Creating Alerts!or Popups In Excel

is it possible to create a popup or alert message if any one of the cell meet condition with in the range of cells.


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I would like some help in creating a VBA Macro that will create a popup message if cell C7 contains text. Cell C7 will populate text depending on a vlookup of a different sheet. The popup message is simple, something like "See Instructions".

Please advise on whether this is possible and what the best way to go about it is. Much thanks in advance.

Hi Guys,

I want to create a Pop-up without buttons in my macro (like outlook desktop alert).
it will show after a process completed when i am working on some other applications like browser, or MS Access.
When I surf for this stuff all forums and websites I've browsed are giving idea only with message box. But I want to create a Pop-up like outlook desktop alert. Can I have a solution for this?

I hope I will have solution.



i am trying to create a automatic popup alert window. the window pops up after a certain criteria is reached. for instance, a stock price change not more than x% the alert window pops up.

the problem is that if i use the worksheet_change, or other events because the price change value is calculated by a excel formula, the value change couldn't trigger the event.

any thoughts?


Hi All,

I am not so good at VBA coding, so can you help me with this.
I have a question: In excel while we fill data if user skips to enter data in any cell can we pop up any alert message which guides user to fill up empty cells before they proceed to any other cell?

I need alert message for certain columns from column A to I,
R to S,
only U,
W to AC.

and in Column S if we skip to enter data we can either enter in column T
viceversa if we skip to enter data in T should enter data in column S.
i.e data should be entered either in S or T, Cant leave both columns empty.

I need alert message for the entire cells not for a particular range of cells.

I need a alert pop up message soon after the user tries to skip entering data in any cell in excel2003,Using VBA coding is this possible?And i dont require any validation for this.Please suggest any solution with coding.
Solution to this problem would help me a lot...

Any help would be appreciated...
Thanks in advance...

Hey there,

I have a series of Macros that take some time to run with no visible way of knowing when they have completed.

I would like to add a popup alert to say "Action Complete" once the macro is run.


I have a spread sheet where column G contains dates projects were completed. If the project hasn't been completed the cell should be blank.

What I would like to do is turn the entire row gray (15% gray) when a date is entered into the cell in column G. I would also like an alert message to appear reminding them to submit their satisfaction statement.

I have tried using conditional formatting setting the cell condition to not equal to blank, but that seems to turn the cell gray even if I haven't entered a date, and it leaves it gray if I delete the date.

I have no idea on the alert message, so any help is most appreciated.


Hi all,
I have created a popup message when a cell falls below a value. What I would like to do, is if that value is below 0, then I would like the text from another cell be put into my popup message at the beginning of the message. Example, if the cell value in P5

Hi all,

I am creating an IF function for a ticketing company. I'm trying to setup a system whereby when the number of tickets in a cell reads something other than zero, within 24 hours of the date in another cell, it creates a message either within Excel itself, or can possibly send an email via Outlook. This could also be used to control stock i.e. when stock levels reach a low limit, it triggers an email to be sent or an error message to be displayed.

Am I asking the impossible? Any help is greatly appreciated.




Is it possible in Excel to display a Popup message? The message to display is a string representing modifications to be done.

I don't want to use the Msgbox function as this one need an answer from the user. I'm looking for a Popup box that will always be visible and being removed only when clear with the "X".

I looked arround and did not found answers to my quest.

Any help appreciated


Need VBA code to close popup window.alert after clicking on button.

Here is the code.

window.alert("Changes done will be live in 15 minutes");

After clicking on save button I'm getting pop window with above message.

I am running Excel 2007.

I know I have seen the answer to my question on this forum in the past, but I cannot find it with a search.

When I delete a worksheet during the execution of code a popup message box pops up asking me if I want to delete the sheet.

How can I stop the popup message box from appearing and just have it delete the sheet?

Thank you,



Can someone please advise me how I can have a simple popup message box that displays a range of cells (or list range). This is to be used as a reminder so for example I have an option - Top 10 product Yes | No then next to it I would like a hyperlink or similar that pops up with the list of the top 10 products as a reminder.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.


How does one create a pop-up or e-mail alert when a condition is reached in


I am trying to build a code where some message needs to pop out when a certain condition is met.
lets say the condition is that Cells("B12").Value > 500.
This cell has a formula which is the sum of some other cells. As soon as this sum crosses 500, i need a message to pop up using msgbox.

Note: The if conditions will not work for me it checks the cell value only when it runs. As in, if the value in the cell is already greater than 500 at the time of running the code, then only it will pop up the message. i want the code to be such that when it runs, it should put some condition in the cell so that message pops up if the value exceeds 500 even later. (like how conditional formatting works...its not just an if condition there...whenever the given condition meets, the format changes).

