Auto Updating Charts In Word Linked To Excel

The title pretty much summed it up. I have some charts copied into a word file. The charts are linked to the original charts in an excel file. Ideally I would love these charts to auto update whenever there is new data in the excel sheet. I will have a few of these charts in the word file and then a whole bunch of summaries below them explaining the weekly data. So far the closest I have gotten to this is having to just copy and paste the charts in the same Word file. Since there would be a couple of these charts in the Word file it doesn't seem like the easiest way to go. I would like to not have to use VB code but if it's the only way then I would give it a try. Thanks!

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I have charts in XL2010 with rotated y-axis titles that I have pasted as OLE links into Word. I can resize the chart or update (F9) the chart when it is open and the formatting is maintained. However, when I reopen the file later the chart formatting is wrong sometimes- with the most obvious thing being that the y-axis title is no longer rotated (reads vertically from bottom to top with overlapping letters). Also, the chart lines are slightly bolder and slightly pixelated.

After pasting (paste special\linked\OLE) I am telling it to maintain formatting (with the \*MERGEFORMAT switch in the link) and I am turning off the auto update (via File\Edit Links\(select all)Manual). Save before exit.

I also have Excel tables, that I have linke to Word the same as I have done for the charts, that do not desplay the contents on reopen. I don't know if I'm making the same mistake with the tables as with the charts to lead to this...

What am I doing to cause this- or what can I change to maintain my formatting?

Thank you!


I have a large workbook with over 35 tabs of data and charts. Most of the tabs are linked to two or three summary worksheets that are used as the source data to build Project tables and charts each month.

I have recently run into a problem where I am able to copy the first seven charts to my monthly report I make in Word, but I am not able to copy any of the last five charts. The copy function still works on the other charts and all the tables will let me copy and paste them to the report but these last five charts will not even copy.

Did I make these in a way that prevents me from copying them?

Paul (using Excel 2007 on WinXP Pro)

Hello, I am running into a problem when I create a PDF file out of many Excel Charts. The resulting PDF file is massive and I know that I can greatly reduce the PDF file size if I change all of the charts into pictures before printing.

I am wondering if it is possible to have a macro loop through all of the charts on a worksheet, copy them, and then paste them back in the exactly same place as a picture. I think it should be possible but I'm not sure how I would handle the names of the charts or paste them back down right where they are. Can someone tell me if this is possible and how it can be done, or if there's an alternative to converting all charts to pictures (external program). Thank you for the help!

I have an excel sheet with some charts. the data which are linked to the charts are on the same page.

But i want the charts to be updated when i want. ( as at now when the data is changed, excel will automatically update the charts)

How to ahieve this?

I have a number of charts that have their own location (not within a worksheet) and for some reason they have reverted to a portrait orientation (although I have checked to make sure that the default is set to landscape). I cannot work out how to have them shown landscape orientation so when the links to a word document are updated the charts appear in a readable landscape form. (the word document has a landscape orientation page setup). Some charts that I have not updated the data for have changed as well.

Any ideas, it has me stumped!


I have a worksheet with a lot of charts (~32). I have written a code to size these charts to have the same dimensions and align them with 3 charts in each row.

My problem is that i want to setup a macro to size the charts so i can print 6 charts (2 rows with 3 charts) on a page (page setup should be Landscape)

How will i go about setting the right size of the charts? And how to set the margins etc for the page?

Thanks in advance


I am trying to produce 12 separate charts from one pivot table -- each chart is filtered by a separate variable. I then need to paste the charts into a ppt deck.

My problem: updating any single chart in Excel causes either (a) the other charts in Excel to automatically update and/or (b) updates the charts in PowerPoint.

I have explored various ways of disconnecting/de-linking/etc. the charts from their data sources without luck.

Thoughts or suggestions? Much appreciated...

Hi forum,

I'm using XL and PowerPoint 2007. I've been able to create charts in PowerPoint that are linked to a specific XL file that has all of the data for multiple PowerPoint charts.

My goal is to have this XL file as the only companion file a user needs to update so that any changes he/she makes here will automatically propagate to the PowerPoint file.

Unfortunately, my issue is that when I email the PowerPoint and XL documents together, the PowerPoint file will retain the link to the XL file in my specific hard drive and so, a new user has to go edit the links manually to point to the new XL file. I would rather the PowerPoint file not care where the XL was originally saved and instead, only look for the XL file in the same directory as the PowerPoint file.

