Why Wont My Text Fully Display With Word-wrap And Merged Cells?

I am using Excel 2000. I have a merged cell (6 cells wide and 1 deep) with a
paragraph of text with word wrap enabled. After about 7 or 8 lines of text
the text does not word wrap anymore. It would be about 2 more lines.

Any ideas?

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I have a worksheet that has wrap text enabled on a column of cells and whenever I enter more text than will fit in a cell, it will word wrap to the next line, but it won't change the height of the cell (you have to click on the cell to see the entire contents).

Now I have another sheet I would like to do this on but I have been unable to replicate it. Whenever I enable word wrap, it automatically adjusts row height to fit the text in, which is not what I want.

Anyone know what to do?

I'm using Excel 2007, and am running into a formatting issue.

Lets say I have merged cells A2, A3, A4 & A5. I have also set the text to wrap, and set the row to Autoheight.

My problem is the merged cell does not automatically adjust in height. The text does wrap properly, and I can manually adjust the row height to display the text properly. If I unmerge the cells, the information in A2 does Wrap and AutoHeight correctly.

This has something to do with the merging of the cells.

I can take contents of the merged cell and place the value in another cell. Lets say in cell A10, I use a formula "=A2", if the cell width is set to the same as the merged cells it will format correctly. By that I mean cell A10 will wordwrap and Autoheight correctly, and with the height of the row changing, Now cell A2 display correctly. This is my current work around.

Any thoughts would be appreciated

Its well known that Format | Cells | Alignment allows one to force the text within a cell to wrap. Unfortunately, wrapping will wrap a word onto the next line without any hyphenation. Has anyone discovered a means of preventing a word from being split when it is wrapped?

I have a sheet with a cell (say A1) with multiple text lines, and this cell has
Wrap text set to ON (in Format Cells, Alligment). No problem here, the
text nicely wraps around as I enter more text.

However, I have another sheet that has to show the SAME text, and the
SAME format
as entered in A1 in the previouw sheet. When I enter a reference
to A1 in the other sheet, the text is shown, but it does NOT wrap around, although the Wrap text is set to ON here as well!!

Only when I set Wrap text manually OFF and ON again, the text
wraps around as expected. But I cannot expect the users of my sheet
to do this!! Closing and opening the file has the same effect, but this is
also not what one wants...

What must I do to get the Wrap text immediately executed in the cell that
has the reference to the other cell. To be very clear on this: both cells have
Wrap text set to ON!

Cheers, MIMU

Hi there,

I have a paragraph of text I want to insert into the body of an email. No problem at all with the code and my macro works. Due to the length of the paragraph of text, however, I would like to word wrap it within the VBA editor for ease of reading/editing.

Based on a search, it would seem the solution to this has been posted many times to many forums. Looks like you just put a _ at the end of a line and start a new line, but I'm obviously missing something simple, as that doesn't work for me.

Would someone please take pity on this poor sod and show him how to word wrap a .Body "yadayadayada" line in VBA editor?

I would also like to create a line break within the body of text in the email - so I can write a second paragraph - as well as insert a couple of hyperlinks.

Thanks very much,

I have rows (B20:G20) to (B24:G24) merged. I want to type text in B20 and when it gets to the end of G20 to automatically flow into B21; and when it gets to G21 to automatically flow into row (B22:G22) and so on.

I can press enter at the end of lets say G20 and go to B21 but I have to be careful to limit the end of the text so it fits in B20:G20 so I want to automate this.

Basically I want a word wrap to the next row at the end of cell column G.

I'm using Excel to track audit findings and am having trouble with a few cells. I'm using Excel rather than Word so that I can filter the findings. There is a large amount of text in the cells (1900+ characters) and it uses 18 lines of the formula bar. I've started a new line in the cell by using Alt+Enter several times as well.

