Cant Resize Table Rows In Powerpoint

This may be a power point question - but hopefully you guys will still know (is there a powerpoint forum with people as knowledgeable as you guys are about excel??)

When I copy and paste some excel cells into powerpoint, I can resize the columns to the width I want but am having trouble resizing the rows. I can make them bigger, but it won't let me make them smaller. I know it has rules about wrapping, etc. but it is not even close to the right size (the rows are about 3 line worth, but there is only 1 line of text).

I can take a screen shot if that would help, but I bet someone knows exactly what I am talking about.

Any thoughts?



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Hi All,

Great site. Been using it for years.

I'm able to paste charts to Powerpoint (using info from another thread). My problem is that I don't want the embed Excel in the power point. Can someone show how to do the paste in an Enhanced Metafile format? Also, how would I paste tables too in the enhanced Metafile format? Thanks in advance for your support.

Here's the core instructions I'm using right now:


'Create a Microsoft PowerPoint session
Set ppt = CreateObject("powerpoint.application")
'Copy the charts
'Make PowerPoint visible
ppt.Visible = True
'Activate PowerPoint
AppActivate ppt.Name
'Open a new document in Microsoft PowerPoint for first iteration only
Set pres = ppt.Presentations.Add
'Add a slide
pres.Slides.Add 1, ppLayoutBlank

'Paste the chart


I'm looking for a way to automate copying Excel charts into Powerpoint. Optimally I'd like to write some code that I can customize to select various charts within my workbook and copy them to different slides in a Powerpoint file (paste special - enhanced metafile pic), and resize the pasted pic as desired. Is this possible in VBA? I tried a couple different ways of recording macros in both Excel and Powerpoint but no luck.

Any ideas?


Hi forum,

I'm using XL and PowerPoint 2007. I've been able to create charts in PowerPoint that are linked to a specific XL file that has all of the data for multiple PowerPoint charts.

My goal is to have this XL file as the only companion file a user needs to update so that any changes he/she makes here will automatically propagate to the PowerPoint file.

Unfortunately, my issue is that when I email the PowerPoint and XL documents together, the PowerPoint file will retain the link to the XL file in my specific hard drive and so, a new user has to go edit the links manually to point to the new XL file. I would rather the PowerPoint file not care where the XL was originally saved and instead, only look for the XL file in the same directory as the PowerPoint file.

Is there an easy way for this to be done automatically? Can this be done in VBA?

Thanks for any thoughts!

I have been asked to make Excel appear like a Powerpoint slideshow by using a macro.

Does anybody know a way of doing this? Does anybody know how powerpoint covers the whole screen when you click the slide show button?

I have a way of making it appear to be Powerpoint, but my way only works for certain screen resolutions, which is a pain because the finished version will be distributed to many users.

Any help is very much appreciated.


I it possible to copy and paste multiple worksheets with graph , text into powerpoint slides via a macro?

Example if I have 5 sheets in Excel with graphs and text. I have a powerpoint file with 5 slides. I would like to copy and paste into powerpoint slides. The macro should be smart to navigate to the slide and paste the worksheet. The format should be exactly the same.

I read that there is a software EZpaste. Has anyone heard of this software? If so is it worth working on writing a macro or is the EZpaste software worth purchasing?


Admittedly, this is more of a powerpoint question, but you folks in exceltip land are really really smart!

I've embedded an excel workbook in powerpoint in order to display a chart. Here's the problem:

Step1: i open the embedded excel workbook to modify the chart
Step2: after modifying, i close the embedded file to view the powerpoint slide again
Step3: After closing the excel chart, powerpoint automatically resizes and distorts the embedded chart image. I understand that i can go to Format --> Object --> Size to exactly repair the chart dimensions, however i shouldn't have to do that.

Does anyone know how to make powerpoint stop messing with my chart dimensions? I encounter the same problem sometimes with charts created in powerpoint as well.

Thanks for any tips/suggestions!

I am attempting to copy several spreadsheet ranges to a powerpoint file using VBA. I've found some excellent help at Peltier Technical Services but I have one sticking point. I want to copy to an existing PowerPoint file, not a new one, and I need to select the slide for each paste operation. I don't want to insert new slides. All the Peltier samples paste to whatever happens to be the current slide in the PowerPoint file. How do I select particular slide(s) in the PowerPoint file from my Excel VBA code?

First let me start by saying thank you for your time and effort to help me solve this problem.

The attached excel workbook builds a power point (3 slides), inserts a text box into slide 1 with text from the excel and inserts a picture (.jpg) into slide 2. Everything works except after the picture inserts a 'Type Mismatch' run time error triggers. The line of code that errors was generated by the macro generator in powerpoint but using it in Excel VBA fails (I have the PowerPoint reference switched on). Here is a snipped of the code so you don't have to open the workbook but the workbook does a better job of showing the problem. The 3rd line from the bottom up triggers the runtime error 'Run-time error 13, Type Mismatch'. I checked the path and filename like crazy, I don't think that's the problem. Thanks again for your help.


