How Do I Transfer Data From Notepad To Excel?

I transferred a file from a database that will only save reports in Notepad.
I then, cut and paste the data into Excel. However all of the info is merged
into one cell. How can I format this data, so that it will be a simple
worksheet with more than one cell? i.e. Name, SSN, Home address should all be
in different cells

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I have a lot of data in a notepad file. This data contains information I
need to create a database. I want to put it in a Excel worksheet b/f I
transfer it into Access. The notepad file contains various information
packed up together, but seperated by comma's. All the information is in the
same order on the notepad file (For ex. MLS #, Address, City, St., Zip Code,
etc...). I was wondering if Excel 2003 canl search through the file, and
filter the different types of data I need from the ones I don't. Then insert
the data in a spreadsheet which will organize it according to its particular


I'm trying to write a macro that does the following:

1. Copy a range of cells from excel
2. Open Notepad
3. Paste, Select All and Copy
4. Return to excel worksheet and paste
5. Close Notepad

Could anyone advise me how you go about coding for closing Notepad please ?!?!?! I dont need to save .txt file once I've pasted back into excel.

Many thanks,


I am triyng to paste a range in a notepad and then save this notepad as an xml file

So far I have:


Sub test()
    'The  range that contains the values
    'Start Notepad And let it receive focus
    Shell "notepad.exe", vbNormalFocus
    'Send the keys CTRL+V To Notepad (i.e the window that has focus)
    SendKeys "^V"
End Sub

How can I now save this notepad as an XML file (for example: test.xml)


My current macro, copies range of rows from a sheet, and puts it into Notepad.

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I seek help to save the notepad file to a specific location on Drive, say C:\ABC\Note1.txt

Each time, the notepad file would be overwritten.

Thanks in Advance.


I'm having problems with date formats when using a macro to copy selected data to a new workbook and then save as a CSV file.

I've attached the macro to this post so you can see what is going on. Pushing the button will copy the contents of the first sheet of the macro workbook into a new workbook, and save as a CSV file with a specific filename, in a specific location.

What I need is for the contents of Column C (currently in format MMMYY) to be converted to "MMM-YY" format in the saved CSV file. (I've attached a reduced version of the macro for security reasons as it contains sensitive data but, the retrieval of the data in the macro is from another system and the date format retrieved is as in this file).

To verify the date format of the generated CSV file, i've been opening the file in notepad. A database app will be reading in the file so it is imperative that the date format is correctly represented in notepad. However, it isn't. Notepad shows the date as MMMYY.
However, if you open the generated CSV file in excel, the date format is displayed correctly.

The only way I can get the correct date format to display in notepad is to open the CSV file in Excel, re-save the file and accept the dialogue box that pops up warning me that some formatting may be lost if the file is saved in CSV format.

Hoping someone can help!

Many thanks in advance for your help!


Is it possible to attach files?

I need to export specific cells from a row in a specific format into a notepad file and then save it as nameoffile.uai

Each row is a different entry in the notepad file.

All details are attached, with a further explanation.

The format.uai file gives an example of the format in which the export is to be made in.

Im very unfamiliar with VB so all i can really do is copy and paste code.

Any help at all would be appreciated.


Dear All,

Is it possible to export excel data into Notepad?

Or is it possible to open a notepad file inside a macro and paste excel contents into that file?

Any help will be appreciated..


I am sure this is easy but I need some help.

I want to:
1. Open Notepad using my VBA macro
2. Paste data from a specific Excel cell to the text file
3. Copy data from a range and paste that after the previous data in the text file.
4. Name the text file and save it in a directory.
5. Close the text file

any suggestions?



Hi all,

I am saving an excel worksheet as a csv file. There is data in columns A to F and then nothing until column T which has some data.

I delete cells from G1 to T26 and then save the file as a CSV. When i open the CSV file using notepad, i get a long list of commas after the last entry e.g.

column A data, column B data,column F data,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

There are 13 commas, which is basically one for every column until T. But i've already deleted all the info in those columns.

