Excel Shortcut- Switch To Previous Sheet

I wanted a shortcut that moved between the last two sheets selected.

Similar to how Alt+Tab works with windows.

example: I have Sheet1 until Sheet 10, I work in Sheet2 then I switch my work to Sheet10, I want to back to Sheet2 quickly by using shortcut. Not use CTRL + PageUp because it just move to one previous sheet from Sheet10 to Sheet9.
Its really helpful if we have many sheet & need to work quickly.


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I recently got a new laptop, and the shortcut key Ctrl+Alt+F3 to bring up the "New Name" box no longer works. I went back to my old laptop to make sure I'm not crazy, and the shortcut works there, still. The other F3 shortcuts work okay (Ctrl+F3 for the "Name Manager" and Ctrl+Shift+F3 for "Create Name").

I've searched the web for discussions about this shortcut, and I can only find a handul of posts that discuss Ctrl+Alt+F3 as a shortcut. Any ideas?



This problem seems stupid but I really in trouble and need your help. Currently, I used Windows 7 with Microsoft Excel 2010 in Lenovo Thinkpad laptop. I notice that I cannot use an Excel keyboard shortcut to add row, delete row and other shortcut i.e. remove border

Normally, I used following shortcut;

- Ctrl + shift + '=' (beside backspace) or Ctrl + '+' will add new row to the row you currently select in Excel.
- Ctrl + '-' (beside '0' number) will remove a select row in Excel.

However, now I can't use any of those shortcut anymore. I have to turn on "numlock" and use '/' button which very complicate for me.

I try other machine that have Windows 7 and Excel 2007 and it came out that the above shortcut work fine. My old system use Windows XP and Excel 2010 also work fine as well.

Anybody know what's happen with my system?

I have protected one of the worksheets in my workbook, so that it's only possible to select unlocked cells.

If I start on an unprotected sheet, then I can use Ctrl + Page Up / Down to navigate to the protected sheet as usual.

However, once I'm in the protected sheet, I get stuck there and the shortcut stops working. Instead of navigating to the next sheet, the shortcut moves me over to column AF in the same sheet!

What's happening!?!

Thanks, Helen

PS I haven't had any suggestions yet. So I've attached an example workbook. If you open it up and try navigating through the sheets with Ctrl + Page Down, you'll see it doesn't work. I would really appreciate an explanation for why the shortcut doesn't work anymore. Anyone any ideas?? Is there any way I can work round it to make the shortcut key work again?

Thanks again, Helen

Hello again . . .

It seems the shortcut for navigating between sheets will work if I allow the user to "select unlocked cells" and "select locked cells" when I protect the sheet. That way the user needs to tab between the unlocked cells instead of using the arrow keys. But at least the navigation shortcut between sheets doesn't stop working!

I would still be interested to hear from anyone who has any ideas about why the shortcut stops working if I don't allow the user to "select locked cells". Is it just one of the those funny Excel inconsistencies???

Thanks for those of you who pondered over this query. /Helen


Is there a keyboard shortcut in Excel 2007 that will return me to the previous cell I was just at? After doing a ctrl [ to see the source of a cell, I want to be able to go back to where I was at originally; however, the ctrl [ doesn't work since the new cell likely has other dependents. Thanks.

Hello all

Just wondering if there is any shortcut to go back to the previous cell, like in word Shift+F5 takes back to the previous word then again to the previous one and so on.

I tried Ctrl+Backspace which i read but its not working


I can easily of course create a shortcut on my desktop to a Excel file.

I can also create a hyperlink to a specific worksheet in a workbook - by using: ....filename.xls#worksheetname

However, when I try to create a shortcut to a specifc worksheet, it doesn't work. It will open the Excel file but not open the specific worksheet. The problem is that the windows shortcut seems to try to read the #worksheetname as part of the file.

With the #worksheetname in the shortcut, windows says file not found, with it off the shortcut works fine.