Dim oPA As PowerPoint.Application
Dim oPP As PowerPoint.Presentation
Dim oPS As PowerPoint.Slide
Dim oShape As PowerPoint.Shape
Dim oPicture As Shape

'Load variables
sPath = Cells(11, 2)
sFile = Cells(11, 3)
sPIVRpic = Cells(11, 4)
sString1 = Cells(11, 5)
sString2 = Cells(11, 6)

'Build PowerPoint
Set oPA = New PowerPoint.Application
oPA.Visible = msoTrue
Set oPP = oPA.Presentations.Add(msoTrue)
oPA.ActiveWindow.ViewType = ppViewSlide

For C1 = 1 To 3
oPP.Slides.Add 1, ppLayoutBlank
Next C1

'Build/format text box
Set oPS = oPP.Slides(1)
Set oShape = oPS.Shapes.AddTextbox(msoTextOrientationHorizontal, 140#, 246#, 400#, 36#)
oShape.TextFrame.WordWrap = msoTrue
oShape.TextFrame.TextRange.Text = sString1 & " " & sFile
With oShape
.Fill.Visible = msoTrue
.Fill.ForeColor.RGB = RGB(204, 255, 255)
.Line.Weight = 3#
.Line.Visible = msoTrue
.Line.ForeColor.SchemeColor = ppForeground
.Line.BackColor.RGB = RGB(255, 255, 255)
End With

'Slide 2
Set oPS = oPP.Slides(2)
'Add/Size picture
'Set oPicture = oSlide.Shapes.AddPicture(MyPath & "\" & MyFilename, msoFalse, msoTrue, 1, 1, 1, 1) 'this line from marco generator, it works in powerpoint VBA (e.g. when powerpoint is host)
Set oPicture = oPS.Shapes.AddPicture(sPath & "\" & sPIVRpic, LinkToFile:=msoFalse, SaveWithDocument:=msoTrue, Left:=1, Top:=1, Width:=700, Height:=500) 'left, top, width, height <----------------------------------------------Picture inserts then Run-time error triggers here.
oPicture.ScaleHeight 0.5, msoTrue
oPicture.ScaleWidth 0.5, msoTrue

I am copying and pasting objects/charts from Excel into Powerpoint as linked objects, so that these can be updated in Powerpoint automatically. However, I am running into minor formatiing issues.

So I copy and paste in to Powerpoint, all is good. Then when I update the link, the size and format of the file goes a little crazy. Depending on the chart, it will shrink or grow. But I can live with the sizes changing, as I can always make a macros to fit, however, after updating, the gridlines go all thin and skinny. Is there any way to fix that? I have already tried to use bold or thicker gridlines on the linked excel spreadsheet, however, this does not seem to solve the problem. Any help would be apprecited.

Not sure if this should go into the PowerPoint forum, but since the solution is probably in Excel I'll ask here. When I create a form checkbox in Excel and then copy-paste it as an Object into Powerpoint... the checkbox looks like an L. The top and right borders are just missing. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

The funny thing is that when I double click the Object, it lets me edit it like in Excel and there the boxes look fine. When I stop editing they get all messed up again.

I'm using Excel and Powerpoint 2007.


I am trying to write a VBA code in my excel workbook that will:

1. Get the size of an active shape selected in a Powerpoint document that I have open.
2. Resize the excel chart area in my excel workbook to the size mentioned above

Appreciate the help! Was not able to find an answer through the search.

I was not sure where to post this because I do not know what kind of macro is the best to handle this

We would like to show a chart in PowerPoint that is dynamic. I am not sure if this is an excel macro, a PowerPoint macro, or some kind of Excel embedded in PowerPoint running in the background.

What we want to do is take a chart of several items that appear or disappear from the chart when a checkbox form or activex control is checked. We want this to work in presentation mode of PowerPoint. We want to be able to show the audience all the items and be able to select any order or combination of items and have the chart change based on those selections.

A picture is worth a thousand words so I have included an excel file that generically shows what I am trying to do.

I guess my first question is can I make this excel functionality from my file appear in a PowerPoint presentation and be able to check the boxes while presenting? Anyone know if this is possible or how to do this?

I am currently writing a presentation which involves me switching between PowerPoint slides and an Excel spreadsheet designed to demonstrate. I know how to launch Excel from PowerPoint (by simply attaching a command line to the particular icon), but would like to be able to launch PowerPoint from Excel. Not simply the basic application, but to return to the point in the slideshow where I last left. If I'm lazy, I'm sure I can do this with ALT-TAB but I wonder if there was a neater way to do this? I'm pretty comfortable with VBA, and I know there is a line to launch applications generally, though I'm looking to return to a particular point in a slide show (the slideshow application won't be closed, because I'll simply click on an Excel icon to launch the particular Excel file).

Hope someone can help.


