How Do I Print Just The Odd Or Even Numbered Pages.

I have a printer that will not duplex, and so I am trying to print the odd
number pages and then turn over the paper and print the even numbered pages.
Can anyone tell me how to accomplish this. I thought it would be an easy
thing, but am having no luck? ThankS!

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Simple question..... with mazbe a possible answer.

At my internship they have an excel spreadsheet that will print as 56 pages. They want it to print in 8 pages. Preferably in 2 pages high 4 wide. I tried to specify it in the print setup... but it only makes the printed part of the pages smaller, therefor making it 117 printited pages, then alot of cutting, taping and puzzling.

Is there any way I can specify this without having to reformat the whole spreadsheet.

I know you probably will not be able to read it but this is how they want it.

How to print odd pages and even pages seperately. For ex I have 100 pages
with page numbers customized to read "001" upto "100" and I want to print all
"Even pages" first then at the reverse side I want to print all "odd pages".

How to complete this task in two setp printing.

Using Excel 2003 I am printing multiple sheets. I have a footer on every sheet that is in the format of: page # of total pages.

When I do a print preview page number and total number of pages looks correct on every page.

However when I actually print the file the total number of pages varies and some of the sheets have wildly incorrect total number of pages (i.e. 26 total pages instead of 16 and other variations).

In doing some searches in the message boards and yes my default print driver is the same as the the one I am actually using.

I have checked various page setup options all looks "safe".

The only thing I can think of is I am using PDF Creator as my print driver. Due to various reasons I have not had a chance to test with other print drivers except for doing Print Preview but not actually doing Print.

I would have thought that as PDF Creator from PDFforge should work fine on this file as I do this all the time on other Excel files with the product. All it is doing is just capturing the print format output.

Any thoughts or ideas of something to check.

I will be doing more testing and report what I find, but would love to keep useing PDF Creator.



I have VBA code which sets a print area but for some reason the printpreview tacks a couple more pages on the bottom (Ive tried palying with the pages breaks and it still does it).

Is there a way , apart from setting a print area, to limit the printed pages to, say,only pages 1-5 of the 10 shown on the print preview ?

Is there a way to print individual sheets in VBA and send to the printer as a single printjob? In my office, approx 30 people use the same printer, and it gets quite annoying when my print job of 6 sheets has pages from other employees mixed in the middle (especially when someone decides to run 300-400 pages of SAP data)

Here is the code I'm currently using to print:


        With Sheets("Checklist")
            .PageSetup.LeftFooter = Sheets("Client Information").Range("C2").Value
        End With
        If Year(DOE)

I have a workbook with 20 sheets. Each sheet has been formatted with a print area to print a single page for that sheet. If I select entire workbook and view the job, there are, as expected, 20 pages. When the job is printed, I end up with 2 entries in my print 1 and the other 19 pages. BTW, the first sheet is very sparse (like a cover page).

If I delete the first sheet and print the entire workbook, it creates a single print queue entry for all 19 pages.

The reason that this is an issue is that when this (original) document is printed to a usb Lexmark printer, the sngle page job causes the printer to hang. It gets real messy from there, ultimately requiring a reboot.

If this same document is printed to a usb Canon printer, it still creates 2 print queue entries, but it all prints just fine.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and/or know what to do?

Is if possible to set up two different sheets in the same workbook to print as front and back pages on a duplex printer?

Hello all,
I have been having some serious issues trying to find a way to make
Excel print two worksheets at the same time (one is in portrait and the other
is in landscape). If the job travels through our print server to the
printer, it will come out as two print jobs (one in portrait and one in
landscape). If the job travels directly to the printer, the portrait and
landscape options will be valid, however the landscape side will have been
cropped to be 8.5" squared.
While this sounds like something I shouldn't be getting worked up over,
I am trying to duplex an Excel spreadsheet. Sheet1 is in portrait and Sheet2
is in landscape. If I print to through the print server, they come out as
two seperate pages. If I print directly to a printer, they come out as a
duplex document, one portrait and the other oriented in landscape but cropped
to be portrait (8.5 inches squared).
Here's the kicker! If I print to an Adobe PDF, it comes out just fine
(with page 1 as portrait and page 2 as landscape, no cropping). If I then
pass this job onto the printer, it prints fine. So I have determined that
the problem occurs when Excel is told to print to the printer itself.
However, trying 4 different models (3 HP LaserJets and one Lanier copy
machine), the same effects occur.
All Office 2003 updates have been downloaded from OfficeUpdate. I have
been able to reproduce this issue on any machine (I'm up to 5 PCs so far,
including Windows 2000 Pro SP3, SP4 and XP Pro SP2).

I am open to ANY suggestions. Anyone? Please? :-)

Thanks in advance.

Is there a way in Excel to reverse the print order of the pages? Example:
Have the last page print out first and the first page print out last? I have
tried changing the printer setttings but it still prints out the first page
and then goes through to the last page. I would like to be able to pick it
up and go with it and not have to put the pages in oder from front to back.


