Convert Stones And Lbs To Kg

G'day guys,

Pretty much a novice when it comes to Excel, but I'm hoping you can help me out here.

What I want is to enter my weight in stones and pounds into one cell, then in another cell have that converted to kgs so I can display a chart.

I've tried a few things, but nothing working thus far. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


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Hello, could someone please give me a little help. What I want to do is convert a weight from kilograms to stones & pounds. So say in cell C5 I will have a weight in kilograms, say 72, then in cell C6 I want it to display that weight in stones & pounds, which should convert as 11 stone 5 pounds. I just need the formula that will do the conversion.

Thank you.

I want to create a spreadsheet to track weight loss/gain for a number of
people in our office. The gotcha is that we want to work in Stones and pounds
(1Stone=14Lb). I would like to be able to calculate differences between
cells displayed in Stones/Lbs

how do I get a cell to show Stones & Pounds (Weight) from Pounds?
In other words, if I put in 222 lbs, I want a cell to show this in Stones & Pounds


How can I convert Stones and Lbs to Lbs
i.e. in A1 10-12 (10st - 12Lbs) what formula could I use in B1 to return 152

Any suggestions would be most welcome.



I want ot record and then plot weights over a period of time. Will excel "do"

How do I input imperial weights(Stones & Pounds) on an Excel chart?


I am looking or a formula that will take decimal pounds and display pounds-ounces, not even sure that excel can display pounds-ounces. I am fairly good with formulas but beyond add, subtract, multiply and divide I am clueless.

A very simple example of what I am looking to do:

cell A1 is entered as 1.5
I want a formula in cell A2 that will display 1lb-6ozs


I am attempting to use Excel to track my ongoing weight loss. I have an artificial heart valve and my cardiologist has advised me not to lose more than 1 pound a week lest I put strain on my valve.

In my spreadsheet:

Column A is dates. (I put the date I weigh myself here.)
Column B is my weight in pounds.

I would like to know my average weekly change in weight (in pounds).

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

I'm trying to write a spreadsheet to calculate the pounds and ounces of different foods to feed my dog, cat, and kitten, based on their weight.

In this thread Marcol helped another poster with a spreadsheet for figuring weights of fish, but when I opened it, the formulas would not display.

Attached is my spreadsheet so far. It's got values in kilograms but my scale only weighs pounds and ounces.

Thanks for helping!

Good afternoon, everyone. I am in charge of a bar here in deep south texas. I need help in creating an Excel file that will automatically convert the weight of a keg, to how much beer is in the keg (we call this COUNT). In the example below is the chart that I currently use. I would like to put in the weight of the keg, and excel to give me the count. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.













































Copy of Bar loader- kilos & pounds.xls

I am tryng to create a a bar loading program that will allow me to type in a kilo weight and have returned the number of plates needed to be able to load the bar to that weight. The reason I attatched the document above is to show you what I am talking about rather than trying to describe it. My only issue is I want a cell that I can enter the weight in, rather than sliding the slider up and down to control the weight. The problem is I have no idea where to start as I don't know what formulas to use. I am not looking for someone to do it for me, simply to point me in the right direction. Thank you.

I have a weight in D8 in pounds, 2.5, how can I convert this into lb. and oz., 2 lb 8oz
Using excel 2003

Hello people,

I am struggling to create a chart and was wondering whether you could help me on this. Basically, we have started a diet with my friends and the 5 of us in total would like to see a chart where we could see the progress of our weight loss. Is that something possible? I was hoping to have showing vertically the weight 'scale' and horizontally the days. My friends would give me their weighings each week, so that by the end of the 6 months whatever we can see hopefully, let's say person 1 in pink, with a line showing she had lost a certain amount of weight, person 2 in blue, and etc.. Is that do-able in excel?

thank you for whatever help you can give me

p.s i am familiar with excel, quite good in general with computer things but terrible with maths, and i dont understand the term axis and other technical stuff like that

Hi Guys

Is there any macro that can be used to convert data which have been converted from PDF to Excel. Currently I'm using a traditional way by pressing F2 and enter to convert the data to excel format. It's tedious ( since the data range is quite big) and crammed my finger . Can anyone help pretty pls..??

i have a spreadsheet with months on and i have added the expenses for each month, and i have cell a1 with the year total (euros) in it, i want to make cell a2 convert in gb pounds, how can i do that please

Hi guys,

I have good of knowledge in computer networking, but I'm in need of something in excel that isn't an easy area for me.

