Design Of One Way Slab Using Excel Sheet

I have an excel sheet for designing of two way slab but that sheet is password protected. I had downloaded that sheet from internet so even I dont know the password of it. If anybody can crack its password.
Second thing is that I want a similar sheet for designing of one way slab. I know that this sheet is made using macro but I have no idea of using macro. If anyone can help me using macro. I also request if someone can make similar sheet for designing of one way slab. I want the designing to be be done using IS 456-2000 code and not ACI code.

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I have an excel sheet which I got from some where but now I don't know where I got it from. In this sheet there is design of TWO WAY SLAB. I want similar sheet for designing of one way slab. There is macro in this sheet. This sheet works excellent. I am structural design Engineer.
I want to learn use of MACRO as it is very helpful in working with excel. I have to constantly make design sheets for various calculations. If anybody can help me work with it. Please provide me the kind of sheet for design of one way slab as I have attached.
Thank you.

Hello All,

In excel i have data as per below format

Emp ID Name CheckIn Checkout hrs/Duration SLAB
aaa 10:16 AM 7:36 PM 9:20
bbb 11:21 AM 8:37 PM 9:16

i want to calculate slab through formula.

Slab details
7-8 hrs should be in slab - A
8-9 hrs should be in slab - B
9-10 hrs should be in slab - C
10-11 hrs should be in slab - D


Would it be possible to make macro in Excel, to utilize granite slabs.
I work at the project, and usually I got slab which is different size. I recieve the sizes of the granite worktops, and I need to draw the drawing and fit in that way the worktops one the slab to reach the best usage of the slab.
Another words I need to do the best utilization of the slab. sometimes i need to use 2 or 3 or more. The point is to use as small as possible.
Is it possible to do such a thing in excel, or do you think differet program will be better ?


Hi All,

I need a formula to calculate values from slab Ranges.

for e.g

columnA columnB
1-10 A
11-20 B
21-30 C
31-40 D
41-50 E
51-60 F
61-70 G
71-80 H
81-90 I
91-100 J
101-110 K
111-120 L

If suppose value in cell c1 is 15, answer would be 'B' in cell D1 becuase it falls in 11-20 slab in A2.

I am using IF condition but it is not working for more than 7 times. Is there any other way to do this!

Thanks in advance!


I want to apply slab rates to a figure.
For Example I have got a Number 400
Now want to apply slab rates like this

First 100 at 4.5/=
Next 200 hundreds (from 101 to 300) at 5/=
More than 300 at 6/=
please help creating formula
best regards

Dear All,

I have a typical problem. actually we need to calculate tax on a total income where the tax rate would change depending upon the tax slab in which the total taxable income falls. Tax would be calculated on the basis of following

Slab No. Range Tax rate
1 $0-$500 0%
2 $500-$1000 10%
3 $1000-$1500 15% plus $50
4 $1500-$2000 20% plus $125
5 >$2000 30% plus $225

Now the problem is that either I write a very lengthy "if" formula (which we have to rewrite if the tax slab changes). also this is not a one tme excercise, since tax has to be calculated in the same worksheet at 4-5 places and the taxable income would also change if other components are changed. Can you please suggest some way out???

Thanks in advance.


I am creating a macro is supposed to password protect a worksheet and then hide it.

I recorded the macro including entering a password. When I went to test the macro, it protected the sheet without setting a password at all.

I dont care if I have to manually enter the password or if it uses the password that i put in the macro, but at this point it doesnt password protect at all.

Anyone have any thoughs on how to correct this?

Hey guys,
So I have a sheet with sensitive information on it that cannot be viewed by everyone at our company, however this sheet is also used to update alot of things within the company on a daily basis.
I currently have two excel spreadsheets, one with all the important data that is password protected and another that pulls data from this sheet that everyone can access and update. Whenever I open the sheet everyone can access it updates by pulling data from the password protected sheet. When you do this it asks for the password. Is there anyway to get around this (autogenerate the password?) We can't turn off the password and we also can't give it out (otherwise it's pointless).
Any suggestions?


How to create a formula in Excel to calculate the transportation charges automatically if we input the distance and weight? The slab of distance and weight is given below.

