Printing Cover Pages

The printer I'm using has a setting that prints a cover page for each document.

For an Excel workbook I inherited from another user, it prints a cover page for EVERY worksheet that I print, even if I select multiple worksheets w/ the SHIFT or CTRL buttons. The output is:

Cover Page
Sheet 1
Cover Page (different "job #" listed)
Sheet 2
Cover Page
Sheet 3

I initially thought it a problem with the printer settings. However, with a brand new Excel workbook, I can select multiple worksheets and print with the following output:

Cover Page
Sheet 1
Sheet 2
Sheet 3

The fact that only one cover page can be done on other workbooks leads me to believe that there may be a setting in the bad workbook that causes multiple sheets to be printed with individual cover pages.

I've tested with macro's and individual "click and print" methods and this specific workbook prints out cover pages while my other tests only print out 1 cover page.

Does anyone know how/why this could be happening? Is there some sort of system setting to send print jobs individually or as a group to the printer?


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I have a workbook with 20 sheets. Each sheet has been formatted with a print area to print a single page for that sheet. If I select entire workbook and view the job, there are, as expected, 20 pages. When the job is printed, I end up with 2 entries in my print 1 and the other 19 pages. BTW, the first sheet is very sparse (like a cover page).

If I delete the first sheet and print the entire workbook, it creates a single print queue entry for all 19 pages.

The reason that this is an issue is that when this (original) document is printed to a usb Lexmark printer, the sngle page job causes the printer to hang. It gets real messy from there, ultimately requiring a reboot.

If this same document is printed to a usb Canon printer, it still creates 2 print queue entries, but it all prints just fine.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and/or know what to do?

I have set the Print Area in my WorkSheet to cover the area i need, but the
1st page is in LANDSCAPE and the page following is PORTRAIT.

Is there a way i can have this set to print automatically setting the 1st
page and 2nd pages to the required style?


I do a lot of forms and contracts for my organization, and many times these will run more than one page. My problem is ensuring that they will print properly, with page breaks falling where they should, not knowing what type of printers my many users may be trying to output these on.

I've found that using the "Fit To" command in Page Setup - Scaling will work perfectly for a one page document, setting the output percentage as necessary for different conditions. But for multiple pages, let's say setting it for 1 page wide by 3 pages tall, I can no longer ensure where the page break will fall. I'm hoping there's something I'm missing that might fix this, because after all these years of development, I can't believe Excel doesn't handle this better.

Let's say I have that 1 page wide by 3 pages tall example. My normal routine would be to set the print area first, then go to Page Setup and set the 1 pages wide by 3 pages tall, then change the View to Page Break Preview. If I adjust any page break in that mode, and then go back to the Page Setup commands, the setting in the Scaling section have reverted to a fixed percentage. It seems that Excel will not scale for different printer characteristics and allow variable page breaks at the same time. Scaling and page breaks are linked.

Is this right? Is there no option? It seems awful limiting if this is the case.

One solution might be to set up a macro that defines each page and prints it separately. But I run the risk of having different percentage outputs if I do that, and if someone wants to print to a PDF it creates multiple files instead of a single one with multiple pages.

There's gotta be a better way, maybe someone has a good idea. Thanks in advance for any help.


I have a sheet in a workbook that may just be called cover and other times front cover, feb cover etc. I use VBA to find the sheet and insert a new one infront of it. Is there a way to look for the sheet by specifying a wildcard or text plus the word cover


I'm trying to print two sheets within the same workbook at the same time as a single print job. This way sheet1 is the front and sheet2 the back.

It I do select both sheets and then print active sheets Excel creates two print jobs, forcing the printer to start the second sheet on a new page.

This page break between the prints means that I have two single sheets printed out of the printer rather than one piece of paper in duplex.

Any ideas on a work around for this?

The two two sheets are only a sinlge page in size, but have different column widths so wont easily go onto a single worksheet.

I've been struggling with this for a while. I think this is an issue with both Excel and my printer.

I have a workbook with 30 different worksheets that are all the same. There are 20 columns wide and set at a print area of 1 page by 1 page. Some of the worksheets print great, but for others I get a page that prints the second half of the columns (K through T).

