Printing Spreadsheet To A Plotter.

How do I print a large spreadsheet to a graphic plotter as a single page?

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In my spreadsheet, I have given background colours to a few cells. I also have a coloured graphic on every sheet of the workbook.

Since I don't want to print the cell backgrounds, I have chosen to print the sheet in Black&White from the Page Setup menu. But that also prints the graphic in B&W.

So, is there a workaround where I can avoid printing the cell backgrounds, but still print the graphic in colour?

Thanks in advance.

This is probably a function not capable of Excel, but thought I'd ask.

What I have is an Excel workbook with all our products listed, including codes, descriptions, costs, taxes, etc, and I want to print this information in a formatted way.

I have set up a single spreadsheet with the style I would like excel to print the data, and can auto import the appropriate data fields from the other spreadsheets to populate the areas I want.

However, our product database contains about 100 products, and this new printing spreadsheet i have created fits 5 products each. Now, my options are to just create page after page of tempaltes to print all of our products. Or, is it possible to have Excel continuously use the single page spreadsheet as a printing template and for every new page, just keep referencing to 5 different products every time?

Thanks, and if it sounds like I don't know what I'm talking about, your right!

when i print my small (3 column) spreadsheet, I am unable to make it print
with larger fonts or fill up the page? I have eliminated all but the first
three colums, and yet the spreadsheet prints only to about 1/4 to 1/3 of a
page even with a size 16 font. I am using microsoft office standard, would
office professional have additional features to allow better spreadsheet

I have several versions of Excel files, tables that are from (4' H x 5' W) to (2.3' H x 8.3' W) in size when printed. These are for large format printing. It's best to convert these files to PDF first before submitting them for printing.

The problem is that I have a printer driver installed for my 8x11 laserprinter, and this causes insertion of page breaks in the Excel documents, which in turn causes the PDF file to be broken up in 8x11 pages. I want a single-page PDF that doesn't have page breaks so it'll print on as large format printer as a single sheet of paper. IOW: no page breaks.

What can I do here?

I have a spreadsheet that fits fine 1 page wide when I go to page setup and adjust the scalingto 63%. Normally I like to use the "Fit to Print 1 page wide" option but when I select that option the scaling adjusts to 39%.

I have gone out and deleted all columns to the right and all rows below the area that I want printed to make sure tehre isn't something out there that it is trying to print but it still reduces the size too much.

I have attached the file that I am tryingto format the printing.





I have a one page spreadsheet, essentially a template. I would like to
be able to print as many copies as needed, but each copy has to print a
unique sequence value, which increments by one every time it is

This variable may require some formatting, but it's somewhat like a
page number. Printing multiple copies is just reprinting page one to
Excel; each page is labeled 1. I'd rather not copy my print range x
number of times into the workbook, but that's what I did, just to get
started. I don't have any VB experience; I was just trying to use
Excel's existing functionality.

Thank you,

Laura Sallwasser


I have made a form on a spreadsheet that is fit to only one page. But when it goes to print, it prints 50 pages of stuff that isn't needed. Since this is going to be used by other people is there a way to either:

1. No matter what, everytime they try print, it will only print the first page of sheet 1?

2. Disable printing all together and force them to use a button that will print the first page only.

I've tried playing around with

Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean)
    Sheets("Sheet1").PrintOut From:=1, To:=1
End Sub

this but haven't had any luck getting it to work. I even tried an If print activesheet = sheet1 cancel print, but that didn't work either. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I am using office 2003 and win XP professional,
When I print a graphic object from excel it gets stretched horizontally
(or compressed vertically whatever you like).
I don't use any fitting to page.
If I use copy picture "As shown on screen" a circular object remains
circular when pasted into Word, when I use copy picture "As shown when
printed" the circular object gets deformed (like an oval).
The same deformation is visual when actually printing and also in print

Please help

Here's a simple problem that has been bugging me for a couple years now. If I select a group of worksheets in a workbook (contiguous or not, doesn't matter) and print the group, sometimes I get a single print job and sometimes I get multiple print jobs. Multiple print jobs are an annoyance when printing to PDF or other "virtual" printers as each job requires its own filename. I then have to combine the PDF's later. I've tried everything I can think of to determine what's different about the workbooks that a single print job vs. the workbooks that create several print jobs.

Please help!


I found another question on this forum just like mine but there was no
answer. I am printing a simple one page spreadsheet using Arial 10pt. The
preview looks good but when I print,after about the 5th row, things already
get out of kilter and my data is not printing within the grid lines... Thank
you for your help!

Hi, i don't remember this being as difficult as it's proving to be.

I have a spreadsheet w/ about 100 rows. I want to filter it down to show only the rows containing my particular criteria. So I filter the list down using auto filter and i have a screen with about 10 rows now. i want to print this on a single page. I go to print and I get like 10 pages each with a single row on them, some are even blank! how do i print this filtered list so it looks like my screen: 1 single page with 10 consolidated rows on it?

thank you very much in advance for your help!

A user has a very long but narrow spreadsheet he wants to print. But he wants it to print, say, the first 20 rows at the left of the page (in Landscape), the next 20 rows in the middle of the page, and the next 20 rows at the right. Then this would continue for however many pages is needed.


