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I have an image folder in my documents containing pictures of my entire inventory. The file names of the images are their style #'s. Now, in microsoft excel 2007, i have a list of style #'s in column A, and i want to automatically insert the associated images from my image folder into the respective cells in column B. I also want it to automatically resize the images and fit them into the cell. Any help on this?

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Here is my situation:
I have a folder with many sub-folders containing approx. 3,000 images. I need to copy about 200 of these images into a separate folder to burn to a cd, but they are all throughout the sub-folders so it would take a while doing it one by one.

My question is, is there a way to create a new empty folder, have an excel spreadsheet with all the names of the images I need to copy in a column and have that somehow link to the folder containing the 3,000 images to pull them out into the new empty folder?

My problem is i have over 7000 jpeg images and i have limited space on my webserver. I need to upload just the images that match my excel worksheet.

On column C I have on row 1 - example1.jpg, row 2 - example2.jpg, row 3 - example3.jpg all the way down to about 250 rows. I have on my hard drive a pictures folder with over 7000 jpeg images. The text values on column c down to row 250 will match the jpeg image files.

If its possible to create a macro to find only the jpeg images in the pictures folder based on the text values on column c, and once it find those images to copy them to another folder?

thanks for your help in advance

Say I have a picture that also has writing in it, if I resize this picture I want the writing to still be legible. Excel 2007 does this quite effectively, I'm not sure what image rendering/smoothing/anti-aliasing techniques it uses, but the text on the image is still easy to read.

However, when I place an image in a form, and resize it (stretch to fit), no post-processing image rendering is done, and it is nigh impossible to read the text in the image. Is it possible to force Excel to render images in forms in the same rendering engine for images in forms that it uses for images in sheets? Is there anyway to get the images to render in a way that will make the text legible?

Oh, and please don't suggest that I save a copy of the image at a lower resolution, I am dealing with hundreds of images so that isn't feasible.

I am using excel 2010 and I need to store images in an excel file (I mean, really store and not to have a link to an image".

Suppose I have an image in "C:\img.jpg".
I insert the image thru the menu (Insert/Image) and then close the excel file and delete the image. If I reopen the excel file I can see the image in it. This means the image is stored in it.

Since I want to execute this process I have recorded the macro getting the following code:



If I execute the above code and then save the excel file and delete the image, when I reopen the excel file instead of seeing the image I get an error message saying that the link to the image is wrong. It clear that in this case the image has not been stored but just the link to it.

Any idea about the way to store images using vba?


I have a simple spreadsheet with product size, quantity, description and visual (containing a small image).

I'm looking for code that will delete images completely when deleting the entire row in which they reside. At the moment I have images set to "Move and size with cells", however this deposits the re-sized image over the cell lines above.

Is there a simply way to automatically delete an image from the worksheet when deleting the corresponding row?

Thanks in advance,


Images that were saved in previous versions of Excel will not display when
opened in Excel 2002. Images types include bitmaps, jpeg, gif, clip art and
autoshapes. The images are present as the placeholder is outlined when the
image is clicked. It should also be noted that images DO show up in Print
Preview as well as on paper when printed.

i have a userform which contains the following feilds

1) combobox1 ( added item : Apple,Mango,Banana)
2) Image1 (rectangular Images Box)

Mypath = D:\Images\
i) "Apple.jpg",
ii) "Mango.jpg",
iii) "Banana.Jpg"

whenever i use to change combobox.value , image box will pick automatically images from the above mentioned path


I have a excel spreadsheet which has many images (500+) in one column, each row. Each image represents a status (there are approx 5 different images). As I would like to be able to sort the spreadsheet, I was wondering if there was any way to convert the image to text. I did some research and the only way I could see is maybe using the alternative text (each png file has different alternative txt depending on the image). I cant find any way just to display the alternative text instead of the image in each cell, so I guess a macro is the best way

When I select on image it says the pictures name is "Picture 1", therefore I would like a macro what selects Picture 1, gets the alternative text, and pasts it in column I, then moves on to "Picture 2" and so on, till they are all done. Not every row has an image (eg. it could be rows 10-30, 50-75...)

Any ideas?

Hi everybody,

I created a little macro that will paste a few hundreds images in a table. I then want to send this table around to know what people think about the images.

Now, when I move this file on another computer, the images don't appear.
This happens even though I tried by all means to specify: paste the images, not link them, but apparently this fails.

Can anyone tell me if/how I can actually paste the image files in an excel sheet and get these images saved within the xls (or xlsx or whateverelse) file?
Perhaps there's an option to the insert method that I didn't use?

Any advice is welcome!

Here's the code of the macro.


pfad1 = "C:\myniceimages\"
Name1 = Dir(pfad1 & "*.jpg")
Do While Name1 <> ""   
    If Name1 <> "." And Name1 <> ".." Then
            ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert( _
                pfad1 & Name1). _
            Selection.ShapeRange.ScaleWidth 0.59, msoFalse, msoScaleFromTopLeft
            ActiveCell.Offset(12, 0).Select
    End If
    Name1 = Dir 

This should be easy be somehow the hour is either late or my brain isn't working...

I have a very simple 'data-entry' style spreadsheet. No calculations, macros or conditionals. Figures are added manually. The spreadsheet also incorporates images that have been pasted into cells (no links back to original files). My problem is that several users have imported images without resizing or compressing them. As a result the file is HUGE. No surprise there.

The spreadsheet is duplicated - so that the workbook contains 10 Sheets (each sheet is set out identically).

