Display A Message While A Macro Is Running

Is there a way to display a message during the entire time that a macro is running? I have a macro that takes a little while to run. I have worked with enough users that I know they will get impatient if they don't see a message stating that it is still processing. I don't want the user to interact with the message (like a msgbox), I just want to be able to display a message. If possible, I may want to change the message that is displayed during the process to show progress.

Thanks for any help.

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Dear Friends,

I am trying to create a form in VBA . My concern is

1) A message box should be displayed after every 15 minutes ( any message, say hi)

2) After the message , the timer should start again and re-display the same message again after 15 minutes ... the message loop should continue until i close the form.

Thanks in advance.


Is it possible to display a message without using the MsgBox command.

I would like to enhance the flow of my process and having to click on the "OK" box of a MsgBox is not practical

Info could be displayed for 3 seconds then disapear


Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can help me with this query:

I want to display a message box when a workbook opens (displaying copyright information, that sort of thing). I have tried using a macro run on Workbook_Open, however Excel 2007 helpfully blocks macro content until the user has specified that macro should be enabled (or not, as the case may be) - this means they may not see the copyright message.

I want to circumvent that, hence why I was wondering if there is a solution without resorting to a macro.

It does not necessarily have to be a message box, just something that is visible to the user when the workbook opens.

Thanks in advance

Hi all,

I've a workbook with a few sheets where column A=old partnr, B=old name, C=old E-nr, D=comment, the columns E, F, G and H is the same but for the new part.

I want to add a search box where I can search for a string, could be the name, partnr, new or old, or what ever, and if it's found I want to display the entire row in a message box, if the search string is match more than once, I want the message box to display all matches.

I hope it make sence, I appreciate any help.


Talk about terse! I was just running a macro, which I know takes a long time. It finished the main processing, but when it got to the end I got an error message box that was totally blank! No message, no error number, not one character of text, just the red-X symbol you get with MsgBox/vbCritical, an OK button and a Help button. Its title is "Microsoft Visual Basic for Appli..."

Anyone seen this? Anyone know what it means?


I have a couple of macros that do a lot of background processing and I turn off Application.ScreenUpdating so the user just sees the same screen.
Is it possible to pop up a message box type panel with a progress update? MsgBox always seems to require a user response (albeit just an OK) but I just want to give an indication of progress without the user having to do anything.




Is it possible in Excel to display a Popup message? The message to display is a string representing modifications to be done.

I don't want to use the Msgbox function as this one need an answer from the user. I'm looking for a Popup box that will always be visible and being removed only when clear with the "X".

I looked arround and did not found answers to my quest.

Any help appreciated



I have an excel file like this with all the alphabet letters:

Original character Changed character a e b v c d d I e z
I need two write two subs, Scramble and Unscramble. In each, ask the user for a message in an input box. In the Scramble sub, this will be an original message; in the Unscramble sub, it will be a scramble message. Then in the Scramble sub, scramble the message and display it. In the unscramble sub, unscramble the message and display it.

I would appreciate any help or can anyone point me in the right direction.

Thank you

Hello Everyone!

I have a macro that processes data one row at a time in column C. I would like to show a message in the status bar. This message will tell the user which row is being processed. Right now, my macro has this statement:

Application.StatusBar = "Now processing column C. Please wait..."

How can I amend this code to tell the user WHICH ROW is being processed while he/she is waiting for the macro to complete?

Something like this maybe: "Now processing Row 27 in Column C. Please wait..."

If it helps, the macro starts processing at row 8. Currently, there are about 247 rows. But, we add more rows each day.

Thank you!!

Upon opening a workbook I want to be able to display a message with instructions for the user. Similar to a message box. Please help.

I have a complex spreadsheet that takes up to 15 seconds to calculate. I'd like to show a Msgbox or Userform to display a custom message during calculation & have it disappear when calculation is complete.
Any ideas?

Is there a way to add a 'pop-up' message, whereas when a file is opened, it
will display a message warning the user the file contains 'Official Use Only'


I want to search for a string in a entire workbook and if the string is found I want to display the entire row in a message box.
The search string can occure in different columns and multiple times, if so, I want to display all rows in the message box.

I hope someone can help me with this.


Hi, all!

The users of a macro are going to be Japanese, so I need to make the confirmation message box (that the macro has run) be in Japanese.

