Shortcut Keys - Transpose

What are the shortcut keys for paste special - transpose?

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Hi guys,

I'm pasting some info from the internet in an excel file.

I cannot paste it special transpose directly from the website (because if I choose paste special I have a choice between HTML, Unicode Text and Text)

Basicaly This

Member Name: Jewelers - IA
Address 1: 123 West Monroe
Address 2:
City: Pleasant
State: IA
Zip: 52641
Phone: 546544
Fax: 545465
Additional Contact:

must come out like this in one row.

I have to do this for a lot of time so I thought of making a macro. However, when I record the "paste special transpose" action. It always selects the same cells with my shortcut.

The best would be to find an option to paste special transpose directly from the website. But if that's not possible, at least that i can have a shortcut for paste special transpose.

Could someone help me with the code?


I want to disable shortcut keys on workbook open but I don't want to upset anyone. How can I test for shortcut key assignment, so I can save and restore when the workbook closes? With other application settings I just tested with a msgbox. With the shortcut keys that doesn't work.

I am trying to convert the macros from one of my spreadsheets into an add-in. The only problem that I am running into is there are a couple of my functions that I frequently access via shortcut/accelerator keys (i.e. ctrl-s, NOT save). Is there anyway I can set up the add-in so that I can still use these shortcut/accelerator keys. Please let me know what code I need to add and where I need to add it.



I made a userform to add comments and shortcut keys to subs I've written. Basicly, it is just a more userfriendly way to work with application.macrooptions. But to make sure, I do not overwrite an existing shortcut, either a standard Excel shortcut,or a shortcut previously assigned to another macro, I would like to create a function which checks if the shortcut is already assigned. Anyone a clue how to do this?

I searched the internet already, and all that I found that comes close is an addin of Ivan Moala, which creates a list of all the shortcuts in use. Only, the download page seems to have expired. As I found lots of reference to his Addin, I think that it must be a good addin, but also one of the only addins available?

any help will be highly appreciated.

Anyone know how to make a short cut or hot key to do a paste special transpose? Dealing with a lot of data. Want to program it to ctr+f or something of that nature...

An add-in has been installed within my Excel software and now I'm not able to use all of my keyboard shortcut keys. For example, Shift+Control+arrow down does not work any more. How do I adjust the settings to enable this again?

Is it possible to get a list (such as in a message box) of which
shortcut keys call which macros?

I've made a userform with buttons to go to the next and previous record. I can allocate N and P as shortcuts using the Properties interface for the button. It'd be nice to use the arrow keys to navigate. But when I try to do that using the Properties box, it doesn't work.

Is it possible to use an arrow key as a shortcut for a button or shortcut to call a subroutine?

thanks in advance,

I have over 300 lines of data that I need to transpose from columns to rows and I am not sure the best way to do it.

I can do it manually 125 times using paste special and transpose and get the results I need but I am thinking there must be a better way.

Example spread sheet inclosed. Column A is what I have - Column C-F is what I need.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.


I've using the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+ARROWS to select cell for as long as i can remember, but today i started having troubles with this shortcut.

I can't use it anymore!!!!

I can still use Shift+arrows, Ctrl+arrows to the bottom or beggining of the page...

One of the odd things that i've encountered are that when i click ctrl+arrow (right), it does the same as pressing the TAB button....

It's not a sticky keys issue, as i've already disabled them...

Please any help here would be greatly appreciated!!!!

When recording a macro in Word the dialog box that lets you assign a
shortcut key to the new macro shows you if any other command is
presently assigned to the key combination you'd like to choose. The
equivalent dialog box in Excel is different from the one in Word and
does not appear to have this useful feature. Hence you may unknowingly
override some built-in command when assigning a shortcut key to a macro
in excel. Word also has a nifty feature whereby you can produce a
listing of all the built-in commands, along with there currently
assigned shortcut keys. Excel does not seem to have this feature
either. So, is there any way of finding out whether a shortcut key
you're thinking of using for a macro is already assigned to another
excel command or function?


