Time Scale Charts

Hi is there a way to create a time scale chart measured in hours and minutes.
Help says only months and days but thought there might be a way around it


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how do i set up my charts so that the scale is automatically updated, as inputs change? for example, first inputs on the graph might require a scale up to $100,000.
as inputs change, the scale might be needed at say $500,000. i have to manually adjust the scale on each graph.

is there a way that i can set it up so that the scale will adjust dynamically on its own?

i remember finding a method here at mr excel, but can't find the thread that explains it...

any help is much appreciated, it is so tedious to have to adjust the scale on each graph every time we have a change in data....


Hi. I need some help on getting the time to show correctly on the X axis of my charts.

I want to create a chart for each 15 minute increment in the day for 22 days.

Example -

Chart 1 (x axis):
Mon 5 2 12:00 AM , Tue 5 3 12:00 AM , ... Tue 5 24 12:00 AM

Chart 2 (x axis):
Mon 5 2 12:15 AM , Tue 5 3 12:15 AM , ... Tue 5 24 12:15 AM

The problem is that on the second chart, the dates show up correctly, but the increment is supposed to be 12:15, and it still shows 12:00.

I thought the chart was trying to round down, but I experimented on higher intervals, and it still did the same thing. I'm thinking it might be a scale issue? I'm not too sure, so if you got any ideas on what I'm doing wrong, please let me know!

I have some pivot tables from which I have to create chart. now the x axe of the chart has the date value. and I want to chage the scale as well as the format of the scalse. and also when the pivot table updates the minimum scale has to be the same as it is. Only the maximum scale will update.

I have attached here one snapshot. Please help in finding the solution for this as I am working on hundreds of like this and because of this I have to copy the pivot table and paste as value and then have to create regular chart. I want to remove these steps. Will appreciate your help.

Thank You

I have a chart with two axis. One showing value and one showing percent. When the curve or column goes of the chart I update the scale but then the category axis is not aligned (0 value and 0% is not on the same horisontal axis any longer). I then need to recalculate and manually adjust the scale to have 0 on same horisontal axis.

Is there any way of having this done automatically, it's currently not an optimal situation since it's time consuming to correct all the charts (the original file has many charts).

Attached is an example with data sheets and chart sheet.


Financial Analyst

Excel 2003, Win XP

Is it possible to have a Gantt chart with both date and time scale.
I need to represent a plan of activities for a week. So I need the horizontal axis of the bar chart to show both date and time.I dont care how long my chart is. pls help.

Anybody know how to locate a TextBox on a x-y scatter plot chart and specify the coordinates of the textbox relative to the XY scale of the chart. VB allows a textbox to be positioned according to "point" relative to the top and left of the chart, but I want to specifiy the text box relative to the charts scale. That way if I rescale the data the text boxes get relocated automatically.

Does anyone know the range of "Points" for a chart?


Hi there

I'm looking to create a timeline or Gantt chart with times by minutes/hours rather than days. I've seen several templates in Excel but all have days. I've tried editing them to change to hours and minutes but it doesn't work. If possible, I'd prefer the markers to clearly to show the gaps proportionally (i.e. if the first milestone is 5 minutes, second 10 minutes and third is 1 hour, I would prefer they weren't equal distance apart).

Any ideas where I could find a template or create my own document?

How do I get all axis on a radar chart to to display the axis numbers (for
each axis individaully). Secondly, how does one get a radar chard with the
various axis in different scales (ie Axis 1 scale 1 to 10, Axis2 scale 0 to
10 000, Axis3 scale 0 to 0.5)

Ok I need to build a chart that trends 3 different KPI. I can build a chart that has 2 y axis no problem - the first shows a stacked bar whilst the second shows a line chart. I need to add another line chart on there however the problem is the scale of the new line is so far above the scale of the existing line that it throws off the scale.

Anyone any idea on how i can do this. Is it possible to 'compress' the sclae of the second y axis - i.e the bottom half of the scale is 0.1 - 0.9 whilst the top half is 50 - 150.

Hope this makes sense - any help you can give is much appreciated

I have a Created Time and and Ending Time which may well be different days (example below, created in green; ending in red). 2/13/08 2:08 PM 2/19/08 10:51 AM

I am looking to create the number of elapsed hours and minutes only in the results-- I can and have formatted the number of days, hours, minutes, seconds (as d:hh:mm:ss), but want the results to be ONLY in hours and minutes.

Any help anyone can provide would be much appreciated-- I have formatted the cells as dates (both in AM/PM and 24 hour clock format), with no luck so far...



I have a table which has mainly values between 0 and 5000 and I made
bar chart from that data.

Then I have 1 value which is over 100 000. This ofcourse makes all
other bars way to small to be of any use.

Is there any way to "truncate" this 1 bar so it wouldn't mess up the
scale, but would show the right value anyway? Could I for example set
different scale from 0 to 5000 and then from 5000 to 120 000?


I am trying to present data from 2 clients side by side in a line graph. Here's the graph set-up:

Legend: Scale 1, Scale 2
X Axis: Client (1, 2, & 3), and Measurement (1, 2, &3).

I would like to present client 1, time 1, 2, and 3 for each scale first, then the same for the second and third clients.

I am able to create this graph, but I don't know how to break the lines for each scale by client. So, I don't want Scale 1 to be one continuous line, but 3 lines -- 1 for each client.

Is this possible?

Thank you!


I'm currently making a Gantt Chart with an hourly scale. I have my start time, end, time, duration, and a duration converted into decimal equivalent for 24-hours ( multiplying by 1/24)

But when I try to change the x-axis on my chart, ie maximum minimum minor units major units, the numbers are in accounting format thus 12/20/2010 6:30 PM becomes 40,403.38.