Here's my problem: I have wrap text turned on but only the first 12 lines wrap. I'm using Excel 2003, but when the same file is viewed in Excel 2007, it displays perfectly. Any ideas?

I am haveing a problem with Excel.

Whenever word wrap is applied the text is not visable in the cell. It
remains visable only in the bar above.

I have already confirmed autofit and it reduces the column to 1 character

I tried detect and repair on the installation and nothing.

I even upgraded from Excel 2k to Excel 2003 and no change.

I would greatly appreciate help on this as it is really bugging me.

I have a cell that is auto populated from another worksheet. It is a cell
that contains what can be quite a long paragraph of text which can contain
multiple lines that have been input using (ALT - return).

The cell has been set as a merged cell of 10 rows (to allow for space if the
source data is across multiple lines).
I want this cell to be able to cope with whatever size of data the source
data contains). At the moment I have just left 10 lines available, but if
the source data cell contains information that is over 10 lines then this
will be cut off from the destination cell.

I want a way of handling this so in the cases where there is more then 10
lines, the destination cell pushes down all the rows below it to accommodate
for the extra space requirements.

In an ideal world, I could just use both shrink to fit and Wrap text,
because then if it is over 10 lines, the fonts just reduce in size to allow
for more, but if I turn this on, I have to turn off wrap text, which is
necessary because the contents is in a mutli line cell.

I do hope this makes sense and I look forward to any suggestions how one can
deal with this.

Kind regards


I'm dealing with some data where I copy/paste stuff from a website onto an excel spreadsheet, and I'm doing it a ton (thousands of times by the end of this).

The problem is the cells wrap the text without me telling them to. Then I have to go in and disable wrap text for that individual cell.

Copy new piece of data, enter in new cell, excel auto wraps the text again. I have to unwrap text for that cell.

All the cells are have wrap text off, but when I copy/paste the data it activates wrap text. Is there any way to just turn wrap text off indefinately?

Thanks guys,


A discussion about sharing ideas for startup businesses:

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While I am no whiz at Excel, I wanted to manipulate the items on my desktop with Excel 2007, so I downloaded the Excel version of the file (File/Download as Excel). When I load the Excel .xls format into Excel 2007, it opens fine, but the word wrap is inconsistent. Some rows have the words wrapped, and some don't. When I click between the 1 and A to select the entire sheet, and click on "Word wrap" to toggle the entire sheet, the unwrapped rows will still not wrap. The individual cells that do not wrap seem to have the wrap line box checked, too.

Does anyone know how to make all the lines wrap?

Thanks a lot! I sure appreciate your help.


So i have a set of merged cells i want to use to write a big note in. It's 4c x 23r in size, and the columns are expanded to 87 pixels.

I have wrap text turned on and it works ok for small to medium sized paragraphs. But if i try to keep writing and fill the box i can only ever get text to fill up to 19r then it cuts off the text and doesn't display anything beyond that.

To be clear, the text is entered in the merged cell, but the lower 4 rows of the merged cell always stay blank regardless of how much text i put in the merged cell. I have tried reproducing this on in a new file, it works, until i expand the column width to 87 pixels then the problem happens.



I am creating a report in excel which has large strings of text in certain cells (that are imported from a master spreadsheet via macro) which are longer than the maximum for the wrap text function. (And by the way the cells are merged in case that makes a difference)

Does anyone know of an alternative way to make sure all the text is visible other than by breaking the text up into smaller blocks in several cells?

Many thanks,

I have a spreadsheet which I use to mail-merge large chuncks of text from Excel into Word.

However I cannot find a way to paragraph (ie leave a blank line between paragraphs) this text.

As I look at the text within the excel spreadsheet (the text within each cell has two or three paragraphs in it), it is paragraphed correctly. But when mail-merged the missed-lines between paragraphs are not transfered over to Word.

Is there a special insert or way that I can tell excel to paragraph the text when mailmerging?

Thanks in advance!

