given record based on a search criteria and then report that data to another location.

At this point client has been using simple excel search to identify the record and copy the fields needed.

Client would like to instead present the data to staff to allow them to search records.

Data should be secured to prevent unintended changes (read-only)
Staff search should be on only the necessary fields and not distracted by the remaining volume.

Cannot currently use Access -- Staff does not have the right version of office.
Uncertain MySQL will deploy correctly to thier environment or that there is sufficent time to "develop"

Attempted to apply a simple excel form however volume of data causes error:

Too Many Fields In The Data Form

If nececssary will likely employ MySQL as quickly as possible, however thought I would as the question here to find out if there was an option I was overlooking.

Thank you in advance for all input and suggestions.

Is there a way to view to code for the Data Entry form and edit it. I am trying to create a data entry form that will use drop downs and automatically put the current date in a column and a number(sequential) in another columns as well as the fields from the data entry form.

Any help would be appreciated

I am trying to import a Word table into Access. First I import the table into Excel and then into Access. The problem is that the Word table has several carriage returns within each cell, except for the "key" cell, which just has a part number.As you know, Excel will will create a new row everytjime it sees a carriage return imported. This completely screws up the import. There might be two ways around this:

1. Import all Word cells other than the "key" cell as memo fields. This prevents me from searching the field. BUT, I cannot figure out how to get Access to fromat the cell as it appears in the Word table.

2. Create some sort of macro that can convert the carriage returns into something else when I import the Word table into Excel.

Anyway, the goal is to be able to cut and paste a Word table into Excel and then into Access without having to do a lot of manual doctoring of the files. Also, I need to be able to export the Access table back into a Word table with the original Word formatting. Anybody have some words of wisdom for this?

Thank you for your help!

Hello Everyone,

I am creating a wine manual for work and have entered all my important data to a Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet. What I want to do now is have that Excel data transferred to a Microsoft Word document without me having to manually copy/paste each data entry to a seperate page for each row, as there are 135 wines I must cover.

How do I export data from a Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet to a Microsoft Word 2007 template, each row of data pertaining to its own Word template/page?

I assume I would have to enter data tags in my word document so that Excel can parse those tags with actual data.

Also, even though I am a first time visitor to these forums, I assure you I have used the forum Search function and I have also Googled. The only information I seem to find are guides showing how to Control+C and Control+V a range of data from Excel to Word, which is what I am trying to avoid, or implying the use of XML.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide! I will be checking this post regularily throughout the next few days.

To anyone that can help,

I'm pretty new to VB and anything I know about it has been picked up as I go along.

I'm trying to create a userform which acts as a filter/search form of sorts. I need it to be in a userform format so I can't just use the standard filters in excel. What it is is there is a userform with the following fields: Project Name, Project Number, Project Value, Plant, Region, Engine, IPT Lead/Buyer, Status, Quarter. The user fills out the form either manually or by options in dropdown menus and then presses search. What I need to understand how to do is how to code the form to find whatever has been input into the different sections. The form will be searching through a large spreadsheet in excel.

My first thought was that because each of those fields in the large spreadsheet are always in the same column, there could be some way of of specifying ranges to match the words or something of that nature.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I'm able to pull out standard information from an outlook email (such as Subject, Received, and Sent by) but I would like to capture data from fields on a Custom Form that is published at the Enterprise Level. Does anyone know how to identify the fields in VB so I can pull the information into Excel? The majority of these custom fields are Checkboxes to the data I should get is "True/False, or "0/-1"

Thanks in advance for you help.