How can i fix this scale so that if i set the maximum as 1, it'll be 12:00 AM and if it was .5 12:00 PM and so on. Basically how can I change this accounting format of the axis.

I have a report out of another system that shows ventilator time in minutes
and the end user would like to see it in days:hours:minutes. It's difficult
to put your head around how long 7171 minutes is.

Thank You

Hello Everyone -

I have a system at work that spits out total time that an employee has been logged in (to a system), in the format of Days:Hours:Minutes:Seconds. This format does me no good so I convert it to either total Hours or Total Minutes.

For example, 4:13:36:07 would be 4 days, 13 hours, 36 minutes, 7 seconds. Is there a formula or way to have Excel convert 4:13:36:07 into just total hours OR total minutes?

I have had to do the calculations manually for several months now and I am about to pull my hair out. Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!


Can anyone help with this. I know of the " = end date - start date " will give a general duration, but I'm looking for something a little more specific. All Information is in separate columns running left to right as posted below.

Start End Duration
A1 B1 C1 D1 E1
example: [ 3/23 ][ 6:00 AM ][ 9/29 ][ 6:00 PM ][ Months, Days, and hours ]

it should equal to 6 months, 6 Days, and 12 hours. Or if it would just total the Days and hours would be fine also [ 185 days and 12 Hours ] in E1

I have been banging my head over this for about a week and i think im over thinking it. This is what i need done.

Im making a worksheet and need people to enter in a start time and an end time, then i need it to tell me how many hours that is as well as a total of how many minutes all together. Basically i need it to break down in minutes for sure.

But it must have military time only, and if you do enter it in as time i don't want them to put in the colon. And my issue is usually if the time is 2200 to 0100, it gives me a negative, i fixed that but then my minutes are messed up. The hours and minutes can be separated or in the same cell.

Right now i have it as Start hour / minutes
End hour / minutes
total hours / minutes
total minutes all together

Plz give me a hand i'd appreciate it.

Any other questions you have for me, message me, i need this asap..plz


How do I calculate the number of days, hours & minutes between 2 value's and exclude non business days and hours...? For example, I have 2 time/dates stamps; 1. the time/date an incident was logged (say 01/21/09 09:30). 2. the time/date the incident was resolved (say 01/29/09 19:30). In real time thats 7 days & 10 hours. But in business terms its 6 days 2.5 hours (working Monday - Friday, 9 - 5 (8 hr days)).

I can use 'networkdays' function to calculate working days but it ignores the time completely.

I'm using Excel 2007


Cheers, Jason

I have a sheet that calculated percentages. I want to set up a conditional format color scale where 0% is green, 50% is yellow and 100% is red.

However, every time I use the three-color scale and percents, it applies to color scale based on the range of values present, not the full 0-100 range. So for example, if I have three cells with 5% 15% and 30%, then 5% will be green, 15% will be yellow and 25% will be red. If it were working in the way I would like, they would all be various shades of green and yellow green. I don't want to compare the values to each other, I want them compared to the range 1%-100%. Any ideas?

Also, can you do a color scale that changes the font color and not the cell color?


I have a Mettler Toledo ps60 scale using a usb connection. I am not sure how to begin a vba to connect the scale to excel. Can anyone help with this.

I'm working on implementing a waterfall chart into some month end cash flows charts and am having trouble with the scale. I have an inflow that is infinitely bigger than all the other inflows and am wondering how to "hide" a portion of the graph so all the inflows show up on the graph. Just for examples sake let's say, most of my inflows are $1000 but one is $1,000,000. Is there a way to insert a break in the graph to cut out $300,000-$700,000?

I am using Microsoft Excel 2003

Hello all,

Im trying to create a spreadsheet to track how many hours have been used by an employee. Currently the employee starts with 480 hours and as they use these hours, I am displaying the remainder in days, hours and minutes. This all works fine until I get to 255 hours and then the remaining hours seem to invert, going back to the beginning. For example, if I input that the person has used 256 hours, the end result shows "1 Day, 248 Hours, 0 Minutes". Additionally, if I test the spreadsheet by saying that the person used all 480 hours (60 days), the "Days Used" should be 60, but instead it shows 29 days 248 hours 0 minutes.

This is the formula I am currently using:

=DAY(G2/8)&" days "&(G2/8-DAY(G2/8))*8&" hours "&MINUTE(G2)&" minutes"

Im sure its something simple in my formula, but Im extremely rusty here...

Any help is greatly appreciated!


I have a spread sheet with a colum showing average time to complete a task. This is currently shown as Days:Hours:Minutes:Seconds (4:19:33:19). I meed it to be shown purely as minutes, or at least as hours and minutes.

Is there an easy way to do this?

How do I change a Chart's (that is on a worksheet) x-axis scale from visual

The following only works when the chart has its own sheet/tab.
With Charts("Chart1").Axes(xlCategory)
.MinimumScale = 740.25
.MaximumScale = 746.25
End With

If it is located within a worksheet how do you reference it?

I have a lab report that's due in about a week that asks for the x-axis to be on a logarithmic scale. I've been on the internet and always find the same answer, double click the x-axis, go to the scale tab and check Logarithmic Scale. Excruciatingly easy, however when I go to do this there is no such checkbox when I go to the scale tab of formating the x-axis. Is there something I'm missing? I'm using Excel 2002 and have tried other computers and their version of Excel (currently on a campus computer with Excel 2003) and still no checkbox. Please Help!