I have a worksheet with 20 pages in it. Each page is actually a report. I need a macro which will test to see which reports have been done, and then print only those pages.

For example, there has been a report entered in page 1, 2 and 4, but not 3. So I want the macro to print pages 1,2 and 4, but not 3.

For the purposes of the macro, I can have a range of cells, say for argument's sake, A1:A20, with either 1 or 0 in them depending on whether the page is to be printed or not. If page 1 is to be printed, A1 will have the value 1 in it; A2 will have 1 if page 2 is to be printed; A3 will have 0 in it and therefore page 3 will not be printed, and finally A4 will have 1 in it and page 4 will be printed.

I thought I would easily be able to find something about this online, but I've only found references to printing entire worksheets, not specific pages within a worksheet.

Thank you very kindly to anyone who is able to help me with this.

Nicholas Stone

How can I print an entire sheet without the columns and rows that go beyond the page margins being printed on separate pages?

My page setup is 8.5x11" landscape. The margins are as narrow as possible. My print area only includes the cells I need printed. I have 3 colums and 3 rows that print on separate pages. How can I shrink it to fit on one page?

The printer I'm using has a setting that prints a cover page for each document.

For an Excel workbook I inherited from another user, it prints a cover page for EVERY worksheet that I print, even if I select multiple worksheets w/ the SHIFT or CTRL buttons. The output is:

Cover Page
Sheet 1
Cover Page (different "job #" listed)
Sheet 2
Cover Page
Sheet 3

I initially thought it a problem with the printer settings. However, with a brand new Excel workbook, I can select multiple worksheets and print with the following output:

Cover Page
Sheet 1
Sheet 2
Sheet 3

The fact that only one cover page can be done on other workbooks leads me to believe that there may be a setting in the bad workbook that causes multiple sheets to be printed with individual cover pages.

I've tested with macro's and individual "click and print" methods and this specific workbook prints out cover pages while my other tests only print out 1 cover page.

Does anyone know how/why this could be happening? Is there some sort of system setting to send print jobs individually or as a group to the printer?



This is my first post.....

Thanks in advnace for any help you might provide.

In Excel 2007 -- I have created a pricing tool that uses the autofilter function to hide rows (which are full pages when printed) of product line items I dont want to include in the final proposal printout.

In order to get the format to look good when printed, I have to use page breaks throughout the sheet. The sheet includes about 300 rows which I have broken into 10+ pages (using page breaks)

Also note that I have specified the print area that excludes only the columns I want to print. For example, the column that contains the autofiter, is NOT in the print range as I dont want it showing up on the printout. Note that the columns in the print area do fit in the right/left print margins.

The problem is that when I apply the autofilter and hide rows, excel inserts blank pages for those pages that are hidden/filtered out. If I was printing to a printer I could just remove the blank pages and that would be fine. However, I am needing to print this to a PDF so I cant have blank pages.

To clarify further, Lets say I have a 10 page document/worksheet prior to autofiler being applied. After autofiler is applied it cuts its down to 3 pages on the screen which looks great. However, when I print it, excel spits out the 3 pages with text along with 7 blank pages in place of the pages are that are filtered out/hidden.

I have tried removing the hard page breaks and inserting blank rows to get the pages to fall on the natural page breaks but when I apply the filter it messes up my formatting.

I have searched the web for a macro that would print only visable rows on a sheet but have not been able to find one. I did find another post of the same issue, but the suggestion was to remove the page breaks, which does not solve my problem.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


Hello everybody,
I have a table with an auto filter. Every day I need to print out that table 15 times changing only the content of cell B4 using the autofilter . I select the first data suggested by the auto filter, then click on print. Then I select the second data suggested and click on print and so on and so on... Quite time consuming...
Is there any way to create a macro that would print out all tables at once, printing out as many tables as needed, changing only the variable located in cell B4 (listed by the auto filter)?
Each printout has two pages that needs to be printed out recto verso. So I am looking for a macro that would print out all pages number one only. Then I would use the same macro basis to create a second macro that would print out all pages number two only.
I need to do it this way because my printer does not allow double-sided printing.
Thank you very much for your help!

What macro would I need to write to make my worksheet not print blank pages when I have hidden rows within my print area?

My current report has different 13 tables set up each table set to print on its own page. When the dropdown for "all managers" is selected, all tables (rows) are visible and all 13 pages need to print. However, when a specific manager is selected, I have a code written to hide rows for tables that are blank for that manager. When I go to print however, it prints a blank page where the hidden table is located. The hidden tables are always going to be in the middle of the report, meaning i need to have pages print before and after the hidden areas.

Thanks for any help!

I have a sheet setup with 6 identical A4 pages on it spread horizontally. The title pains across the top and left hand side are frozen. The pages span from left to right and a user would fill in each page sequentially left to right. A user may only wish to use say 2 of these pages on the sheet, is there any way I can make Excel change the print area so that it only prints these two pages. Basically I would like to set it up so that if text is entered into a specific cell on a page then it will set the print area to print that page.