Please help me do this.
I searched a lot and found lots of info about conditional 'formatting' but couldn't work my way around this.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi All,
I have an Excel workbook I use at what is basically a receiving desk. It has two password protected sheets labeled Received and Expedited. Each sheet has 12 columns. The cells of the first row of each sheet are locked and are used as column headers. The cells in each row below are available for editing and are used for data entry. Users need to be able on occasion to re-edit these cells to correct mistakes. Sometimes, however, a user will inadvertently overwrite a cell that already contains information. For this reason, when a user selects a cell that already contains data I would like a popup box to appear with a warning message (Something like this: Caution! You are about to change a logged entry. Do you wish to continue? Y/N.). If yes, I would like the popup box to close and the active cell to remain available for editing. If no, I would like the nearest empty cell in the row to become the active cell. Here's the catch: I only need the message to appear if a cell has has been selected that already contains data. If a user selects an empty cell , then nothing should happen. The types of data that these cells contain are date, time, text, and numbers. The numbers are Fedex, UPS and USPS Tracking numbers. All cells except for those containing date and time are formatted to treat data (including numbers) as text. All of the cells contain fill colors.

Can anyone out there help me?

I tried using Data Validation, but the message would appear regardless of whether the cell contained data or not. Besides that, Validation did not offer the other options that I have mentioned here.

I am currently using Office 2000 Professional, but will be upgrading to Office 2010 very soon.

Thanks to all read this post and attempt a solution. Even greater thanks to those who reply!


PS: I have also posted this at

I am trying to generate a message to the user as follows:

Each time a value is entered in any cell in range W8:W140 (e.g W10), and the row (row 10) has a value in column G (cell G10)
then a msgbox will popup with the value of the cell in column G (cell G10)

Is this possible?

Is it possible to disable the "Trace Dependents" popup, which alerts me that "The Trace Dependents command found no formulas that refer to the active cell".

I want a nice beep instead of the rather annoying popup box..


I have a workbook with a couple of straightforward macros activated on buttons on a couple of different sheets.
Thanks to the penultimate knowledge on this board, I have been able to figure out how to store data and use this to create an "Undo" macro (sort of) that resets everything back to it's original condition. My question is:
If a user hits the "Reset" button, it will reset all their data back to the original. I want to want the usr with a popup message, and give hem the option of hitting "OK" or "Cancel". I can create a simple MsgBox popup, and I know how to create a UserForm, but I'm lost with:
A: Pausing the macro from running the rest of the script until after the user has hit OK. And/Or:
B: Having a User Form Popup to give the user the option of hitting Cancel to stop the macro from running without an error message, and just continuing with entering data into the spreadsheets normally.
Am I better off with a MsgBox or a UserForm, and how do I accomplish the OK or Cancel options and pause my script until input?
Thank you in advance for your help (Once again).

Hi All,
I need a help in excel, as i am not an expert in excel.My question is when we move tab key in excel sheet if any cell is left Blank without filling any data while tab shifts to other cell it should pop up alert message as to fill the blank cell.

What i mean is, if any cell is left empty without any data before the user tries to moves to other cell by pressing Tab it should alert user to fill data.

Can this possible with Validation or does it need macro.
Please suggest any help would be appreciated.

I am trying to create a custom dialog box that will allow me to have the
user clarify an entry when a checkbox is checked. I want them to be able to
select something from a list that I have created. I have created the popup
in Excel but cannot find out how to call the popup into the display when the
checkbox is checked. Can anyone help me please?

Hello all,
Is Excel capable of sending a popup/reminder message when reaching a specific date. Kind of like MS Outlook Calendar? I would think there would be some behind the scenes VB writing but that is not an area that im too familiar with. We have items that have expiration dates. We are trying to come up with some type of process that can be accessed by multiple people. First point of action would be the receiver populating the receipt dates and the expiration dates into a spreadsheet. The second action would be a popup/reminder notification 60 days prior to the expiration date for the returns person to take action.

Any info would be greatly appreciated

I want to display a warning message to users if a value in a certain cell meets certain criteria. Can someone help me with the code to do this?

More details:
The code will need to search Column A for certain strings. If it finds one of those strings on row x, and the value in Column F in row x is greater than 5.0%, a message should popup suggesting that the user should do something else.


I somehow want to make an error if a certain condition is not met and have a message box pop up to explain the error and then end my macro, but continue if there is no error.

The condition is this: if the number (value) in a particular cell is not equal to the total number of sheets in my workbook then I want the macro to end and display the message: "You need to Press Ctrl+Shift+C."

The value of the particular cell can be found by the following statement:

Sheets("Initial Input").Range("O10").Value

and the total number of sheets should be able to be found with something like this:


I was thinking about using an if statement, but I'm open to using any kind of idea.

After doing a search, I found out that it's possible to create right mouse button popup menus. I did not find enough information to create one by myself.

I would like to create a simple right mouse button popup menu for the text box on a userform.

I just want Copy and Paste and the functionality that goes with them if possible.

Thanks for helping me.

Excel 2000


I'm using Excel 2007 and wondering if a specified cells color could be changed after a sheet was printed or is there a popup window that can appear to say a sheet was printed?