Formula To Convert A Numeric Value Into English Word


is there any specific formula is available in excel 2007 to convert a numeric value into English word .


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I've found plenty of resources explaining how to convert numeric values into English words ( for example) but nothing for the other way around.

Ideally I'd like to convert Bill into 1, Ben into 2, Weed into 3 etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


i want to convert the figure 123456 into (english) word
I also want to group the digit like 12,25,458
Both the answer should be in excel

I have installed the English (language) version of Excel.
When I use Excel I type in English, also I type the numbers in English, but the numbers are displayed in Arabic!! in spite of my keyboard is adjusted to English letters.

How to convert numbers to English.

I have here an english installation of MS Office 2003 on an english WinXP.

From a colleague I got an Excel sheet with german formulas function inside.
Such a function is e.g. "WENN(....)" which corresponds to the english

My english Excel installation understand not these function names from foreign languages.

How can I automatically convert these (all) german function names into english function names?

If this is not possible inside Excel: Is there a 3rd party tool which does the job?

Thank you

you know how sometimes when you paste a value into a cell it reads like a
number but Excel thinks its text and aligns it to the left and gives you a
little dropdown menu with options such as keep this value as text or to
convert it to numeric data. I have a whole column of mostly numbers (and
excel is storing them as numeric data) and want to convert them to text. I
don't have that menu option available since excel thinks they're numbers.
Is there a way to convert numeric data to text?



I'm asking this on behalf of a friend who is having trouble answering. Since we have different schedules, responses may be spread out.

I'm using Excel 2003 and I need to take data from cells and convert it to numeric value. For example, if "Alex" output "1", if "Bob" output "2", if "Carl" output "3" etc. I know the "IF" function can return the value I'm looking for if true, and if false for the first value pass it off to another nested IF function, for example, =IF(Alex,1,IF(Bob,2,IF(Carl,3,Unknown))). Unfortunately, I can only nest up to 7 IF functions, and I have 10 variables I need to convert to numeric designations. Any help on a better way of doing this would be much appreciated.

The specific data I need to convert is located in a table at . The data I'm having a problem with is under the Yield column, the numeric designations and the text I want them to result from is listed below if this is relevant.

0 - Ultimate Wad
1 - 3W
2 - 2W/1W+3N
3 - 1W/4N
4 - 3N
5 - 2N/1N+3P
6 - 1N/4P
7 - 3P
8 - 2P
9 - 1P
10 - Epic

In excel how can we convert number in to english text?

This facility is there for BAHTTEXT Thai text.

why not in english?


Need assistance with this... can't seem to understand the format cells portion. Can someone help.

Sample spreadsheet attached..

Thanks in advance.

French Macros would help too..

Greetings all,

I have a problems that would be great if someone could solve.

I've got a table that contains a number of dates and below that, an alphabetic grade that a person received on each date. I need to find a way to convert each alphabetic grade to a numeric grade and then get the average of that numeric grade to appear in the 'average' cell at the end.

I know how to convert alphabetic to numeric and have that result appear in another column, but I need to just have the average of all the grades appear and I don't want to add any new columns. I know it's possible, but I can't get it to work.

The alphabetic grades and their equivalents a U=49.9, DC:62.5, VC=80, SC=90, EC=95.

I've attached a simplified version of the doc.

Thanks for your help in advance.


I want to know the excel formula which convert the any numeric figure into the words of that country's currency ( depends upon the user.)


The figure is 123456.52

Expected result should be:-

Rupees one lakh twenty three thousand four hundred fifty six and paise fifty two only

Is there any excel formula?

Best Regards

Pradeep Kumar Gupta

while printing account ihave type the number in figures and words whether
there is any function to convert the numbers into words. There is a function
called bahttext for converting into thai text. Similar funtions in english is

Does the PROPER function (or the VBA equivalent) work differently in different countries or does it always apply the same fixed logic of capitalising the first character of each word?