When I email the document to another computer, it prints just fine.

Because I am getting some worksheets to print just fine, I have to think there is a setting in Excel that is throwing off the other worksheets, but that is just speculation.

Please help!

Hi, I am looking for a one cell formula that can be copied down, that will give me my forward inventory cover. To explain, forward cover is the number of weeks or days that I have of inventory as cover for a specific level of inventory at a particular period of time, based on forecast sales. ie: ( I hope this little table makes sense!)

Week / Sales / Stock-value / Cover weeks
1 / 150 / 500 / 3.2
2 / 150 / 500 / 2.8
3 / 150 / 600 / 3.25
4 / 150 / 800 / 5
5 / 250 / 800 / 6.5
6 / 200 / 700 / 6.5
7 / 150 / 600 / 6
8 / 100 / 500 / 5
9 / 100 / 500 / 5

I have manually worked out the cover weeks in the above example to (ie for week 1 we have stock of 500 and this will cover us for 3.2 weeks at the projected sales), but it is this that I want to caluclate as a formula.

All help is greatly appreciated.


Hi board,

I'm not sure if this post really belongs in this forum, but I'll give it a try.
I'm trying to configure my excel printing behaviour so that it prints 2 pages on one sheet. I can do this manually each time via print-->properties-->finishing and then change the pages per sheet. I also already created a print task quick set in order not having to switch the prints per page, but still, it is a manual task every time again.
Can someone provide me a siple vba code that takes care of this everytime it press the print button? Ideally, the program would ask a confirmation to print 2 sheets on one page right after clicking the print button, so that in case you do want to print page per page, you can still do so.

any help is much appreciated.

I have an Excel workbook which has two sheets. The first sheet is several pages long when printed and the second sheet is always one page long. I want to print the second sheet on the reverse side of every printed page.

For example:

Printed sheet 1 front = Excel sheet 1, page 1
Printed sheet 1 reverse = Excel sheet 2

Printed sheet 2 front = Excel sheet 1, page 2
Printed sheet 2 reverse = Excel sheet 2

Printed sheet 3 front = Excel sheet 1, page 3
Printed sheet 3 reverse = Excel sheet 2

.....etc etc

The printer I use is capable of duplex printing but I cannot figure out how to print Excel sheet 2 on the reverse of every page. Does this need a macro?

Same question also posted he

I am inserting page breaks to format my printing so I can get paragraphs onto a page (ie sets of info). I know how many lines there are on my printer but the other office printer has a different print area.

I can force Excel to print one page wide if I change the page setup to print 1 page wide and 10 pages long instead of 100% but then I will get a different number of lines per page than on my printer.

Fortunately my line heights are all the same so how do I count lines per page before formatting?


I have a worksheet with 20 pages in it. Each page is actually a report. I need a macro which will test to see which reports have been done, and then print only those pages.

For example, there has been a report entered in page 1, 2 and 4, but not 3. So I want the macro to print pages 1,2 and 4, but not 3.

For the purposes of the macro, I can have a range of cells, say for argument's sake, A1:A20, with either 1 or 0 in them depending on whether the page is to be printed or not. If page 1 is to be printed, A1 will have the value 1 in it; A2 will have 1 if page 2 is to be printed; A3 will have 0 in it and therefore page 3 will not be printed, and finally A4 will have 1 in it and page 4 will be printed.

I thought I would easily be able to find something about this online, but I've only found references to printing entire worksheets, not specific pages within a worksheet.

Thank you very kindly to anyone who is able to help me with this.

Nicholas Stone

Is there a way in Excel to reverse the print order of the pages? Example:
Have the last page print out first and the first page print out last? I have
tried changing the printer setttings but it still prints out the first page
and then goes through to the last page. I would like to be able to pick it
up and go with it and not have to put the pages in oder from front to back.

I have a workbook which I always want to print the following way:
Pagesize = A3
Orientation = Landscape
Margins 0.75 on all sides
Page fitting = Fit to one page tall by one page wide.
But when I take this workbook with the given settings to another computer, these settings appear as changed. I have to do everything once again. Is there a way to do this in vba so that the pages print the same everywhere?