Any ideas? All I want to do is create a shortcut that opens to a particular worksheet?

Thanks as always!

I have a problem, I need to asign a keyboard shortcut that gives the degree sign.
The thing is that the person that needs it, doesn't have the degree sign in the keyboard, and he says that in word he presses CTRL or ALT +d and it inserts the sign, but it doesn't work with excel.
I tried recording a macro that inserts the degree sign, and then assigned a shortcut, but it works only if the cell will only have that symbol.
My boss needs to be typing any phrase and in any moment while typing press any keyboard shortcut and it should work.
Hopefully you guys understand me.
Thanks a lot

I use the alt+tab shorcut to switch between open windows. It works for all other applications (even going from another one to Excel), but if I want to switch between two spreadsheets, it doesn't work. Is there a setting that I need to adjust for this? Any guidance will be helpful.

I know that ctrl+tab works, but I'd like to use alt+tab universally. Also, my Tools -> Options -> Windows in Toolbar is checked.


Update...If I open two separate Excel windows it seems to work fine. Apparently, it's just an issue when I open two spreadsheets in the same Excel window....if that makes any sense. Still, this could get annoying so any help is appreciated.

I've made a userform with buttons to go to the next and previous record. I can allocate N and P as shortcuts using the Properties interface for the button. It'd be nice to use the arrow keys to navigate. But when I try to do that using the Properties box, it doesn't work.

Is it possible to use an arrow key as a shortcut for a button or shortcut to call a subroutine?

thanks in advance,

Hi guys,

I have a long history working with Excel and I have always relied on the keyboard shortcuts to zip through my heavy spreadsheet work.

For some reason that I cannot fathom, the keyboard shortcut for highlight column, CTRL-Spacebar, no longer works. The shortcut for highlight row (SHIFT-Spacebar) works just fine.

I have trawled the web for answers to my queries and the closest "I Don't Know" answer is he


I have tried using the CTRL-Spacebar shortcut in safe mode but it is still not functioning.

Do any of you know of any reasons why this should be happening? The closest answer I can think of is that another program is intercepting the CTRL-Spacebar keystrokes. However, I can't remember installing anything recently other than XP Service Pack 3.

All help is definitely appreciated!

PS: My Excel version is 2003

After I have traced a formula using Ctrl+[, what is the keyboard shortcut to return to the same cell from where I traced the formula?

I can only get Ctrl+] to work if all the referenced cells are within one worksheet. If I am writing formulas using cells in 1 or more worksheets and I try Ctrl+], I receive the error "No cells were found".

I used to know a shortcut to do this. I thought it was Tab+Tab+F2+Enter, but that is not working.

I really appreciate help. This keyboard shortcut used to save me so much time and I need it again!

I made a userform to add comments and shortcut keys to subs I've written. Basicly, it is just a more userfriendly way to work with application.macrooptions. But to make sure, I do not overwrite an existing shortcut, either a standard Excel shortcut,or a shortcut previously assigned to another macro, I would like to create a function which checks if the shortcut is already assigned. Anyone a clue how to do this?

I searched the internet already, and all that I found that comes close is an addin of Ivan Moala, which creates a list of all the shortcuts in use. Only, the download page seems to have expired. As I found lots of reference to his Addin, I think that it must be a good addin, but also one of the only addins available?

any help will be highly appreciated.

Hello All,

I would like to be able to right click on an Excel file to create a shortcut then adjust that shortcut to open the file read only.

I have tried to put the '/r' in front of the file name in the target area but get a message that the fiel name is not valid.

I have also tried to adjust a shortcut the the Excell program itself but that also did not work for me.

If there are any suggestions I would appreciate it.


In Windows you press Alt-Tab to move between applications. I want to know if
it's possible to do this same thing with a shortcut key within Excel. That
is, I want to know if there si an Excel shortcut key equivalent to Alt-Tab so
I can move between sheets in Excel like I move between applications in

Using Office 2007

I created a new macro & used CTRL+P as the keyboard short cut.