What I'd like to do is select all the images in the the workbook and compress and resize them - while at the same time enlarging their respective cells.

Any help gratefully received.

Hello, hoping someone here can help me.

I have 2500 product images in folder that need to be renamed. I've been giving an Excel spreadsheet that looks like this:

Column A - current file name.
Column B - new file name.

I need a script that will us Column A to find the approrpiate image in the folder and rename it to Column B. Any ideas on how to do this?



hi there,
im using excel as part of coursework for my A-Level ICT, and i need to
somehow link images into the program. I have a list of names which i want
linked to images, so when i create a drop down list and click on a selection,
the image of the particular name will be displayed. I am just wanderin if
there are any solutions or ways to do this. It would be very helpful if you
can help me with my query!


Good morning Demigods,

In cell A1, the user chooses their name from a dropdown list.

I then have on file the users' signatures as images.

How can I get it to display in E1, for example, the signature/image that corresponds to value of A1?
Is it done using the IF statement?
Do I store the images on a seperate worksheet and reference the cell the image is in?

Your help, as always, is appreciated

Best regards

I have pictures in a folder (the folder name is APPRAISAL PIX) on the S drive. There are more than 25,000 pictures in this folder. What I need is a formula that will list the file names of all these pictures in one column. All the files are JPEG images. Thanks in advance.


I apologize if this question has been answered. I just couldn't find it...

I'm using Excel 2007 and what I want to do is download multiple images thru hyperlink. I have several files each with dozens or hundreds of line items. Each line item has a hyperlink to an image on an external webpage.

I want to download all the images linked in a specific spreadsheet to a specific folder without having to do it one image at a time.

I have very limited knowledge of Excel. Please give me as detailed an answer as possible.


Dear Forum,

I am aware of the option of displaying an Image/Picture via comment but I need to show a picture based on a condition..

I tried manually selecting the picture from the path mentioned below :

"C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Pictures"

I have 2-3 images that I want to display based on a condtion when the time turns 16:00 hrs then the First Image Should be displayed, when it turns 16:30 hrs then the second and 17:00 the last image.

I tried researching the forum, however none of the threads provided an option to to add my Images..which can be later viewed...

So how do I do this?

Hi all,

I am completely stumped with this problem and not sure where to begin.

I have about 20,000 hyperlinks in my excel sheet that I would like to assign to individual images.

For example, how do I link an image in cell A2, using a hyperlink from cell B2?

I know that if I wanted to simply hyperlink text, I would use =HYPERLINK(B2,"text"), but this reference won't work for images.

I also know I can right click on the image and insert a hyperlink that way, but this obviously isn't practical because I am working with over 20,000 links.

Any help would be appreciated with figuring out this monster of a task, thank you in advance!

Okay, I've been working on Excel for years. I really know how to do what I'm trying to do, but I think I'm missing something.

In excel 2003, to compress all the images within a workbook, you just double clicked the image, chose compress, and voila! you had it taken care of.

In 2007, they changed it up a bit. I have selected an image, gone to the Picture Tools-->Format-->Adjust-->Compress Pictures tool. Since I am trying to compress ALL images within the workbook, I am leaving the box "Apply to selected pictures only" unchecked. I choose the smallest option in the Options menu and then click "ok". Guess what...No change.

If I select EVERY image and then I DO check the "Apply to selected pictures only" box, then the compression actually takes place. Am I missing something? I am having to find an old computer every time I need to size a file down and its getting kind of ridiculous.

Damn Microsoft. Why'd they have to change a good thing and make it no better? Someone please make me eat my words.

I have numerous PDF documents in a folder (could convert them to JPEG or PNGs if necessary). I want to run a macro that imports each document into a master workbook so that each document has its own worksheet. I DO NOT want hyperlinks... I want to import them either as images in text boxes or any other way that allows me to view the image automatically when I go to the worksheet, instead of clicking a hyperlink. Thanks!

Hi. I have an excel spreadsheet that includes some low res .JPG images that
appear just fine on my computer. I added the file to the web that I created
on Frontpage, and published to our website. The workbook data appears fine,
but the images show up as a red "X" , instead of the image. I tried adding
the image files to my web, no help. The pictures are formated as "move and
size with cells".

Is there a simple way to solve this problem?



Anybody have an image database template to share? Would like to be able to view a bunch of images at one time (eg. put them into comment boxes and show across screen).

Otherwise... here's my dream:

1) Put all my images into one folder
2) Run macro that hyperlinks them into a sheet.
3) In each hyperlinked cell, there will also be a comment for each picture that displays a "preview" image

any help appreciated! thx

I am trying to write a macro where I can change images for a picture file. I can do the insert method, but if I change pictures and run it again, it just inserts the next picture on top of it instead of changing the current image. Can anyone help here?

I've got 1,000s of images that I need to import the file names into excel so I can map them to the relevant products. Is there a way to import all the image names froma specific folder on my computer into excel?

Hello all...

I have 20 images that need to be inserted based on particular value. For instance if it were grades, all scores 90 and above would get the image of a smiley face inserted next to their score and all 60 and below would get a frown, etc.

I have all the images and the lookup tables done, I just can't figure out how to insert the image based on a particular value (in an automated fashion).

Thank you as always!!!!

I have inserted images into cells, but when I hide the column the images are not hidden with that column, they just get squished between the two cells next to the hidden cell. Is there a setting or way to tie the image to that cell so that it hides/unhides appropriately with the row?