DOes anyone know if you can, and if so how you can word wrap within a combo box? I have a few long, wordy choices that I would like to have in a drop down, but all of the text doesn't fit in the box unless o make it as wide as the statement.


Should I be able to force carriage returns using ALT+enter in a cell without wrap text being activated? I *feel* like this was possible in the past, but I might be wrong and it seems impossible now.
When I use ALT+enter to force a carriage return, Excel applies wrap text to the cell. When I then turn off wrap text, all the carriage returns are ignored.
I'd like to have text displayed on two lines in a cell and one of these lines will be wider than the column the cell is in (and I don't want to widen the column).
Excel 2010 / Win7

Hi everybody,

My question deals with cells formatted with wrap text ...
As long as the combination Alt Enter is used, a counter can work out the number of lines ...
But, how to count the number of lines displayed in a "wrap-text cell" ...
since this number of lines is a direct function of row height and column width ...???

Thanks in advance for your comments

P.S. If you know, my research is vain , please let me know ...

Often when I set cells to word-wrap and then auto-fit the row height, cells
with text will end up with a blank line or two at the top. It's not extra
spaces in the text because when I go to the formula bar, there's nothing
before the start of the text. I can manually adjust the size of each row,
but that's a hassle and not very consistent!



I know that a cell in Excel has a limitation to the number of characters it can hold and display at once, but this is killing me! I work for a bunch of hard headed folks who insist on trying to use Excel like an MS Word document and they want to populate a cell with a composition!!! I have created a huge block consisting of Merged cells and it still only seems to allow so much entered. Also, even with text wrap selected, it cust off words on the right too. And when you are typoing in the box,...you see your text all the way to the bottom but when you are finished,...only the upper half of the text in the box is visible and the bottom half is empty...weird!!!

I was thinking of just having a HUGE text box in a second worksheet and have the first box on sheet 1 simply link up so that it can be all visible in the
2nd box in sheet 2...

Is there any other way to deal with this? Is there an actual text box that can hold a near infinate amount of text????


Is it possible to enable a word wrapper in Microsoft Excel 2007 VBA-editor(You get one line displayed on multiple lines if the line is wider than your screen)?

The same functionality as in the Visual Studio Editor : Edit -> advanced -> Word Wrap (shortcut key ctrl + w).


I am typing text in a cell and want it to wrap. I checked "wrap text" box
however it still doesn't wrap and I can only see part of the text. When I
click on the cell the text is there, but I still can't view it if I'm not in
that specific cell.

I have merged two cells and want it to expand (get bigger) as more text is
typed or added.

I'm able to do this with just a single cell (row autofit, wrap text), but
when I merge two or more cells, these options no longer work.


I have this situation:

Fixed B column width: 90
A1= User enters text.
B1= Row. Autofits using VBA.

The formula in B1 is ="my"&A1.

There is a certain length of text that the user can type where when the autofit works, it adds an additional hrt (char(10)) with no text on it. If the text length is slightly shorter, you don't get that hrt.

I don't want to keep changing the column width to accomodate the longer text in A1. I just want it to do the word-wrap without Excel deciding "the text length is within my cell's padding so I need to add a hrt."

Is there a way to specifiy that I want no padding for a range of cells, and if the cell is going to hit the wall then wrap the text?

(I attached a file to illustrate what I am talking about.)

I appreciate any help with this!


I am using MS Office 2007, the cell format: Text Horizontal = General, Vertical = Center
Text Control = Wrap Text checked.
But, when I enter the text, it does not expand automatically !

What am I missing?

Hi all.

Is there any way to make the text on a the X-axis labels wrap? The category names are very long, they won't wrap and I can't make the chart itself any bigger, which is a pain because now the X-axis labels take up half the page and limit the size of the chart.

I'm using Excel 2007, and the 'wrap text' button is greyed out in the ribbon, and putting alt-enter breaks in the cells hasn't worked either.

Any help gratefully appreciated.