Conditional If Statement With Percent

Hi everyone-

I'm trying to figure out the formula that will place the word "yes" if cell A is less than 25% of cell C.

For example, "Yes" if cell A1 (Quantity in stock) is less than 25% of C1 (Quantity in reorder), or "No" if this condition is no met.



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The numbers in B3=0, C3=2 and D3=0 the formula I'm using is:

=IF(B3="0",1,IF(B3="5",1,IF(B3="1",2,IF(B3="6",2,IF(B3="2",3,IF(B3="7",3,IF(B3="3",4,IF(B3="8",4,IF( B3="4",5,IF(B3="9",5))))))))))

For cell "B3" the formula works

Now for both the next two cells C3 & D3 the formula is:

=IF(C3="0",1,IF(C3="5",1,IF(C3="1",2,IF(C3="6",2,IF(C3="2",3,IF(C3="7",3,IF(C3="3",4,IF(C3="8",4,IF( C3="4",5,IF(C3="9",5))))))))))

=IF(D3="0",1,IF(D3="5",1,IF(D3="1",2,IF(D3="6",2,IF(D3="2",3,IF(D3="7",3,IF(D3="3",4,IF(D3="8",4,IF( D3="4",5,IF(D3="9",5))))))))))

Doesn't work and displays "FALSE" ?????

I don't the luxury of wasting time, the formula should work but I don't understand why it isn't, could anyone please help me. (Probably just stressed and tried.)

Thanks ahead of time,

Hi All,

I have a problem that I hoping you guys could help with.

I am trying to create a matrix that consists of cells derived from results of an IF statement. The issue I have is that when the condition is TRUE, I would like the IF statement to return a value formatted in $ (accounting dollars) and for the FALSE condition, I would like the statement to return a custom format. The custom format is nothing but the result (now in %) appended with custom text).

D4 = $36.80
B14 = $1000
C13 = "12 Months"
D13 = "24 Months"
E13 = "36 Months"

The condition looks like this..
=IF($B14/LEFT(C$13,2)>$D$4,$D$4-$B14/LEFT(C$13,2),($B14/LEFT(C$13,2))/$D$4&"% OFF")

And my results look like this (from left to right - and this is the 1st row of the matrix)

$(46.53) $(4.87) 0.754830917874396% OFF

While the numbers are correct, in the last cell, I am unable to format. It should read as 75.48% OFF.

Would appreciate your help.

Thanks much...

Hi all, please I want to update my Stock Quantity if I sold Item X or Y or Z and added the quantity of the item sold.

I attached my excel sheet, how could be a possible easy way to automatically update the stock quantity if i changed the sold items quantity?

I have A2:A6 as a Drop down List . Items are "Batteries" <== name list

P.S The Quantity of each battery name is under Stock beside the name of each battery.

Thank you!

In addition to coloring a cell via conditional formatting. Can the cell also be conditionally formatted to return a text message. Normally I would use a "IF" statement, but the cells in question also contain a validation list drop down that wipes out the "IF" statement whenever the selection is changed. I'm looking for the conditional formatting or VBA code to overide the validation list when condition is met.
A1:A2000 contains a validation list.
If B1:B2000 is greater than "0", enter "Done" in adjacent "A" cell.


I am looking to highlight a row depending on values of different cells within the same row.

I have implemented conditional formatting but once one condition is met stays like that. I would like to change the formatting if Condition that I class Higher importance to override any others.

A quick example:

A4:M4 = Title Row

Condition 1 - If there is value in cell H1 then highlight the row (A4:M4) "Green". If this condition is met please override any existing.

Condition 2 : If Cell H1 >G1+30 then highlight the row (A4:M4) "Red". If previous condition is (condition 3 below) then override but do not override Condition 1.

Condition 3: If cell D1 >C1+10 then highlight the row (A4:M4) "Blue". It can be over-ridden by condition 2 and 1.

Any help would be much appreciated

Many Thanks

I'm trying to figure out how to write a formula to satisfy the following multiple conditions:

If cell v4>1 and cell x4="FR",-1 and
If cell v4=1 and cell x4="FR",3 and
If cell v4>1 and cell x4="CL",2 and
If cell v4=1 and cell x4="CL",-3

So I have 2 cells I'm working with here and 4 conditions that I want to assign: either a -1,3,2, or -3, depending on whether the user types the text FR or CL into cell X4.