I have a workbook with multiple sheets. I want to be able to print the workbook by clicking on "entire workbook" and have the page numbering start with the second sheet of the workbook as page one. (The page numbers in my workbook are inserted by virtue of using the "insert page number" key under page footer.)

I know that I could accomplish this by keying in the actual numbers on the pages instead of using the "insert page number" key, but in my case some of the sheets contain multiple pages.

Any ideas?

Hello all,
I have been having some serious issues trying to find a way to make
Excel print two worksheets at the same time (one is in portrait and the other
is in landscape). If the job travels through our print server to the
printer, it will come out as two print jobs (one in portrait and one in
landscape). If the job travels directly to the printer, the portrait and
landscape options will be valid, however the landscape side will have been
cropped to be 8.5" squared.
While this sounds like something I shouldn't be getting worked up over,
I am trying to duplex an Excel spreadsheet. Sheet1 is in portrait and Sheet2
is in landscape. If I print to through the print server, they come out as
two seperate pages. If I print directly to a printer, they come out as a
duplex document, one portrait and the other oriented in landscape but cropped
to be portrait (8.5 inches squared).
Here's the kicker! If I print to an Adobe PDF, it comes out just fine
(with page 1 as portrait and page 2 as landscape, no cropping). If I then
pass this job onto the printer, it prints fine. So I have determined that
the problem occurs when Excel is told to print to the printer itself.
However, trying 4 different models (3 HP LaserJets and one Lanier copy
machine), the same effects occur.
All Office 2003 updates have been downloaded from OfficeUpdate. I have
been able to reproduce this issue on any machine (I'm up to 5 PCs so far,
including Windows 2000 Pro SP3, SP4 and XP Pro SP2).

I am open to ANY suggestions. Anyone? Please? :-)

Thanks in advance.

I have made a form on a spreadsheet that is fit to only one page. But when it goes to print, it prints 50 pages of stuff that isn't needed. Since this is going to be used by other people is there a way to either:

1. No matter what, everytime they try print, it will only print the first page of sheet 1?

2. Disable printing all together and force them to use a button that will print the first page only.

I've tried playing around with

Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean)
    Sheets("Sheet1").PrintOut From:=1, To:=1
End Sub

this but haven't had any luck getting it to work. I even tried an If print activesheet = sheet1 cancel print, but that didn't work either. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I am having an issue where my page breaks are clearly 3 pages. I have checked the page break view as well as the print preview and everything looks as it should there. However when I print it comes out with a blank fourth page. The entire page is blank even though I have a footer and repeated rows to print at the top of every page.

I am not sure if this is a problem with Excel or a problem with my printer. Has anyone else had a similar problem? If so, how was it fixed?

Thank you in advanced,

Using Excel 2003 I have had this problem ocassionally, and I can't figure out what causes it or how to fix it. In a workbook of several excel worksheets I will ask to print a mulitple page worksheet and only 2/3 of every page prints. This also happens if I print to an Adobe acrobat file, and typically happens when I am printing to pdf files. The selection is correct; there are no page breaks . . . it is just some sort of glitch. The only way I get rid of it is to close down and reboot . . and sometimes that doesn't even work. Most frustrating when you have a report due.

Thank you so much

hello there,

I have an issue when printing multiple excel worksheets in colour. I'm using Excel 2003.

The default driver setting for our printer is set to Black & White although it can do both colour and B & W. When trying to print multiple worksheets in a workbook if you go to the printer properties and change the setting to colour only the first sheet prints in colour the rest comes out as B&W.

It appears that the only method for printing all worksheets in colour is to select each worksheet individually and change its properties to colour. This is quite frustrating if you have a large workbook.

I have tried different print setting and worksheet options of selecting all worksheets together and grouping them or using the 'entire workbook' button.

Any advice or possibly scripts to overcome this would be appreciated.