I'm trying to print two sheets within the same workbook at the same time as a single print job. This way sheet1 is the front and sheet2 the back.

It I do select both sheets and then print active sheets Excel creates two print jobs, forcing the printer to start the second sheet on a new page.

This page break between the prints means that I have two single sheets printed out of the printer rather than one piece of paper in duplex.

Any ideas on a work around for this?

The two two sheets are only a sinlge page in size, but have different column widths so wont easily go onto a single worksheet.

Hi board,

I'm not sure if this post really belongs in this forum, but I'll give it a try.
I'm trying to configure my excel printing behaviour so that it prints 2 pages on one sheet. I can do this manually each time via print-->properties-->finishing and then change the pages per sheet. I also already created a print task quick set in order not having to switch the prints per page, but still, it is a manual task every time again.
Can someone provide me a siple vba code that takes care of this everytime it press the print button? Ideally, the program would ask a confirmation to print 2 sheets on one page right after clicking the print button, so that in case you do want to print page per page, you can still do so.

any help is much appreciated.

I have a file that has approximately 40 pages in it. 3 of the pages are portrait and the other 37 are landscape. The lasndscape sheets are coming out upside-down. There is a function in the File/Print/Properties/Rotated, that will flip the pages. Problem: the file will not save that change, so I must go through the file ...Rotated 37 times per week or manually flip the pages. Other than writing a macro to flip the pages, is there any way to make excel save the change or is it a Windows/Printer problem? By the way, this only happens on one of the printers, the others print fine (but the others are 5 times slower). Xerox and our IT dept can't seem to solve the problem, we have given them 4 months and still no solution.

I have a stock sheet set up that has 300 rows of "if" formulas, but sometimes I only use 20-30 rows. Right now when I print, it prints all 9 pages thinking that the unused formulas are active. Is there a way to print only pages with real values. I know you can do "print selected", but this is a work spreadsheet that I am trying to make as user friendly as possible.

Thank you for any help.

I have a user that tries to print a spreadsheet that should be 1 page, yet it wants to print out thousands of pages, mostly blank. This is a form on the network, accessed via citrix. It is read only and this user fills it out and prints it. We actually prefer they save it to their own pc and use it there and save copies, but she insists on this way. But it still is a puzzler as to why this is happening to this person. I have printed this file to the same printer this user would use successfully.

I have an excel spreadsheet which is 2 pages long by 1 page wide. I have used the margin tools and the fit to 2 x 1 page tools to make it fit as I need it. When I print to a conventional printer it comes out fine, However when i print to a PDF writer (Roynasoft PDF Printer) each excel cell (for the entire worksheet even the empty ones) is printed to a separate pdf page creating a PDF document of hundreds of thousands of pages (each showing a single cell).

I am using office 2007 on a windows vista machine, but have tried using aN XP machine (still office 2007) and the same thing happens.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this behaviour? Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,


Hope you folks can help me out with a strange one.

I have several worksheets formatted in exactly the same way as follows:

Col A - width 4
Col B - hidden
Col C - width 4
Col D - Width 108
Col E - Width 3
Col F - Width 11
Col G - Hidden
Col H - Width 11 & Empty

My print range should be Cols A:G (I have used page setup to set the
scaling to fit 1 page wide by [blank] pages tall, thus each sheet will
print as many pages as required depending on number of rows]

When I have the print range set to A:G only columns A:E show on the
print preview (and also on the actual print out) and when I make print
area A:F only A:C show on the print preview.

To get A:G printed I have to set the print area to A:H.

In all 3 of the examples above when I look at the print preview there
is a blank area on the right hand side of the page where the missing
columns SHOULD be but aren't... ie the size of the page seems to be
formatted correctly to include all the columns i want but they just
don't print unless 1 extra column is selected in the print area.

Has anyone out there experienced this problem before?
Thanks in advance.


I have a defined print area, A1:L134

I want it to print 3 pages, no more, no less.

I have the page setup, page tab set to fit to 1 page wide by 3 pages tall.

I have tried page breaks but the seem to do nothing.

I want rows 1-60 on page 1, 61-110 on page 2, and rows 111 - 134 on page 3.

How can this be acheived?

I have made a form on a spreadsheet that is fit to only one page. But when it goes to print, it prints 50 pages of stuff that isn't needed. Since this is going to be used by other people is there a way to either:

1. No matter what, everytime they try print, it will only print the first page of sheet 1?

2. Disable printing all together and force them to use a button that will print the first page only.

I've tried playing around with

Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean)
    Sheets("Sheet1").PrintOut From:=1, To:=1
End Sub

this but haven't had any luck getting it to work. I even tried an If print activesheet = sheet1 cancel print, but that didn't work either. Any help would be greatly appreciated!