No question here, just a procedure example for archive.

an example:

Sub MacroKeyBoardShortcutsRemoveAll()
Dim li_CurrentLine As Integer
Dim li_ArguementsStart As Integer
Dim WbName, MacroName, FullName As String
Dim ls_Line As String
Dim l_Component As Object

On Error Resume Next
MacroName = ""
FullName = ""

' Look at each VB Component (form/class/module) in turn

For Each l_Component In Workbooks(1).VBProject.VBComponents

' Only look at modules. Other types a 2=Class,

If l_Component.Type = 1 Then

' Work through each line of code in turn

For li_CurrentLine = 1 To
ls_Line = l_Component.CodeModule.Lines(li_CurrentLine,

' Remove spaces from the start in case of indentation

ls_Line = Trim$(ls_Line)

' See if this line is what we want.

If Left$(ls_Line, 3) = "Sub" Then
li_ArguementsStart = InStr(ls_Line, "()")
If li_ArguementsStart > 0 Then

MacroName = "!" & Trim$(Mid$(ls_Line, 4,
li_ArguementsStart - 4))
WbName = Workbooks(1).Name
FullName = WbName & MacroName
'This line below removes the keyboard
shortcuts. You may also
'delete all descriptions by adding after macro
name reference: Description:=""

Application.MacroOptions Macro:=FullName,

End If

End If

Next li_CurrentLine
End If
Next l_Component
End Sub

Search Criteria:
Remove all keyboard shortcuts in workbook
Delete all keyboard shortcut keys in Excel
Purge keyboard short cut keys
Reset keyboard shortcut keys
Remove ShortcutKey assignments references

Hi all,

This is driving me crazy. Really grateful for help. I want to make a macro that I can copy a column of numbers, select a cell... then run the macro - which will transpose them and paste the values.

I've tried to make this by Recorder... but I keep getting an error.

Run-time error 1004
Paste-Special method of Range class failed.

I've seen other people in the past post this questions, but it seems noone has solved it!

Any ideas? Code below....

Thank you!!

Sub Transpose()
' Transpose Macro
' Macro recorded 11/03/2009
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks _
:=False, Transpose:=True
End Sub

Hi -

I have an HP laptop, and the function keys (f1, f2, etc) do not work like how it does on other computers. For example, when I hit F2, I can't edit the cell. I have the hit the Fn key (located between the control and windows keys) + F2 to edit.

It's so annoying, and shows me down when I work in excel. How can I change the keys so when I hit F2, I can edit or use the other F keys right away without having to hit the Fn key.


Dear All,
could you tell me how can I transpose values from a ROW from spreadsheet 2 in aCOLUMN in spreadsheet 1?!
Thank you :-)

Is it possible to set the default for the Paste command to 'Paste Text"?

I am copying some text from webpages, and the only way I can put it into a
spreadsheet without copying all the formatting, is to use Paste Special:
Text. I would like to make this the default for Paste, so that I can simply
use the keyboard shortcut, CTL+V.

Alternatively, is there a way I can assign a keyboard shortcut to Paste
Special: Text


Hey Guys, First time post, Not sure what is going on, Happens all the time but usually just drop it and try something else...

I am trying to copy a range of cells and Need to transpose the values. Easy Enough? When I right-click and paste special, it gives me a new window with an array of options but not the standard Paste special value screen. I have used the others in the past and just pasted text. However this does not give me the paste transpose option which is what I need.

I am sure this is a User error where there is something about the way that I am copying this information but I am Drawing a Blank... Please help guys

Is there a way to paste special --> Transpose and delete blanks for a
group of data?




A | B | C


I tried paste special --> transpose checked, skip blanks checked which
doesn't work..

Thanks in advance!

I am typing in Spanish.

I want to type, e.g., "nino" and "bebe" with a tilde over the letter "n" and
an acute accent over the letter "e".

