Cant Delete Blank Pages

I have a spreadsheet that when I go into print preview there are 59 pages. I
did not create the spreadsheet. However, there is only something on 3 of
those pages. How to I delete all of these extra pages.

Thanks very much for any help. I am using Excel 2003


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I have a price list that is 24 pages.. but when someone prints it there are
extra balnk pages at the end (total of 48 pages). What do I need to do to
eliminate those blank pages?

Simple question..... with mazbe a possible answer.

At my internship they have an excel spreadsheet that will print as 56 pages. They want it to print in 8 pages. Preferably in 2 pages high 4 wide. I tried to specify it in the print setup... but it only makes the printed part of the pages smaller, therefor making it 117 printited pages, then alot of cutting, taping and puzzling.

Is there any way I can specify this without having to reformat the whole spreadsheet.

I know you probably will not be able to read it but this is how they want it.

I have VBA code which sets a print area but for some reason the printpreview tacks a couple more pages on the bottom (Ive tried palying with the pages breaks and it still does it).

Is there a way , apart from setting a print area, to limit the printed pages to, say,only pages 1-5 of the 10 shown on the print preview ?

How to print odd pages and even pages seperately. For ex I have 100 pages
with page numbers customized to read "001" upto "100" and I want to print all
"Even pages" first then at the reverse side I want to print all "odd pages".

How to complete this task in two setp printing.

I have an Excel 2007 file that should be around 8 pages long. When I go into Page break mode it is broken in 72 pages. I have inserted NO page breaks. I have used reset all page breaks, that has not helped. It will not allowe me to manually adjust or delete these breaks. When I view the document in Print Preview it shows a modified version of page 1 on all 72 pages and no other information.

I have never seen this before..... HELP??

Hi all,

I have some VBA which produces an excel sheet with data. When using Print Preview after the code has run, it shows 2,500 blank pages even though there is only one page of data. Now I understand why this happens and to overcome this I SAVE the sheet then when I preview again, the blank pages dissapear.

However, rather than saving the sheet before print previewing (as the user may not want to do this), is there some code which will eliminate this erroneous blank data.


I am trying to create a simple multipage userform with a label on each page
with some text. For the first two pages I can enter in the label by hand.
However, since multipage only comes with two pages, I have to use VBA to add
extra pages. I am able to add the extra pages, but I am unable to add a
label to the new pages. Below is my code. What do I need to do to add a
label to page three?

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
MultiPage1.Pages(0).Caption = "Sort by Color"
MultiPage1.Pages(1).Caption = "Summary Report"
MultiPage1.Pages(2).Caption = "New Trouble Time"

End Sub

Using Excel 2003 I am printing multiple sheets. I have a footer on every sheet that is in the format of: page # of total pages.

When I do a print preview page number and total number of pages looks correct on every page.

However when I actually print the file the total number of pages varies and some of the sheets have wildly incorrect total number of pages (i.e. 26 total pages instead of 16 and other variations).

In doing some searches in the message boards and yes my default print driver is the same as the the one I am actually using.

I have checked various page setup options all looks "safe".

The only thing I can think of is I am using PDF Creator as my print driver. Due to various reasons I have not had a chance to test with other print drivers except for doing Print Preview but not actually doing Print.

I would have thought that as PDF Creator from PDFforge should work fine on this file as I do this all the time on other Excel files with the product. All it is doing is just capturing the print format output.

Any thoughts or ideas of something to check.

I will be doing more testing and report what I find, but would love to keep useing PDF Creator.



Hi, I tried something like:

'   del old pages 
    For i = 1 To MultiPage1.Pages.Count 
    MultiPage1.Pages.Remove i 

but it's wrong.

What's the right way to delete a (all) page(s)?

I have a template that I have created for others to use. The sheet runs from A1:H1000 (that's 20 pages). Most of the time the user will only put data in the first 5,6,or 7 pages, but the remaining pages contain formulas and formatting. When the sheet is printed, all 20 pages are printed as a result. Is there a way to set the sheet up so that it it only prints the pages that contain data?