I have a sheet setup with 6 identical A4 pages on it spread horizontally. The title pains across the top and left hand side are frozen. The pages span from left to right and a user would fill in each page sequentially left to right. A user may only wish to use say 2 of these pages on the sheet, is there any way I can make Excel change the print area so that it only prints these two pages. Basically I would like to set it up so that if text is entered into a specific cell on a page then it will set the print area to print that page.

I would not be suprised at all to discover that someone has already addressed this, however, I've been digging around for several hours and haven't found it yet.

I am attempting to modify an Excel workbook so that the center header prints only on the first page and the center footer only prints on the first page. Both the header and footer consist only of a graphic, nothing else. I need it to print only on the 1st page whether I'm printing just the first page of one sheet, or a couple of pages of one sheet, or the entire workbook. I have found some code online and from friends, but it never seems to work correctly. Either that, or I'm pasting it in incorrectly. I've been fighting with this for weeks, please help me!

Thanks in advance -


Using Excel 2003 I am printing multiple sheets. I have a footer on every sheet that is in the format of: page # of total pages.

When I do a print preview page number and total number of pages looks correct on every page.

However when I actually print the file the total number of pages varies and some of the sheets have wildly incorrect total number of pages (i.e. 26 total pages instead of 16 and other variations).

In doing some searches in the message boards and yes my default print driver is the same as the the one I am actually using.

I have checked various page setup options all looks "safe".

The only thing I can think of is I am using PDF Creator as my print driver. Due to various reasons I have not had a chance to test with other print drivers except for doing Print Preview but not actually doing Print.

I would have thought that as PDF Creator from PDFforge should work fine on this file as I do this all the time on other Excel files with the product. All it is doing is just capturing the print format output.

Any thoughts or ideas of something to check.

I will be doing more testing and report what I find, but would love to keep useing PDF Creator.



I am using Excel 2003 11.6355.6360 SP1. I am printing to a Canon iR4570. I
have myt default finishing settings print to a mail box for me. When I open
a sprerad sheet from someone else that prints to the same printer, the print
setting for that person remains in Excel. If I print the document, it prints
in their mailbox, not mine. If I print to a different printer than the
person creating the spread sheet, it works just fine. This is only in Excel,
does not happen on Word or Power Point. Is there a setting in Excel that I
can turn off to stop the over-riding of my print settings?

I have a workbook with 3+ worksheets in it. I'm trying to print the entire thing in color. If I check under FILE > Page Setup > Sheet, Print Black and White is UNCHECKED. so far so good.

My printer defaults to black and white, so I need to change it to color. I do this by selecting FILE > Print, then selecting my printer and pressing PROPERTIES. This brings up the Canon Copier Properties window that shows various printer settings in various tabs. Under the Quality tab I change Black and White to Color.

This setting ONLY changes the Active Worksheet to color the others stay in Black and white mode. I have to manually change each page to Color to get it to work. If I print without doing this only the first worksheet will be in color.

I have tried grouping the worksheets before changing the setting but it only changes the setting for the main sheet not the others that were selected along with it. Settings such as Landscape mode work properly but nothing in the Canon Copier properties section does.

This happens on multiple computers with the latest canon iR C6800 drivers.
Anyone run into anything similar? what were the solutions?

I have a workbook that prints out a statement multiple times. This statement is just a template located on 1 tab.

VBA runs a loop that scrolls through a list of data which flows to the statements, changes the statement, then prints the statement, and then starts over with the new data and prints out the statement over and over depending on the range of data all on 1 tab.

So, as of right now, each time the loop prints out the statement, I get a separate print document sent to the printer for each loop. This works great until i have 3 or 4 people working on different workbooks that try to print at the same time. The statements are printed out at random and then must be separated (which could be hundreds of statements).

An answer to my problem is to be able to save the print out in an array or VBA and then send all the print outs to the printer at once as 1 document. That way, if 2 people printed out a workbook at the same time, the printer would print out 1 complete job and then print out the next...saving separating or random print out intertwined in specific sets of print outs.

Printing to .pdf is too slow and reduces the quality of the print image. I already tried that.

So, can I some how print out a tab, change it, and then print it out...but to only 1 print spool, all through in VBA?

Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!