The reason I ask is that I'm based in the UK, but I work on data from UK, France and The Netherlands.

When processing data each month, one step in the process is to convert a number of columns to Proper Case. This is done either using the PROPER function (if there's not much data), or the following VBA:

For Each c In Selection
    c.Value = StrConv(c.Value, vbProperCase)
Next c

This works fine on my English data, but the French and Dutch language have different rules for what is and isn't capitalised (for example, in Dutch, letters "Ij" are considered a single character and if they're the first two characters in a word, both should be capitalised). Similarly, in French, certain words beginning l' need to have the l (L) in lower case.

Using wither of these methods of converting to proper case results in what are technically gramattical errors in these other languages, just as having text like "tHis tExt cApitalised" would be wrong in English (NB: My code doesn't actually do that to text! That's just an example of how incorrect capitalisation in English would be incorrect IF applied in that manner. Just as reading that text in English appears incorrect to an English speaker, the conversions that I do perform on the French and Dutch data will appear incorrect to French or Dutch speakers).

If PROPER or VBA Code does work differently in different countries, is there any way of forcing a UK English setup to apply the Dutch or French capitalisation rules?


Does anyone know of a way to convert alpha-numeric text to numeric text? E.g. I want to be able to convert 2a (which is in one column) to the value 17 (in another column)

Many thanks,


Is there any formula to write digits convert into word ?
Eg: - Can 1020 Convert into "One thousand twenty" with the help of any formula ?

Hi Guys,

Hope someone can help me.

I have several graphs in excel which has the percentage number as follows: 15,5 %. I want to convert the number to 15.5 % so it is in line with the english language.

Can someone please help me?

I want to show the a sum of few numbers in word. For Example-
(Rupees : One hundred and fifteen only.)

In EXCEL XP PRO I am trying to write a formula to convert cells containing a
letter to a number and am having little success. i.e. A1005 to 11005 or
B1273 to 21273.

Can you enlighten me?

Is there any way to convert a Word table that has multiple paragraphs in each
cell to Excel without going through a third-party converter? I have several
hundred rows to convert, and copying and pasting each paragraph into the
Excel Workbook is not a viable option. The Table to Text tool in Word also
doesn't give me control over the paragraphing. With everything I've tried,
each paragraph winds up in a separate row in Excel.

Thanks for any support.

I have a report that generates time data in this format in an excel cell:

2 days, 19 hours, 56 minutes

How can I convert this to a numeric value so that I can use the data for calculations?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I'm updating numeric data on a pre-existing excel spreadsheet using C# and I was just wondering if Excel has any built in option to display null numeric values as zero. Currently, my null values display as blank.

I can convert these values in my C# code however if there's a way to already do this in excel, I'll take that approach instead.

Thanks in advance.



I am having a problem with a workbook that was created in a German version of excel, and is being opened with an English version of excel.

The specific cell that is causing the problems is coded as:
My expectation is that excel would translate this cell to:

If I manually change the german word "Adresse" to the english word "Address", it will work as expected. The problem with the manual translation is that when the German colleague tries to make updates, he will run into the same problem. We needs to to translate automatically when excel is opened. All other functions seem to translate as expected. Any suggestions on how to get this cell to translate properly?

Excel version is 2003, SP3 (11.8328.8329) , also the office proofing tools are installed with the German dictionaries.

An extension to the Convert function to convert a decimal currency into a
word format (ie. from $51.06 to Fifty One Dollars and Six Cents). This would
be ideal for invoices & other functions.

please let me know how do i convert bahttext into english text


I just got the new Office 2007 on a Vista computer. And earlier I used an English Excel version.

How can I get my now Norwegian version of Excel, to accept English formulas?

I've tried to change the language, but I see no change...

Hey All,

After reading some threads online, I believe that the .Formula method auto translates functions to their respective non-English translations (or am I incorrect in this belief?).

I was wondering whether using the Evaluate function in VBA, using regular English version functions, would also automatically translate to the correct function in the non-English versions?