Does anybody know how i can get rid of the extra commas?


John Mc

I'm trying to populate multiple Excel fields with data from multiple notepad files. The code below does not put the data from the notepad file "test.txt" into cell B3.
Is what I'm trying to do possible?

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hi all,
can u tell me a good efficient way to transfer data from a text file( is systematically arranged seperated by comma) into a excel sheet using VB6.

i have tried Opentext method... but i need a much better way to increase the effeciency for incase the file may have one lakh rows...something like that.



I've found this code snippet:

Dim RetVal
RetVal = Shell("C:\WINDOWS\notepad.exe", 1)

And it opens up an untitled notepad document.

The thing I would like to do is to paste the values of an array into this document.
I've googled a bit and all I can find is ways to do this if you save the notepad file somewhere on the computer first.
This is something I don't want to do. I just want it to be open and unsaved, but be able to paste the values of my array there.

Is this possible, or does it have to be saved to disk before you can interact with it?


Fellow Forum Member,
I've got four columns of data in Excel 2007 and no matter what the column width is set at, anytime I copy columned data from Excel and paste it into NotePad++ I get unwanted blank spaces to the left and right of the data. Much to my dislike, in NotePad++ I have to spend time searhing and replacing the unwanted blank spaces.

Is there a way of coying data from Excel into NotePad++ so that only the data is copied minus the blank spaces to the right and left? Can someone help me out with a script that I could link to a Command button and have it do the following:

Upon clicking on it, it copies the columns of data into the clipboard. In the clipboard the script runs a routine that cleans out all of blank spaces to the left and right of each column of data. Then when I hit paste in NotePad++ I get data that is devoid of blankd spaces to the left and right of each column of data.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



I'm new here and honestly not an expert on this. But I need help...

I need a macro for my weekly task. I have already crated a vba syntax up to MS Word. Unfortunately, I forgot to save it at Notepad, which results to an error whenever I load the file into our system. Therefore, I need an entire syntax from Step 5 to 7. BTW I'd like to control it at Excel.

1. Copy entire column at MS Excel
2. Paste as unformatted text at MS Word
3. Change font to "Courier New"
4. Replaced all "|" letters with "^s"
Note: "^s" represents "space" I think
5. Copy all from MS Word to Notepad
6. Delete the first line in Notepad
7. Save as "P2.DAT" file

Hope you can help me since it takes me about more than an hour weekly just to run this task.


i have a notepad that have data that i would like to use in excel.
I have read that you can open a notepad in excel with vba and that you can copy contents of the notepad into a string/range. is that possible?

I want to create a macro that will help me open a target file (open as notepad), maybe copy contents to a string.
Because what I really want to do is search through the contents of the text file, and copy a certain string.

the text file contains such dataexample)

MIDlet-Name: Helloword
MIDlet-Version: 1.1.0
MIDlet-Vendor: MyHouse

I want to be able to get the value for "version" or 1.1.0 and copy it to a cell.

Any inputs will be really appreciated. thanks!


I would like to make a macro which selects an area i.e. d1 to g5.
1) then copy and paste into a new notepad, saved with a name by text in cell a1.
2) Or copies at the end of an already existing notepad, name given of the document in cell b2.

The filepath i.e. c:\ can be defined within the macro.


Hello all,

I'm trying to write a macro which saves 4 columns of data into a .psv

I've tried to save it as a .csv with pipe delimiters, but the website host my company uses wants a .psv file format.

It's simple enough to do so with Notepad and such, but I want to make the process as fast and simple as possible.

Any recommendations?

Thank you very much in advance!

So, I have a button that says "Open Notepad". I have a textbox txtIni.Text that might have filepath, like "c:\ini.txt". If "Open Notepad" button is pressed, program should check that does that file exists, if it does, then it opens the notepad and loads that file. If it doesn't exists, then it should just load the notepad.