How do I reset CTRL+P back to the default shortcut for printing.


I use the CTRL+SHIFT+$ Currency shortcut often. Recently it's won't format the cell correctly (it only has 1 decimal place & the negative numbers aren't turning red). Below is an example of what I mean:

14500.32 CTRL+SHIFT+$ returns- $14,500.3
-14500.32 CTRL+SHIFT+$ returns- ($14,500.3)

Any idea how to reset the shortcut?


I've using the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+ARROWS to select cell for as long as i can remember, but today i started having troubles with this shortcut.

I can't use it anymore!!!!

I can still use Shift+arrows, Ctrl+arrows to the bottom or beggining of the page...

One of the odd things that i've encountered are that when i click ctrl+arrow (right), it does the same as pressing the TAB button....

It's not a sticky keys issue, as i've already disabled them...

Please any help here would be greatly appreciated!!!!

I have 3 worksheet ( Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3 )

I have this formula to populate the worksheet's name into a cell.
= cell("filename")

it works, but if I switch worksheets, the previous value stays the same.it seems the =cell("filename") is not updating when I switch to the sheet.

or am I missing something?

Is there an easier way to define a worksheet's name ( either formula or custom function? )

Hello, everyone. Can anyone tell me if there's a keyboard shortcut to
increase or decrease the number of decimal places displayed? If not, can I
create a keyboard shortcut? I've done that in Word, but I can't find a
similar feature in Excel.


is it possible to force a manual calculation on just a single work sheet from a keyboard shortcut key?



I would like to remove the Ctrl+D shortcut from the Excel cause it causes me
a lot of trouble. It's a built in shortcut. Can I remove it in any way? Tks.

Hello. I work at a hospital where I have an excel spreadsheet of all inventory (computers/printers/etc). I use UltraVNC to remotely connect to my computer stations and troubleshoot. What I would like to have is a link or macro that would allow me to click the name of the computer I want to connect to in Excel and open up UltraVNC with the argument .

If you run a shortcut 'vnc.lnk' with a target "path\VNCviewer.exe " (without quotes or brackets), VNC will open and automatically attempt to connect to the computer with that name.

So I need to execute VNC.exe with a parameter to automatically input the workstations' name in the corresponding cell.

I've attempted a hyperlink which does work and seems like the easiest thing, however I get about 4 popups (warnings about macros, then viruses, then a popup asking where i want to 'move' the shortcut to, then where i want to 'copy' it to). If I cancel or ok all these VNC will popup and ask for a password.

I've also attempted a batch file which then runs the VNC shortcut. This also works, but the problem is that I have 150+ workstations and I don't want a separate shortcut and batch for each one. I want a single vnc.exe which I can place the computer name into.

I hope this makes sense. Thanks so much for any help! I'm not great with VB but I'm trying to learn. I'm willing to try whatever I need.

I am trying to do a conditional function across multiple tabs and multiple cells. Is it possible?

=AVERAGE('Sheet 1:Sheet10'!a15:a2000) works fine but when I add in the conditional if I receive a value error.

=AVERAGEIF('Sheet 1:Sheet 10'!C115:C2000,B2,'Sheet 1:Sheet10'!A15:A2000)

=AVERAGEIFS('Sheet 1:Sheet 10'!A15:A2000,'Sheet 1:Sheet 10'!C15:C2000,B2)

I installed Excel 2007 and I have a major problem which is slowing me down drmatically...
Everything seems to be fine EXCEPT for the Ctrl+digits shortcuts which won't work at all!
Ctrl+1 is a shortcut I hit constantly and using its alternative (Ctrl H FM) is just too time consuming.

Any idea of where I can fix this?
What menu, what option?

Thanks a lot in advance!

There is a shortcut function to get to the linked data - it is not a macro. (i.e. it should be something like ctrl+shift+b or ctrl+shift+F5. If anyone knows the shortcut, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!