It looks from the VBA Help that you just put the Japanese text within the parentheses after "MsgBox" in the code: when it discusses the maximum length for the prompt, it says that it depends on the width of the characters. When I did that, however, although I got a message box, it was empty other than the OK button. I thought I might be going over the maximum amount of text, so I tried just a few characters and got the same result.

Is there something else I need to do to get Japanese text into a message box?

Thank you!


I have a macro that needs a confirmation before running with a YES and NO button.

User clicks macro button, Message box ask "ARE YOU SURE?"
If yes macro runs, if no message box and macro exits.

What code do I need to insert and where within the macro?

I am building a macro that deals with a lot of data and takes several minutes to run. I want to display a message to the user stating "Calculating..." while the calculating is taking place. I got the idea to use a userForm with a label on it. The problem is that excel waits for input from the userform before continuing the calculations.

How do I display the userform, continue doing the calculations, and then hide the userform when the calculations are complete? (without any input from the user)

I currently have:

        Call module1.functionX

I have a scheduler running that creates a Excel file every day with a unique name, such as HD1, HD2, etc. These files are on a networked drive. I have another Excel spreadsheet that has links to these files that have not yet been created so I receive the "File not found" message box. Is there a way to get Excel to stop displaying the "File not found message box? Is there a formula so Excel will ignore the fact that it's source does not yet exist? I have tried iserror but still get the "file not found" message box and then will display the TRUE value. I am running Excel 2000.


I am trying to build a code where some message needs to pop out when a certain condition is met.
lets say the condition is that Cells("B12").Value > 500.
This cell has a formula which is the sum of some other cells. As soon as this sum crosses 500, i need a message to pop up using msgbox.

Note: The if conditions will not work for me it checks the cell value only when it runs. As in, if the value in the cell is already greater than 500 at the time of running the code, then only it will pop up the message. i want the code to be such that when it runs, it should put some condition in the cell so that message pops up if the value exceeds 500 even later. (like how conditional formatting works...its not just an if condition there...whenever the given condition meets, the format changes).

Please help me do this.
I searched a lot and found lots of info about conditional 'formatting' but couldn't work my way around this.

Any help would be appreciated.


I've written a macro that opens a Workbook with links to other workbooks (which are closed). I have set Application.DisplayAlerts = False

The problem is that a message box still pops up, and it stops the macro.
"The workbook contains links to other data sources." with a Yes/No prompt.

How can I override this message box (and have it select the default option, "Yes")?



Does anyone out there have some VBA code that would automatically force a pop up message to manifest on a person's birthday?

I would like for it to:

1 - Read the birth dates from column labeled "Birth Date" (P15:P70) The names are stored on column "Name" (A15:A70)
2 - Compute his/hers age
3 - Display a message stating: "Wish Joe a happy birthday! He is 27 to day." If the birthday is Today, or "Wish Danielle a happy birthday! She turns 19 on Saturday (or Sunday) if it falls on the weekend.
4 - AND I fear this is the hardest part; Have the message give the user the opportunity to acknowledge the event, say by clicking "Yes" or reset to display again next time the work book opens by say, clicking "Later"

I know this may be child's play for most of you, but it is way over my head, so I 'd appreciate any and all help. So far all I have been able to do is get the Name to change color on the person's birthday :-s



I have been working with a Data validation input message box and it does not display my text correctly.
for example what should be displayed all on one line goes to two lines.

Is there a way to make the input message box bigger or a way to display my text all on one line.

Here is a example of my text:
12345 - Apples
4567 - Oranges
12348 - Pears

when i type the input message text it displays like this:
It jumps down a line instead of staying on one line

Thanks for the help

Is there any way to display a message box with something like "excel is processing your data" without any buttons which would vanish after excel has finished computing?

I want to display a warning message to users if a value in a certain cell meets certain criteria. Can someone help me with the code to do this?

More details:
The code will need to search Column A for certain strings. If it finds one of those strings on row x, and the value in Column F in row x is greater than 5.0%, a message should popup suggesting that the user should do something else.



I'm trying to open a file and I keep getting this message in a Dialogue Box

"Copy of Spare Parts.xls' should be opened as read-only unless you need to save changes to it. Open as read-only? There are three options Yes, No and Cancel."

I want too open this file without this dialogue box, and never as read-only. How do I get rid of this display message. I have a macro in This Workbook which sets display alerts to false, but this message continues.

Can anyone supply me with a message code, thatt when a particular Workbook is opened, that a Message box appears that states
" Refresh Balance Sheet before continuing" then OK button