Somebody in my company had automated powerpoint report containing some text
and charts/graph. The person has left the company and macros arent available
but I have a sample output with me. I have to recreate the macros now. The
data resides in EXCEL and am interfacing to powerpoint by using Jon P's

There is one particular slide in the template with which Iam having a
problem. It has 5 graphs and all of the them seem to be of the same type
look-wise. When I double-click on the graph instead of an excel worksheet ,
a DATASHEET opens up.

a) What is this datasheet?. Difference between this datasheet and having the
full excel workbook available in Powerpoint? I believe that for this slide
the requirement might have been to have not the full excel workbook but the
data behind the graph only. So, is datasheet facility used for that purpose?

b) Im sure that the data for this datasheet must also have come from Excel.
So, my question is how do I automate the production of this graph/datasheet.

c) Can this kind of a graph from datasheets be made in excel? If yes, then
for accomplishing part b) shud I first make the graph in excel and then
paste it in to Powerpoint. If so how to paste them in powerpoint such that I
get the data behind the graphs also (Dont want the full excel workbook). If
this datasheet based graph is available only in Powerpoint then how would
data from excel be converted to graph in powerpoint?

Please guide me for the same.

Thanks a lot,

I am currently struggling to find a way to map data in an excel spreadsheet into a template in power point.

I need to create profiles for 50 + individuals, each individuals profile will be one slide in a powerpoint presentation. I already have the powerpoint template for the said profiles and know where each data field contained in Excel needs to be mapped to, I am just completely stumped as to how I get the information into powerpoint and how do I get a new slide to be developed for each individual.

I have a number of charts that I would like to copy and paste into a powerpoint presentation. In order to do this, I need to know how to advance the powerpoint slides with each new copy/paste action.

I currently have code that exports the charts to excel after opening the right powerpoint file. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to increment/advance the powerpoint slides.

Does anyone know how I can do this? If so, the generic code to advance slides and paste something to it would help me TREMENDOUSLY!



Hi there,

I'm using office 2000

I have been given a few tables in a powerpoint presentation that I am trying to transfer to excel. When I copy and paste the table then all the columns screw up. I have tried each type of "paste special" -text, html, unicode text etc but to no avail.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance to all for any assistance.

I have put an excel sheet in a powerpoint presentation. The spreadsheet requires periodic updates, entered manually, from in the power point slide.

When I click on the spreadhseet, it becomes active as excel. When I edit or add data - the image window resizes dreastically - requiring much re-formatting.

Is there any way to place a contraint ofn the image window to stop this?

Thank you so much.


I have been working most of the day trying to get Excel to talk to PowerPoint. I am on Version 2007..

What I want to do is run a macro in Excel, have that macro copy a few columns then .COPY so it will be in the clip board.
I then want to switch to PowerPoint and Paste-Special as a Windows Meta File.

Does anyone have a short code snipit perhaps they could share?


Dear all,

I have problem to export all the 16 excel charts(in total 16 excel files) to 1 PPT powerpoint.

I know there is an existing codes can append 1 by 1 to 1 PPT powerpoint file.

But any idea how to do it in group export to 1 PPT powerpoint??

Please advice. thank you.

With VBA I am creating charts in Excel as pasting them to Powerpoint. Now, I need to make them taller but not change the width. Is it possible to increase chart height without changing the width? I have tried using .ScaleHeight but it changes the height and the width. Some of my code is as follows. Thanks everyone!


Dim pptApp As PowerPoint.Application 
Dim pptPres As PowerPoint.Presentation 
Dim pptSlide As PowerPoint.Slide 
Dim pptShape As PowerPoint.Shape 
pptApp.ActiveWindow.View.GotoSlide (8) 
Set pptSlide = pptApp.ActiveWindow.View.Slide 
Application.CutCopyMode = False 
ActiveChart.CopyPicture xlPrinter 
pptApp.ActiveWindow.Selection.ShapeRange.Top = 140 
pptApp.ActiveWindow.Selection.ShapeRange.Height = 190 '<--- this changes the width
pptApp.ActiveWindow.Selection.ShapeRange.Left = 25 

If you like these VB formatting tags please consider sponsoring me in support of injured Royal Marines

I don't know if this is possible, but is there a way to have a macro in Excel copy and paste charts into a Powerpoint file?

I've got a program that creates all the material needed for a Powerpoint slide deck and I want to automate the copy/paste work.


I have a ton of different charts linked to an excel workbook. Every once in a while (this problem comes and goes) I'll paste and link a chart into powerpoint. I'll then return to excel to grab another chart, then back to powerpoint. When I return to powerpoint my original chart mysteriously changes to a different chart on a different page on my powerpoint. It changes to a completely different style of chart with different data.

Any ideas on why this is happening and how to fix it?

Hi All...

Being a newbie in excel macros, I tried to google the as part of research. The request is for copying a table/chart from excel 2007 to powerpoint using VBA macro. I am able to copy the table using the range select and paste character wise, but these two are not giving me the exact output as expected (I need the exact formatting of of table in excel 2007). Have also tried the pastespecial (HTML, Pic) which are allowing only to paste them with linking to the excel sheet. Guys can you please help me in solving this issue.


I have a project that requires me to paste individual sheets from excel to powerpoint. The wrinkle in this project is that each sheet could contain either data (rows & columns) or excel charts. The good thing is each sheet has a defined print area. Is there any code that would paste each sheet based on the print area into an existing powerpoint template? All help is greatly appreciated.