Payroll Calculator Excel Template

On the Payroll Calculator template under tax status, what do the numbers
represent? Any suggestions on the template?

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I just got done with my first payroll using Excel. I am very happy with the template except for one problem. I have twenty employees and only four pay stubs showed up. The only option I see is printing out those four and then erasing the info and manually retyping the other sixteen, four at a time and reprinting. Is there any way the paystub tab can work together like the information and calculator tabs?


I am a small business and would like to get my employees payroll entered in
excel .
I need a template or formula that includes hours worked X hourly wage= gross
pay minus SS, Med care

I am looking for a template to keep track of golf scores and to calculate
handicaps over a prolonged period. I am using Office 2003 professional.

My question is the following:
I have 2 excel worksheet.
In the 1 worksheet there is an empty template (with 4 rows and 5 columns).
In the 2 worksheet there are 20 templates with values in the 4 rows and 5 columns. Each template has a different name.
In the 1st worksheet there is also a list with the 20 different template's names.
What I would like to do is that when I select one name, Excel will look for the corresponding one in the 2nd worksheet and automatically display the related values in the empty template.
Maybe it might help you with a little illustration of the problem:
Worksheet "empty template":


Worksheet "templates":

5 10% 13%
6 20%
7 35% 14%
8 20%

5 14%
6 20% 32%
8 18%

5 14%
7 20%

So let's assume that I choose "NAME OF TEMPLATE 3" then automatically, the value 14% and 20% will be displayed in the "empty template"

Hope I was clear enough and that you can help me on this one. Thanks a million

I'm trying to create a template that can be used by multiple parties to populate a file with specific fields from a source file. The source file is placed on a shared drive contains various fields and is a status file of all open repairs in our facility. The template file only carries fields that are of value to our customer. The person using the template should have an input field (customer numbers) as soon as the file is opened and the macro populates the template file with the relevant fields from the source file.

Hi hows everyone?

I have a problem, I manage to set a payroll spreadsheet that works 100% for my kind of business. The only thing is that i have to deduct PAYE(PAY AS YOU EARN) from my employees. How do i insert calclator that does this for, What formula or caculator do i use and would i go about it. I have + - 50 staff and all are earning different wages over a FORTHNIGHT.

I use to do it all manually, I sit with a deduction table a and work it out 1 by , but it takes me hours to calculate everything. Can anyone help me with a formula or calculator.


how to create and what is the formula in creating payslips using excel macro / vba programming in excel?

like for example, in sheet1 is the payroll data, and in sheet2 is the payslip template and in sheet3 would be the run button.

please help me with the formula wherein all the payroll data that i want to appear in the payslip will be shown.

In an effort to speed up the payroll process, I did up an Excel workbook with in/out time columns that calculates total hours worked in a 14-day period, and the Gross $ Total for the pay period based on the wage.

However, I want to take the Gross Total and perform the calculations that the Canada Revenue Agency online calculator ( does directly in the Excel workbook. Since these are hourly positions, rather than salaried ones, the hours may change from pay-period to pay-period. As such, it would be time consuming to need to go back to the on-line calculator every two weeks to redetermine deductions.

The following data is an example of what I have to work with...

Wage: $9.00/hr
Hours per Week: Variable, determined by timesheet input (max 40)

These are the rates (on the Gross) that I believe the CRA calculator is deducting (as of April 1, 2009)...
CPP rate: 4.95%
EI rate: 1.73%
Fed. Tax.: 15% (Minimum)
Prov. Tax.: New Brunswick?

Simplified Example: Considering a New Brunswick incorporated small business in the minimum bracket with no other deductions than mandatory... What would be the deductions from a $720.00 bi-weekly pay cheque (80 hrs @ 9.00/hr). This can be easily found on the website above. Now how do I make Excel do that?

Hope this wasn't too confusing...


I Have a number(30+) of excel files based off of one template. I have since updated the template, thus making the the old ones obsolete. Is there a way to update the older files to use the new template without having to copy and paste the addition's row by row column by column?

None of the additions to the template will change the placement of existing data, nor will it change the data itself. It will however add Values to cells that were previously empty.

Hints, Tricks, or Ideas?


I need to open a email template from Excel. I cannot save this template locally and hyperlink to it. Ideally it will be embedded in the spreadsheet. The email template will also contain specific wording in the body of the email, subject heading but no specific recipients. In the past I did this by adding an icon to the spreadsheet and embedding the email in Package Object, users double click on the icon and the template opens but some users are having problems opening it.
Any other suggestions....anyone??


I am having issue with users overwriting the excel template that I have created, ie opening the template through File-Open-changing the layout-Saving it.

Is there a way that when a user opens the template from File-Open method, it always opens a new instance of that template, so if the user makes any changes and then try to save that they are forced to make a new copy. Thus the template I created can't be overwritten and remains intact.

It would be very helpful if someone can suggest me the way.

Many thanks


I am not sure if this is possible or not. I currently have an excel worksheet template which contains a table EG Sheet1, A3:F100. Each month I use this excel template to send out emails using an email template to a number of individual people, each person recieves different data. I have VBA coding to arrange this on the template but what I can't work out is how I can copy the table accross to the email template to include it in a specific part of the email template. EG. line 15.

also I have the person's email address in cell A2 and want to copy it over to the reciepient address at the same time as copying the table over.

I probbaly have made sense but if anyone has an ideas I would love to hear it,



I have an Excel template (.xlt) which I have distributed to various users. They periodically need to update their individual template then use it to create individual files from.