I have a code in a sheet that refreshes a pivot table, but I have the sheet password protected. What do I put in the code to unlock the sheet with the password, refresh the data, and re-lock the sheet using that same passowrd? Thanks in advance.

As long as I'm posting, I have to ask this question. I'm sure others here have tackled this one!

As many of you know, there are easily-available software/macro app's that will quickly find the password and unlock a password-protected Excel worksheet.

This effectively makes the password Protect sheet function, kinda useless if my goal is to keep hidden all the code and function in cells that I consider my intellectual property.

Is there any "uncrackable" method where I can hide my cell functions and the password cannot be cracked by any method that is easily available to the "man on the street" who is searching the internet for ways to crack into a password-protected Excel workbook/worksheet? My meaning is that I'm OK with a method that can be cracked by say some experts at the FBI or CIA, but I at least want something at minimum is impenetrable by the vast majority of Excel users and Excel programmers.

Oh, I had better mention that of course I want to allow the user to be able to interact with the cells in the spreadsheet that are unlocked.


I'm wondering if someone would be able to help with a little macro problem. I'm a complete novice with macros and have had to Google everything for this but it's not helping me with the last problem.

I have a sheet which needs a macro to unprotect the sheet, sort the data then protect the sheet again. I have been able to create the macro however I don't want the spreadsheet users to be asked for the password (although I still want the password there). Every time I run the macro it asks for the password and I don't want it to.

So far I have:

Sub UnProtectSheet()


End Sub

then the code for sorting

Sub ProtectSheet()


End Sub

Any help which can be provided would be very much appreciated!

Many Thanks,



I'm working at linking 30 spreadsheets one sheet that combines the results from them. The problem I'm having is each workbook is password protected and it prompts me to enter the password for each spreadsheet each time I open the master sheet. Is there a way I can stop this. The good news is every workbook as the same password. Maybe some type of macro

Any help is excellent.

Hey all. I have the sheet tabs hidden in my workbook, but I really want to make sure they stay hidden even from a user who knows how to go into the excel options and check the "Show sheet tabs" check box. Is there any way to protect my sheet so that it requires a password to show the sheet tabs? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if there isn't any way to do this, is there any way to completely hide a sheet, but make it accessible when a macro is run? My problem is I have a sheet that contains a number of passwords, which is accessed by a password protected macro. I need certain users to be able to get to this sheet, but I don't want anyone else to be able to access it.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Hi Seniors,

Please guide for formula for Commission Slab based on the Achievement


Dear sir,

i have raw data from our system generated software where order value displays from 0.00 to lacs and crore i need the data buyer code wise that how many PO created from particular buyer for a particular slab range.
my slabe range is different
i need data for 0-1000, 1001-2500, 2501-5000, 5001-10000, 10001-25000, 25001-50000, 50001-100000, 100001-200000, 200001-3lac, 3 lac-3.5lac, 3.5lac - 5lac and 5lac - above



I have a workbook that has several protected sheets, several password protected sheet, and several non-protected sheets.

I've looked all over, and cannot seem to find code that tests for the password protection status of a sheet (i.e. not just protected but password protected).

I've found a lot of information on the Workbook HasPassword property, but nothing at Worksheets level.

Is there such a code for this test, and/or is there another way of finding out?

Thanks in advance.


I'm working in Excel 2000 (I know -- first mistake) on a spreadsheet that I wanted protected (for the formulas), but the user has to be able to add a row and copy the formula that is in the row above, down into the row they just inserted.

The sheet consists of six columns, with different formulas in each. If you were just working on the sheet, you would select the bottom cells of the row and use the handle to drag the formulas down one row. The code can't refer to static cell labels because rows will be inserted and deleted from the sheet.

So I think I need a macro that will: (1) unprotect the password-protected sheet; (2) insert a row above the current insertion point (3) copy the formulas down from the row above and then (4) password protect the sheet again.

Doesn't seem that tough, but I don't work with this stuff enough to keep sharp. Thanks.

Backstory: A sheet was protected, the only individual with the password is out all week and a change was required for those of us not on vacation to continue our jobs this week. So I went ahead and used VBA to break the password but in doing so I accidentally saved before realizing that it broke and replaced the passwords for the entire workbook which has many, many protected sheets.