Thanks and happy holidays.

Good Morning,
Trying to Combine If statement and a Mid statement in One Cell vs two separate cell.
Cell with text in it is D2--cell reads-- 001-012400-000-7010-000.
from this I used =mid(d2,5,6) returns 012400 - which was easy but I want IF that was true do this..
the if this true I want the formula to return the word "Location" if don't match then blank cell.
I wrote this - but doesn't work.

=If(MID(d2,5,6)="012400","Location"," ")

Any help would be great

Hi all, here's kind of an interesting one I think. I have a formula in a cell which attempts to grab a value on another sheet that's dynamically changing in real-time (it's a live stock price changing in realtime via DDE). My objective is to grab this current live stock price when it is between the times of 10:30 AM and 5:00 PM, bt as *soon* as it goes past 5 PM, I want this formula cell to display the very *last* (ie.the one just before) value it had just before the time rolled over past 5 pm.

Here's my formula:


=IF(AND(TEXT(NOW(),"hh:mm:ss") >="10:30:00", TEXT(NOW(),"hh:mm:ss") <="17:00:00"), Tickers!T12)

... as you can see, the "live" price I'm grabbing is Tickers!T12. This works fine during my specified times, but as soon as it goes past 5PM, it displays FALSE in my formula cell (presumably because I never specified a 'false' condition in my IF statement). Instead of it showing FALSE, I need it to show the very last live price it had *before* it rolled over past 5 PM. Maybe this is not possible?


okay, I have a sheet with a bunch of skus, ie "MCREADER". If i have none in stock, I want it to be red. I will indicate that I have none in stock by putting a zero as the first character. So the sku would then be "0 MCREADER".

Now, I select that cell "C11" in this case. Go up to conditional formatting. And use the formula:


="IF(MID(C11, 1, 1) = 0)"

Select the background to be red.

But nothing happens. Is there something wrong with my formula.

Also, how would apply this to all the cells on the sheet. How do i copy & paste the conditional formatting to apply for all the cells, that i set up for that one cell.

If there's a better way to do this, please let me know.
thanks for any help in advance.

Im trying to apply conditional formatting to a cell depending upon what is in another cell eg.

A2 has a drop down box for either either yes or no

B2 If A2 = "Yes" or has no selection then I want to grey this cell out if "No" then i want the cell to be white

C2 If A2 = "Yes" or has no selection then I want to grey this cell out if "No" then i want the cell to be white and have the text "You must complete the required information"

I have tried various ways of entering formula's in conditional formatting but so far unsucessfully. For the text in c2 i can use an IF statement

Hi all,

I'm trying to apply some conditional formatting to a range of cells where, if the cell DOES NOT EQUAL the value "FALSE" and another cell contains the word "Red" (there's more colors, but that's academic) then formatting occurs.

In the conditional formatting box, I've entered the following formula:


I thought the "<>" would indicate does not equal, or at least give the same results, but no joy.

Any ideas?



I have a question about conditional formatting. How can I use one condition
to say "make the cell yellow if the number being judged is 15-20 percent
below or 15-20 percent above the target"? I ask how can i use one because
there are two other conditions +- 15%. and +- 20%.

I need to write a conditional formula that uses the OR function and nested inside an IF function is the ISTEXT logical condition checking to see if a cell has text. If it finds the cell has text, the condition tells the formula to check to see if it says "ATM" OR "Cash". If it satisfies either condition...the formula subtracts a certain amount from the original balance.

When I've tried to write such a formula, I always get a !VALUE! error or formula error creation errors. Thanks in advance.

I am trying to code a macro that will, in essence, divide all values in a non-contiguous range by 1000. BUT, the key is not to overwrite the formula.

Example: I have two ranges A1:C2 and T2:U:9 and all of the cells have a SUMIF() formula in them. Well, using a Combo Box with two choices (one for "in 000's" and one for "Original") I would like the user to be able to select "in 000's" and the macro APPEND "/1000" to the end of all of the formulas in the range. So that when the user then selects "Original" from the combo box it will take OFF the /1000 and the formula will stay in tact.