There are formulas on every page (they result in "" if not needed) and it is set up to repeat rows 1:4 at the top of every page.

I have a printer that will not duplex, and so I am trying to print the odd
number pages and then turn over the paper and print the even numbered pages.
Can anyone tell me how to accomplish this. I thought it would be an easy
thing, but am having no luck? ThankS!

Hope you folks can help me out with a strange one.

I have several worksheets formatted in exactly the same way as follows:

Col A - width 4
Col B - hidden
Col C - width 4
Col D - Width 108
Col E - Width 3
Col F - Width 11
Col G - Hidden
Col H - Width 11 & Empty

My print range should be Cols A:G (I have used page setup to set the
scaling to fit 1 page wide by [blank] pages tall, thus each sheet will
print as many pages as required depending on number of rows]

When I have the print range set to A:G only columns A:E show on the
print preview (and also on the actual print out) and when I make print
area A:F only A:C show on the print preview.

To get A:G printed I have to set the print area to A:H.

In all 3 of the examples above when I look at the print preview there
is a blank area on the right hand side of the page where the missing
columns SHOULD be but aren't... ie the size of the page seems to be
formatted correctly to include all the columns i want but they just
don't print unless 1 extra column is selected in the print area.

Has anyone out there experienced this problem before?
Thanks in advance.



This is my first post.....

Thanks in advnace for any help you might provide.

In Excel 2007 -- I have created a pricing tool that uses the autofilter function to hide rows (which are full pages when printed) of product line items I dont want to include in the final proposal printout.

In order to get the format to look good when printed, I have to use page breaks throughout the sheet. The sheet includes about 300 rows which I have broken into 10+ pages (using page breaks)

Also note that I have specified the print area that excludes only the columns I want to print. For example, the column that contains the autofiter, is NOT in the print range as I dont want it showing up on the printout. Note that the columns in the print area do fit in the right/left print margins.

The problem is that when I apply the autofilter and hide rows, excel inserts blank pages for those pages that are hidden/filtered out. If I was printing to a printer I could just remove the blank pages and that would be fine. However, I am needing to print this to a PDF so I cant have blank pages.

To clarify further, Lets say I have a 10 page document/worksheet prior to autofiler being applied. After autofiler is applied it cuts its down to 3 pages on the screen which looks great. However, when I print it, excel spits out the 3 pages with text along with 7 blank pages in place of the pages are that are filtered out/hidden.

I have tried removing the hard page breaks and inserting blank rows to get the pages to fall on the natural page breaks but when I apply the filter it messes up my formatting.

I have searched the web for a macro that would print only visable rows on a sheet but have not been able to find one. I did find another post of the same issue, but the suggestion was to remove the page breaks, which does not solve my problem.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


When printing most worksheets I get what I see [and set up] in print preview.
Specifically the scaling that I have selected. However, when printing "Some"
worksheets the scaling is ignored. eg Print preview tells me 5 pages, the
printer produces 12 pages. How do I fix this problem?? [I am using Excel

When i set a large pivot table (1000+ rows) to "Insert Page Break After Each Item" the last few excel pages are not printed.

These pages do not show up in the print preview either.

If I remove the "Insert page break" option all items are printed correctly.

Any ideas on how to fix this?


Well guys i want a simple solution of work allocation.

Details of work

- we receives files with different number of pages. for example for a week we receive 10,000 pages for 10 files means 1000 pages for one particular file.


- these files/pages need to be distribute between 20 agents for a weekly bases.


- How can we divide these pages for twenty agents, so that they came to know they have to do these many pages for monday, tuesday and so on..

Pls any idea..

or example files


What macro would I need to write to make my worksheet not print blank pages when I have hidden rows within my print area?