I tried this


Private Sub btnNotePad_Click()
    Dim retval As Variant
    If FileOrDirExists(txtIni.Text) Then
        If Not txtIni.Text = "" Then
            retval = Shell("notepad.exe " & txtIni.Text & ", 1")
            retval = Shell("notepad.exe", 1)
        End If
        retval = Shell("notepad.exe", 1)
    End If
End Sub

I think there's something wrong with that "Shell ("notepad.exe " & txtIni.Text & ", 1")" line.

That FileOrDirExists() function checks whether the file exists or not.

I am looking for help in getting a range of excel data pasted into an existing notepad file at line 202 and saving the file with name from a cell and a .stp extension.

The range is in column a1:a150

If I could then open the resulting file with another application that would be the greatest.

Thanks for any help.



I need help to create a batch file from the data captured in Excel.

I have created a macro (through recording macros - I'm not good with VB) that opens a text file containing printer details, cleans the data in the text file and uses certain formulas to produce data as below:

CALL SQ Printer1 \\Server1 >> C:\Printers.txt
CALL SQ Printer2 \\Server1 >> C:\Printers.txt
CALL SQ Printer1 \\Server2 >> C:\Printers.txt

I now need to save the info in my Excel spreadsheet as a batch file which on execution will give me printer IP address, location and driver details etc. Excel does allow me to save the file with a .bat extension but the data doesn't appear as it should and hence doesn't execute as it should.

Does anyone know of a way I can save the info from Excel as a batch file (using a macro - currently, I select all cells, copy them into notepad and save with a .bat extension and everything seems to work but it would be better if I could automate the whole process)?

Thanks in anticipation.



I searched the boards but i could not find an answer to what I am sure is a simple solution to a vexing problem. When I save my execl sheet into a text format then open it in notepad or wordpad it puts quotes around the data.

I am using the data to insert into Oracle databases and therefore the double quotes must be taken out. In the notepad/wordpad I can do a find and replace but it can be time consuming when you have a large number of rows. Does anyone know how to get rid of the quotes?



I have to export 6 columns of data to notepad, to feed into another system.
All ok, but I have to ensure that each entry in the column is made up of 16 characters, using spaces where there are no words.
In Excel
qwerty qwew qqqq
hi hello heellllllo

In Notepad
qwerty qwew qqqq
hi hello heelllllo

This way the batch program can read the columns in the txt file.

Any ideas?

I have a simple xls sheet which looks like this:


and I am running a macro to export to Notepad:
Sub Export()
Shell "notepad.exe", vbNormalFocus
SendKeys "^V"
SendKeys "%fa"

End Sub

My issue is that the resulting Notepad.txt file has white space between the brackets and I do not want the spaces included - how can I filter / remove these white spaces?

This is what the output file looks like now:
[1A1111] [123] [AB1] [X] [000] [1] [ ]
[2B2222] [123] [XY2] [X] [001] [2] [ ]
[3C3333] [123] [AB1] [X] [002] [3] [ ]

This is what I want the output file to look like:
[1A1111][123][AB1][X][000][1][ ]
[2B2222][123][XY2][X][001][2][ ]
[3C3333][123][AB1][X][002][3][ ]

I am sure there must be a way to address this without requiring manual intervention. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

I have different notepads say notepad1, 2 3 and so on. I have to import data from notepads to excel..

All the notepads are stored in a directory (common folder) after importing data from first notepad, the code has to calculate the end of the row automatically and insert the data from notepad2 to next row and so on..

Also, I need a separate column to say from which notepad the data is fetched (say I should have column to display notepad1 for the data fetched from notepad1)

Appreciate if somebody can help me on this.

Hi all,
Please help I am currently stuck.
My problem is to write a macro that will copy a range of cells like (B2: B15), auto open and paste the data to a word processor like notepad or MS word without the gridlines.