I have a spreadsheet that does some airplane loading calc (weight and balance) and gives me the following data (for example):

Depature weight: 1900; Arm 2,38;

I need to plot the data as a DOT into a specific chart (weight and balance chart) that's found in the airplane manual (see link below).

Is it possible ? where should I start ? I saw some examples on the net, but it doesn't describe how to use an image. Can I use this image on background and put the chart limits over it using invisible color ? How do I tell excel to use diagonal lines ?

Any help will be really appreciated. I'm looking for some kind of tutorials. I have more 3 different charts that I need to do the same.



Hey guys,

I am trying to format a bar chart to measure the monthly call duration. Data in excel looks like this:


etc. It has to keep this minutes:seconds look for the chart data labels...not be converted to minutes in decimal form.

Which cell format will allow both the chart data labels and the Y axis labels to display that way? I've tried time formats and custom formats and nothing seems to work. They all either seem to want to convert it to an actual timestamp (11/1/10 4:20 AM) or change it to minutes in decimal form.


When you are working in Excel and double click on a cell, it selects the cells and gives you a blinking cursor within the cell to enter values or a formula. I've written code to do various things, some of which are toggle double click events based on being in certain workbooks and have pretty much don't have that functionality anymore.

Besides canceling my double click sub routines, is there code that I can use to change the state of a cell when it's double clicked to mimic the way it normally is without any my code?

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Hi all
Noob Alert! Very new to spreadsheets! I have a simple form that requires
data selected from a text description to be entered in a cell to give us a
special product code.

The code is upper case in the description but ppl are entering it in lower
case, I need to convert the entry to uppercase to match our entry system, but
I need a function to convert and display the converted text in the original

I looked at =UPPER function but that displays converted text elsewhere, if I
use it in the same cell as input I want converted I get the circular error

Can someone perhaps take time to show me how to make a drop down selection
where I can control the selection output please? That would look better and
solve the dilemma.

Thanks in advance

Every time I try to enter a formula into Excel 2003 either typing directly into the formula bar or cell it freezes and I have to force it to shut down.......bit of a novice so any help / comments / suggestions greatly appreciated!!

I'm very, very new to Excel, and I need to create my own BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) calculator for a project at work. I'm very confused by the formula builder.

Here's the formula:

Women: 655 + (4.35 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) - (4.7 x age in years)
Men: 66 + (6.23 x weight in pounds) + (12.7 x height in inches) - (6.8 x age in years)

I don't understand how to set it up to make the proper calculations. Is there a step by step tutorial for this?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. - I'm using Excel 2008 for Mac

I need to keep a running total of weight, in pounds and ounces, for 12
months. I'd like to add 6.02 (6lbs 2ozs), 9.13 (9lbs 13 ounces)etc and be
able to total 12 different numbers. How do I get the number to recognize
16ozs as 1 pound? Is there a better way?

I have a formula that I would like to display the result as pounds and
ounces. I created and custom format that will display as (for example) "14.25
lbs" but I would like it to display as 14 lbs 4 oz. It must display as a
number and not text. Any help would be great!


I am trying to change the weight of the border of a column chart in VBA using the following code:


With Worksheets("Overall Chart Time").ChartObjects("ChartTimeQty").Chart.SeriesCollection(SCItem) 
    .Values = ValueStr 
    .Name = NameStr 
    .XValues = xValueStr 
    .ChartType = xlColumnStacked 
    .Format.Line.Weight = 1.75 
    .Border.LineStyle = xlLineStyleEn 
    .Border.Color = RGB(0, 0, 0) 
    .Interior.Color = Colour 
End With 

If you like these VB formatting tags please consider sponsoring me in support of injured Royal Marines

The .Format.Line.Weight seems to ignore the decimal places i.e. .Format.Line.Weight = 1.75 is the same as .Format.Line.Weight = 1

I am using Excel 2007.

Hello All

Im fairly new to big formulations in excel

im trying to make a Freight Calculator

Where you will enter the Region(B1:F1) to a cell B11 and weight(A2:A7) into Cell B12 and it will return the rate(B2:F7) to Cell B13 multiplied by the weight

i work out how to do it with entering the Exact weight listed but if the weight is different it would return an error

so it need to find the rate between a certain range? im not sure if this makes sense

( See attached )

thanks for your help