Is there any way to use VBA (or another method) to replace the passwords with a user-defined password for all worksheets simultaneously? I know what the new password for the sheets is. I'd like to make recovering from this as easy as possible

I'm new to posting on forum as well as new to VBA so please forgive me.

I have some code that protects a sheet so that nothing can be changed on the sheet but also allows grouping/ungrouping functionality to work (i.e. enable outlining). Also on this same sheet, I have a SAP Business Warehouse query embedded onto the sheet (i.e. Excel Add-In). I am able to refresh my query if the sheet is protected but no password is used when creating the protection. However, when I use a password with my sheet protection, I get the error message "Function is not available on a protected worksheet" when I am trying to refresh the query. (fyi to refresh this query, the user must click an icon on the SAB Business Warehouse add-in toolbar).

Below is the code I am using to set the protection and the password.


    ActiveSheet.EnableOutlining = True
    ActiveSheet.Protect Password:="secure", Contents:=True, userInterfaceOnly:=True

I have tried without VB code to turn sheet protection on with and without a password and I am getting the same effect (i.e. query will refresh when not using a password but will not refresh when using a password).

I prefer not to have VB code that the user has to use to refresh the query (i.e. turn off protection, run query, turn on protection). I guess if that is the only option, then I will need to do this. Any ideas as to how this can be done? Thks!

The worksheet is already passord protected. I have assorted macros created to unlock the sheet with the password (without any user interface), perform a procedure and then reprotect the sheet. On the payroll portion of the worksheet, if the rows have been hidden, what is the code to require the user to provide a password that will unhide those rows (without unprotecting the entire sheet)?

Hi all,

I have this excel files protected by password and I need to unprotect it so
I go to Tools -> Protection -> Unprotect Sheet to unprotect my worksheet.
The password was right and the process went on correctly without any error
or problem.

but the next time I open the same file again, I was prompted to key in
password again. and I had to use the same password to go in.

When I check on the Tools -> Protection. The unprotect sheet change to
Protect sheet. which means by right it should be an unprotected file. but
why I was prompt for password ?

I suspected it is due to corrupted file content. but how to fix it ? or it
is something else.

Any help is very much appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

Bernard Goh
Success Electronics & Transformer Manufacturer Sdn Bhd

I work in a large organization and I have no idea who protected an excel
sheet that I now have to alter - they may not even be here any more. I have
tried copying the sheet and workbook but it keeps the password even if I copy
it to my hard drive. I understand the need to keep the password on the
original but I want to have my own copy that I can adjust.


Hey All

I was looking to set up a username/password protected workbook.
I was hoping if I can make certain sheets visible depending on the username.

so e.g
User 1 will only get access to Sheet1 but
User 2 will get acess to Sheet1 and Sheet 2

I will have about 30 users so I am assuming I would have to have a seperate sheet to store the login/password information or can it all be hidden in the VBA?

Optional: Would it be better if we set up a 3rd field called Type when prompting for login and password. Type would be "user","manager","owner".
All users will get access to Sheet 1 only.
Managers will get access to Sheet 1 and Sheet 2.
Owner will get access to Sheet 1, 2 and 3

Also, I would like to store the username in cell A1 of Sheet 1 as all calculations in this sheet will be based on this value.

Also, any tips on making the workbook more secure above and beyond the excel sheet/workbook password protection and password protection on the VBA as VERY welcome.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Hi All,

When I password-protect a worksheet that has a dynamic Table, I lose the dynamic effect of the Table. I need help with this, please.

I populate an Excel 2007 dynamic table with data from a Userform. But when I try to password-protect the sheet containing the Table, the dynamic feature/effect stops working. In order to protect the sheet, I apply a vba code to ensure that when data is being written onto the Table (from the Userform), the table is unprotected, and when the writing is complete, the table is protected.

Below is the code that I use:

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With the above code applied to the Userform, the next step I take is to go back to Excel, Protect Sheet, and add a password - hoping to click 'Save'. But as soon as I click OK after confirming the password, the dynamic feature of the Table disappears, and the Table no longer works as a Dynamic Table. If I remove the password just added, the feature comes back.

I need to protect the Sheet, and I need help with this, please.

Thank you all for your support.