I have a desktop shortcut to the template set up on each user's computer. This opens a copy of the template (ie. a standard .xls) to work on individual files from their template.

At present, when they need to make changes to their template (.xlt), I have to tell them to open Excel, file, open, locate the file and open it. This opens the .xlt as it is opened from within Excel.

I was wondering if thee was a way to open the .xlt from the desktop (maybe using some sort of code?) using another shortcut as this will be a much simpler process and leads to less errors in the 2 open methods - as long as it is clear which shortcut opens the template and which one opens a new file created from the template.

Hope this makes sense and thanks for any help.

I have a template file that I have to give out to a number of users. In general, the users have limited computer knowledge or skills.

What is the most reliable way for these users to install the template spreadsheet on their own machines?

The users use different version of Excel (2000, 2003, 2007) - is there a common folder that gets examined by each version of Excel.

I can think of the following ways:
- Creating a full windows installer to add the template (setup.exe)
- Create a simple batch file to copy to the template folder (e.g. install.bat)
- Get the user to copy to the template folder

Which would be the best solution for an inexperienced group of users - I want to minimise my "technical support" during the distribution of the template.


My computer was recently upgraded from Windows 98 and excel 97 to windows
2000 and microsoft office professional 2003. I had created an employee
status form in excel 97 linked to a database in excel 97. Since the upgrade
to excel 2003 when I open a saved copy of an employee status it says 'cannot
open template wizard'. Consequently any new status' I type and save are no
longer updating the database. Thinking the template wizard was an 'option'
that was not installed by my company, I went online to get it. According to
the info at micorsoft, the template wizard is no longer a standard part of
the program and can be installed separately. However, the most recent
download available is for 2002. I downloaded this anyway and double clicked
to auto install. But I'm still getting the same message. Help! my employee
database is no longer useful without this wizard. Where can I get it and how
can I get it on my computer.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


I am trying to create my own dutching calculator but I have become stuck.

Here is an online dutching calculator:

I also have this one (attached file) but it is locked, so I cannot edit it. I can't even understand how it works as the formula refers to empty cells.

Thanks in advance.


I am not able to download an excel template from the office template gallery.
I have the ActiveX file installed. The download starts but then when it
attempts to open the file I get an error message: "Excel.exe has generated
errors and will be closed by Windows."

This only happens with excel. I can download any other template except an
excell template.

When I hyperlink a document template in excel, clicking the link opens the template rather than opening a new document based on the template. Is there a way around this? (preferrably without macros)

thanks in adv.



Hi i manage to design a payroll spreadsheet for my company of +- 60 employees. The spredsheet works fine,The only thing is when i deduct tax i have to do it manually everything else is automatic. i have a fortnight tax DEDUCTION table 2010 on paper. It has all the different amount I must deduct salaries per fortnight.
Its literally hundreds of amounts with different salaries.
So how do i insert all that amounts into my spreadsheet so that when i enter the employee hours it calculates and deducts automatically.
Any help will be appreciated. Thank you

Simple problem, hopefully with a simple solution.

I created a spreadsheet, and then saved it as a template (call it file.xlt).

Now, when I open it, instead of opening a copy as file1.xls, it's ignoring the template status and opening file.xlt.

Not sure what's happening. Has anyone else had this problem?

I constantly get csv files from another party which I have to do a lot
of formatting on in order to use. I do all this formatting and then save
them in XL format.

The format I use is always the same (column widths, coloring, and the
like, nothing complicated but it takes several minutes to do it every
time) so I'd like to use a template to pull this off.

I made a template with all my formatted and then did File/New and
selected my template. To bring in a csv file I did File/Open and
selected a csv file. It made a separate workbook with the csv data in
the usual XL default format and ignored my template. I can't find any
other options on how to input the file or use the template.

Surely I'm missing something and XL will do what I need. Can one of you
XL wizards give me some clues here? Thanks a lot.

I have a file which serves as a master template. Over time, I have used this
for several workbooks which contain financial data on companies, and
therefore now have over 100 different workbooks based off this template. The
problem now is that the master template had to be updated, and I need the
changes to be reflected in each of the workbooks saved under the old

The updates that need to be made are fairly simple, and mostly include new
values or formulas in cells. What I would like to do is have the master
template workbook open, and then have some code that will go through all
workbooks in a directory one by one, open each workbook, and copy certain
certain cells (let's assume Cell A1 on Worksheet 1 and Cell B2 on Worksheet 2
for this example) from the master template to the old file with the outdated

Is this difficult to do. I would appreciate any code that could be provided
to accomplish this. Thanks.

I am trying to create a new transcript form for academic records. Can I do
this in Excel? Is there a template for this? Is there a template that I can

I'm looking for a simple general ledger and journal template for a small
business, one that has both income and expense sides. I can't find any in
the Microsoft Template database.

Can anyone help with suggestions or advice?

Hi Everyone,

I am developed an excel template using macros. Once the template is run, save and closed, the next time while opening the template I am getting this message - "excel found unreadable content do you want to recover the contents of this workbook".

Again I remake the whole template once again but still the same thing is happening. Finally I got the point which causes this problem. i.e I am using a method to update equations/formulas for a worksheet in my template. If I comment this method and run, template is working fine and next time while opening I am not getting this message.
But I want to keep this method to update the formula. Please help me to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.
Have a nice day.

- Manu