Is there an easy way for this to be done automatically? Can this be done in VBA?

Thanks for any thoughts!

I have an existing Word document with three charts in it.
I have an Excel spreadsheet with a VBA Macro that does some calculations and assigns the results to variables.
I want to update the chart data in Word with the values of the variable in excel.
This code correctly locates the second and third charts but puts the same variables into the cells for both charts:

Dim objShape As InlineShape 
For Each objShape In ActiveDocument.InlineShapes 
    If objShape.HasChart Then 
        Range("b2").Value = variable4 
        Range("b3").Value = variable5 
    End If 

If you like these VB formatting tags please consider sponsoring me in support of injured Royal Marines

First problem is, it completely skips over the first chart in the Word document so I assume the argument objShape.HasChart = False for some reason.
Second problem is, it assigns values for variable4 and variable5 to the second and third charts in the word document. I want to assign variable1,2,3 to the first chart, variable4 and variable5 to the second chart and variable6 and variable 7 to the third chart.

Another line of thinking for me was to forget about updating the existing charts and just insert new charts based on the various variable data. I can not seem to figure out how to place a chart at a very specific location in the Word document. I tried selecting a pre-positioned bookmark, then adding the chart but it just put the chart at the beginning of the Word document.

Set RFactorChart = WD.ActiveDocument.Shapes.AddChart.Chart 
Set chartWorkSheet = RFactorChart.ChartData.Workbook.Worksheets(1) 

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For the love of God, please help me. I'm already bald or I would be pulling my hair out!

I have a file with many charts that are all the same format but pulling different information. I have organized so that 6 charts print on one page. My problem is that whenever I reopen the file, the charts tend to lose their formatting that existed when I previously saved and exited. For example, I added a text box to each one to act like a legend. In most charts, this tex box disappears. Also, the plot areas all get "scrunted" because the X-axis moves to the center of the chart area instead of staying near the bottom.

Any ideas why this happens? I prefer not to have to reformat these each time I open the file.


I have a little issue that's been driving me crazy, Each Evening, I send out an email with daily statistics on it. It's got a couple of tables and a couple of charts that I paste from Excel to Outlook. Now my users who receive the email in outlook, see the email as intended. Those who are using Gmail or Mac Mail, however, see a gigantic blank space where the charts are supposed to be and the charts end up attached. Does anyone know of a way to get those Excel charts sent as an inline image?

I'm looking for a way to automate copying Excel charts into Powerpoint. Optimally I'd like to write some code that I can customize to select various charts within my workbook and copy them to different slides in a Powerpoint file (paste special - enhanced metafile pic), and resize the pasted pic as desired. Is this possible in VBA? I tried a couple different ways of recording macros in both Excel and Powerpoint but no luck.

Any ideas?


Dear all

Is it possible to export a batch of charts to individual image files using VBA?

I have a workbook containing a sheet called 'charts'. On this sheet there are 60 mini charts set up like a sort of dashboard. I am wondering whether it is possible to export each of these charts to a seperate image file using VBA?

The location of the image files would just be a local folder, and the file names could either be automotically numbered (1.jpg, 2.jpg etc) or could be based upon the contents of a series of cells: the way the sheet is set up is that the range D2:G16 each contains the title of a chart. The respective chart is positioned over the cell. I am guessing that since there is no logical link between the chart and the cell (is there?) other than the position on the page, that it would not be possible to use the cell contents as a file name?

If somebody could let me know firstly if it is possible to export a chart to an image file, that would be great. If you are able to offer any help with a script - even better!

many thanks


I have a automated a workbook in which there are two steps. In the first step it creates charts and tables from row data and in the second step it copy these charts and tables and paste them as paste special Enhanced Metafile.

Everythig is working correctly. But When the macro finishes pasting the charts and tables, the size of PPT file has increased drmatically. its about 70 MB. I tried different ways to paste like as jpeg and all but the size issue is still there. Can anybody tell why its happening, and what is the reason which triggers the size of PPT file from 350 kb to 70MB ?

Please let me know if there is any way to solve this problem.

Thank YOU


I have a macro which generates multiple sheets containing a single chart. The sheet and chart are automatically named. I then have to copy each of these charts into power point (manually) by 'copy', move to power point, 'paste special', 'as .emf'(last time 140 charts). What I would prefer is, this marco which generates the charts then saves them outwith excel as emfs using the chart name as the file name.