I opened a spreadsheet that is display large grey page numbers in the middle
of each page of this spreadsheet. These do not print. How do I turn off this
display of page number?

I'm trying to print two sheets within the same workbook at the same time as a single print job. This way sheet1 is the front and sheet2 the back.

It I do select both sheets and then print active sheets Excel creates two print jobs, forcing the printer to start the second sheet on a new page.

This page break between the prints means that I have two single sheets printed out of the printer rather than one piece of paper in duplex.

Any ideas on a work around for this?

The two two sheets are only a sinlge page in size, but have different column widths so wont easily go onto a single worksheet.


I have a worksheet that can be up to 100 pages in length. At the end of each week I must print the sheet for that week. I would like to put a hyperlink beside each page (just out of the print area) that will print just that page. I know i can use the FILE>PRINT>PAGE> # : # method, but i was hoping that some of you Excel Gurus would know a way to just click one link and just that page would print.

Thanks in advance for any help i can recieve on this subject

When printing in excel I get extra lines, the gridlines have been turned off, if you request more than one page to print, the 1st page prints great and then all the other page have extra lines in them?? I have reloaded the print drivers and had others print the same pages and they are fine. But can't get this one user to get it to print correctly?? Any suggestions?

I have an excel spreadsheet which is 2 pages long by 1 page wide. I have used the margin tools and the fit to 2 x 1 page tools to make it fit as I need it. When I print to a conventional printer it comes out fine, However when i print to a PDF writer (Roynasoft PDF Printer) each excel cell (for the entire worksheet even the empty ones) is printed to a separate pdf page creating a PDF document of hundreds of thousands of pages (each showing a single cell).

I am using office 2007 on a windows vista machine, but have tried using aN XP machine (still office 2007) and the same thing happens.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this behaviour? Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,


Hi board,

I'm not sure if this post really belongs in this forum, but I'll give it a try.
I'm trying to configure my excel printing behaviour so that it prints 2 pages on one sheet. I can do this manually each time via print-->properties-->finishing and then change the pages per sheet. I also already created a print task quick set in order not having to switch the prints per page, but still, it is a manual task every time again.
Can someone provide me a siple vba code that takes care of this everytime it press the print button? Ideally, the program would ask a confirmation to print 2 sheets on one page right after clicking the print button, so that in case you do want to print page per page, you can still do so.

any help is much appreciated.

autofilter + page breaks = headache
Hi All,

I have a spreadsheet that is a basically a big table of text with several hundred rows.

I need to be able to print it as a whole, so I've set up page breaks to let the entire table be printed out in a reasonable format.

I would like to also be able to use autofilter on one of the columns to display and print only a subset of the rows.

When I do this though, it seems to recognize all of the page breaks that are collapsed down in the filtered out areas and inserts blank pages in the middle of the print job.

Is there any way to get around this behavior and cause it to print only the rows that the filter is allowing to be displayed?



I've also crossposted this to the mrexcel forum:

I am using Excel 2007 and Windows Xp Pro.
I am going crazy trying to figure out why my page numbers don't print on my color Epson R800. They do print on my black and white printer though.
The numbers show up in Preview mode but will not print. I even tryed an empty page - still won't print
I am competely lost in this and need the page numbers on the project that I am doing.
I tried to have the page numbers on the header and that seems to work, but no way can I get them to print on the footer.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thank you


This has been troubling me for nights.

I have data columns of X, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4...
I used XY scatter to plot them all on one chart, but would like to have a filter on the plotter to select the desired series for comparison, eg, Y1, Y4, and Y5 only. Is there a method of doing this?

I tried using pivot table without joy because it doesn't support XY scatter.
I tried grouping the data sheet, but this gets very messy and is not selectable from the chart.

Please Help!!!

I would not be suprised at all to discover that someone has already addressed this, however, I've been digging around for several hours and haven't found it yet.

I am attempting to modify an Excel workbook so that the center header prints only on the first page and the center footer only prints on the first page. Both the header and footer consist only of a graphic, nothing else. I need it to print only on the 1st page whether I'm printing just the first page of one sheet, or a couple of pages of one sheet, or the entire workbook. I have found some code online and from friends, but it never seems to work correctly. Either that, or I'm pasting it in incorrectly. I've been fighting with this for weeks, please help me!

Thanks in advance -


when printing from my laptop, the spreadsheet cannot be printed landscape.
I've checked the page setup settings and the printer setup and perferences.
If I move the Excel file to another computer, the spreadsheet prints
correctly. In print preview, the spreadsheet does show to be setup for
portrait but will not stay changed to landscape.


I need help getting page numbers to print. I have a single sheet that we will print out 30 or so copies at a time. At the top of the page I want "Container Number: x of y" (x= page number, y= the total number of pages printed). I am currently running Excel 2003. Is this possible?

I am having an issue where my page breaks are clearly 3 pages. I have checked the page break view as well as the print preview and everything looks as it should there. However when I print it comes out with a blank fourth page. The entire page is blank even though I have a footer and repeated rows to print at the top of every page.

I am not sure if this is a problem with Excel or a problem with my printer. Has anyone else had a similar problem? If so, how was it fixed?

Thank you in advanced,