I can type a tilde in Word (sometimes -- it usually does not work) by
pressing down simultaneously: CTRL + SHIFT + ~ (TILDE), then letting go of
those keys, and then pressing a lower-case "n".

I can type an acute accent in Word by pressing down simultaneously: CTRL +
Apostrophe, then letting go of those keys, and then presseing a lower-case

These shortcut combinations do not seem to be working in *Excel*.

I can also (in both Word and Excel) use Insert => Symbol => Symbol tab, and
then select the symbol I want, but this is very slow.

I prefer to use a shortcut key, rather than insert a symbol, because the
shortcut key method is much quicker.

Can anyone help me out?

Thank you in advance.

When using Oracle Essbase, when defining a Member Selection, are they are any hot keys to expand the tree to drill down on Member selections? I want to avoid using my mouse but I can't figure out how to expand the tree other than drilling down into it. Any ideas on a shortcut or hotkey?

Hello all, hope you are well!

My problem:

I have a mastersheet which uses TRANSPOSE() as an array function to return values from another workbook. The transpose has an INDIRECT in it so it knows which file t look at and which sheet within that file it should look at.

The issue is that, unlike paste special > transpose, TRANSPOSE returns blank cells as 0. The data it is looking at contains both blank cells and 0s, so I want to be able to return both. I tried an IF(ISBLANK()) but couldn't get this to work in the array.

Two spreadsheets are attached. I am not tied to TRANSPOSE so anything you think would work would be great.



I have protected one of the worksheets in my workbook, so that it's only possible to select unlocked cells.

If I start on an unprotected sheet, then I can use Ctrl + Page Up / Down to navigate to the protected sheet as usual.

However, once I'm in the protected sheet, I get stuck there and the shortcut stops working. Instead of navigating to the next sheet, the shortcut moves me over to column AF in the same sheet!

What's happening!?!

Thanks, Helen

PS I haven't had any suggestions yet. So I've attached an example workbook. If you open it up and try navigating through the sheets with Ctrl + Page Down, you'll see it doesn't work. I would really appreciate an explanation for why the shortcut doesn't work anymore. Anyone any ideas?? Is there any way I can work round it to make the shortcut key work again?

Thanks again, Helen

Hello again . . .

It seems the shortcut for navigating between sheets will work if I allow the user to "select unlocked cells" and "select locked cells" when I protect the sheet. That way the user needs to tab between the unlocked cells instead of using the arrow keys. But at least the navigation shortcut between sheets doesn't stop working!

I would still be interested to hear from anyone who has any ideas about why the shortcut stops working if I don't allow the user to "select locked cells". Is it just one of the those funny Excel inconsistencies???

Thanks for those of you who pondered over this query. /Helen

I receive the following error message when using some shortcut keys like CTRLH and CTRL P.

The file size is 12.2MB.

Hi there,

I have an excel spreadsheet with 43 columns 381 rows, I need to switch these around so that the data in the rows is in columns and vice versa, but keeping the order of the data (its a very complex rota).
I googled this and found the copy>paste special>transpose function, however i have had some problems with this. Whenever i select paste special>transpose etc, a box pops up telling me the cells are different sizes and therefore cannot be pasted. Some of the cells are empty and some are different colours.
Does anyone know a solution for this or perhaps a different method of achieving the same thing?

On a similar line, this is something that will need to be done annually for a few spreadsheets and is quite laborious. I was wondering if anyone may give me some advice on if i can and how to create a program/forumla to do this automatically? I thought it may be possible through VBA.

I am running Excel 2003 on a windows XP machine (at work so i dont have admin privilidges)

Many thanks for any help

I'm trying to create a transpose function. I create the =transpose(array) per several how to's, but when I hit the ctrl-shift-enter to array the function a symbol similar to a period shows up at the end of the function and I get a formula error message. So it looks something like "=transpose(array)." Looks to me like the ctrl-shift-enter shortcut as been replaced with something else. Any ideas?