I have some Excel charts pasted as links in PowerPoint and regularly add new info to the Excel sheet and update the charts no problem. However, just today, the y-axis on a couple of the charts is sitting right in the middle of the chart (instead of intersecting at the correct point). The chart looks fine in Excel. The scale on the axis looks fine. But the exact same chart in PowerPoint is messed up. This doesn't make any sense! Any suggestions?

I am using Office 2000, and I have a bunch of charts that are all related and
use the same data (ie I have a consolidated chart and then charts that are
the individual series from the consolidated chart). Is there a way that I
can have excel automatically produce these sub-charts from the series in the
main chart? It is time consuming to have to update each chart every month.

I have never done VB or VBA programming, but know that I willI need a macro that will automatically generate over 1000 charts & then export them in pairs (based on ID) to a PPT slide. My data will be in an Excel spreadsheet with approximately 525 rows & 5 columns (ID & 4 data fields associated w/that ID). From the 4 columns of data per ID, I need to generate 2 bar charts & then send both of the bar charts to a PPT slide (for a total of 2 charts/slide on 525 slides). Can anyone help with this?


I'm having problems with editing a Word document that I embedded in the excel file using the insert object tool.
Basically, what I have already done now using VBA is to automatically open a separate existing word document that has an image and a title in the header and to copy from excel to that word document, some text, a range as a picture and some charts as pictures then save it automatically as a new file.
Everything works fine.
But the problem is I have to send this file to other people so they can use it, and for now I have been able to make it work on other computers by sending both excel and word files and telling them to put it in the same folder.
What I would like to do now, is be able to only send the excel file with the word document embedded inside. I have tried googling this but couldn't find a way to open that embedded file and edit it. I thought it would be just be opening the embedded file instead of opening the seperate word file and it would work but it doesn't seem that way or I just don't know how to.
I found these lines which are supposed to open the embedded file but couldn't get it to work.


WDApp.Visible = True

I'm pretty new at VBA so I'm not sure what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Below is the current VBA code that is working when I use a separate word and excel file.


Sub OpenCopyToWord()

Dim WDApp As Word.Application
Dim WDDoc As Word.Document
Dim nIndex As Integer

    file_path = ActiveCell.Value

I am trying to select 2 charts on my worksheet simultaneously so I can copy them into word via vba. Manually its no problem, select 2nd chart while pressing the ctrl button, but how do you do this programmatically via vba.


I am looking to put together packages of charts for several receivers. Some charts that compare all receivers will be duplicated for everyone. I would like to be able to make the receiver's position on these comparison charts stand out in same way (ex. larger, bolded, or highlighted text). Is there an easy way to do this in excel/VBA without having to add arrows or something?

Thanks for the help,



I am copying charts to display the same information for different regions. When I work on the copied region, I find it a cumbersome task to go through each charts source data and change the cell references to the different region. Essentially I am doing a trending analysis for each region, with a region having its own sheet with 5 charts per sheet. What I have done is copy the original sheet and am updating the sheet for another regions source data by going to the source data. The source data is all in the same row/column format, but each regions source data has its own sheet. Is there a more automatic way to do this? Perhaps a way to update all 5 charts references at the same time.


Still not realy sure wether I have an excel a word or a general office problem, but what happens is this.

I have a workbook with loads of charts in there, all have a custom background-color. No problem there, all works fine. The charts then get pasted into a word document. This all worked fine for a long time 'till a few months ago.
Though I'm not aware of changing any relevant settings in the meanwhile, now when I paste the chart to word, the background color seems to be reset to grey. This happens when pasting as bitmap (as I usualy was doing) but also when pasting in other formats). It happens both when pasting automaticly with word-vba as manualy.

Does anyone know where this behavior comes from and what I can do about it?


this subject has been posted before at both a dutch forum ( as Vbax - word help, but up till now I didn't get an answer


I have many graphs (60+) and I have realised that, for whatever reason, some of the plot areas do not match in size despite the fact that the charts themselves have identical proportions.

Is there any way to fairly quickly fix this? I pasted the charts directly into Word 2007 (i.e. so they are editable), but this was a while ago and they do not match the original ones anymore so I will need to edit them in Word.

Any ideas?



Hello there,

My excel charts have suddnely gone blank in my laptop. That is i can create a excel chart in worksheet buyt when i move them to a new sheet they dont show up.

Same file, same charts i can see them in my desktop. No problem. So not sure what the problem is?

Anyone had similar issues and possible fix.