My current report has different 13 tables set up each table set to print on its own page. When the dropdown for "all managers" is selected, all tables (rows) are visible and all 13 pages need to print. However, when a specific manager is selected, I have a code written to hide rows for tables that are blank for that manager. When I go to print however, it prints a blank page where the hidden table is located. The hidden tables are always going to be in the middle of the report, meaning i need to have pages print before and after the hidden areas.

Thanks for any help!

my company has just upgraded from the old excel to 2010 and it has been nothing problems (mostly cause all my bosses are over 50 and cant take changes lol)

the only problem i have not been able to solve is a page break problem. We have a workbook we send to our client every month, we had the page breaks so so it would print on two pages in landscape. with the conversion all the page breaks reset. no problem there, i went in a reset them all and saved the document. when you go to page break preview, it shows properly, i go to print preview it shows properly (only 2 pages). I hit the print button and 8 pages print and when i go back to the sheet all the breaks are reset again.

has anyone else had this problem? anyone know any fixes?

Why do I sometimes get extra blank pages from the printer on Word or Excel
documents? How can I prevent this?

We typically have workbooks that contain many spreadsheets, each with "Page &[Page] of &[Pages]" in the footer. Is there a way to print the entire workbook at once without the "&[Pages]" picking up the number of pages for the workbook? For example, if tab 1 is a 2-page spreadsheet, the footer should read "Page 1 of 2, Page 2 of 2" even if there are 100 pages in the entire workbook.


I have a worksheet with 20 pages in it. Each page is actually a report. I need a macro which will test to see which reports have been done, and then print only those pages.

For example, there has been a report entered in page 1, 2 and 4, but not 3. So I want the macro to print pages 1,2 and 4, but not 3.

For the purposes of the macro, I can have a range of cells, say for argument's sake, A1:A20, with either 1 or 0 in them depending on whether the page is to be printed or not. If page 1 is to be printed, A1 will have the value 1 in it; A2 will have 1 if page 2 is to be printed; A3 will have 0 in it and therefore page 3 will not be printed, and finally A4 will have 1 in it and page 4 will be printed.

I thought I would easily be able to find something about this online, but I've only found references to printing entire worksheets, not specific pages within a worksheet.

Thank you very kindly to anyone who is able to help me with this.

Nicholas Stone

I have a work book oringinally created in Excel 2003 that has 12 worksheets, some containing 1 page, some with 3 or 4 pages. I am now using Excel 2010 and have the following problem: When I try to print the entire workbook (total of 30 pages)
as one file collated and stapled, it collates and staples the 3 sheets from one worksheet, 2 sheets from another, etc. I need all 30 pages printed in order, and then stapled as one set. Any thoughts?

I have a sheet setup with 6 identical A4 pages on it spread horizontally. The title pains across the top and left hand side are frozen. The pages span from left to right and a user would fill in each page sequentially left to right. A user may only wish to use say 2 of these pages on the sheet, is there any way I can make Excel change the print area so that it only prints these two pages. Basically I would like to set it up so that if text is entered into a specific cell on a page then it will set the print area to print that page.

I have a file that has approximately 40 pages in it. 3 of the pages are portrait and the other 37 are landscape. The lasndscape sheets are coming out upside-down. There is a function in the File/Print/Properties/Rotated, that will flip the pages. Problem: the file will not save that change, so I must go through the file ...Rotated 37 times per week or manually flip the pages. Other than writing a macro to flip the pages, is there any way to make excel save the change or is it a Windows/Printer problem? By the way, this only happens on one of the printers, the others print fine (but the others are 5 times slower). Xerox and our IT dept can't seem to solve the problem, we have given them 4 months and still no solution.

When printing a document of various pages in length, using VBA code to set it, I need:

Odd pages of document (page 1, 3, 5, etc) to have:
Right margin of 4.375
Left margin of 0
Top margin of 0
Bottom margin of 4.75

Even pages of document (pages 2, 4, 6, etc) to have
Right margin of 0
Left margin of 4.375
Top margin of 0
Bottom margin of 4.75

Can someone help? thanks, mikeburg