Is this possible?

I am trying to work out a process to help with a quantity surveying for the steel fabrication component of a project I am working on.(4000T)

I need to extract the data from the attached sheet for main members of steel only i.e.-UB, UC

Anything in the "Item" column that contains the letter "r" needs to be excluded but i still need all the data to line up with each particular Mark Number.

The method of measurement includes for the weight of the main raw member only .

I have about 1000 spreadsheets to review so any help to develop a macro would be greatly appreciated.


I have a stock control sheet i'm struggling with. I've got four columns where all the work needs to be done. As set out below,

No in Stock Reorder Level Reorder Quantity Stock Orders
2 30 10
58 55 80
4 45 10
34 28 50

So basically i need to fill in the Stock Orders column cells with either Re-order or Too Many, So taking the first cell from my sheet, No in Stock is 2 so its below the reorder level and so Stock Orders cell needs to show Re-order and then the next No in stock is 58 but re-order level is 55 so Too many. I've tried a few things but to no avail, this is my last try so far and it came up re-order....=IF(E2=G2,"Too Many,"))
Any help please?

For multiple cells in a fairly large spreadsheet, I would like to use conditional formatting (e.g. apply a red highlighted background) if the cell itself is equal to any of about 20 potential words (examples of these words are "unknown" or "N/A" or "not computed" or "score not calculated" or "Not reported", etc.). I would want the conditional statement to say something like, "If cell is equal to = "unknown" or "N/A" or "not computed" or "not reported" then turn cell red.

This is a data entry page that my data entry staff will be entering data into based on preset dropdown lists that I've already set. I just want to the file to automatically highlight in red the cells in which my data entry staff entered the specific words listed above, so that I can quickly scan the document and discuss the "red" cells with my data entry staff.

Hello friends, I have inventory xls file, I have Input, Inventory and stock sheets, I enter data in input sheet it automatically add to inventory sheet. But I want to link inventory sheet to stock sheet In Inventory sheet and in Transaction column If "purchase" word is in the cell it should add to stock sheet and if "sell" word is in the cell it should subtract from the stock sheet. Pls help.....

Hi all,

Trying to write an if formula to do the following:
If the text in cell A1 contains the word "Port", generate the word "INTERNATIONAL" in B1.
If A1 contains the word "MINE", generate the word "DOMESTIC" in B1.

I played around with a combination of an if and find formula but struggling a bit. Attached my workings


I have data validation and conditional formatting set for my sheets. However, I cannot figure out something.

I want a "comment" box (just as if I would click on "add comment") to pop up automatically if the user enters a certain value in a cell.

For example, if cell C4="1" then no further action is required. If cell C4=anything other than "1", then the user would be required to enter a comment. I would also like the comment to autopopulate with the users login id.

I will attach the book I am working on for reference, but I do not have any code written for this as I could not figure out where to start.

Any help would be appreciated!

Dear all,

I am trying to find a way to hide and unhide rows based on Textual condition.

I am visualizing 3 checkboxes. When the checkbox is checked, it will hide based on aCondition. And similarly for the other two checkboxes.

The condition is whether the row contains the word "Current" - Condition for the first checkbox

The condition is whether the row contains the word "Improvement" - Condition for the second checkbox

The condition is whether the row contains the word "new" - Condition for the third checkbox

If there is any other simple way to do this, please let me know. I dont want to use the Group/Ungroup option because it doesnt look good and can be confusing. Thanks a lot. Please see the file attached.

Dear All,

May I request for your kind assistance please in translating the below condition to a working formula for excel?

2010 actual sales (represented by x)
2011 forecast (represented by y)

1st condition
If AQ57="New" then grow AQ57 by 6%, if AQ57="Same" then grow AQ57 by 3% if AQ57="blank" then grow AQ57 by 4%

2nd condition (help needed)
If AQ57 is lower than 200,000 then get the average of W:AH then divide by 2 so that AQ57 will alway be equal to 200,000 or higher than 200,00

Hope someone can help me how to include the 2nd condition formula in the equation.

Thanks very much everyone.




I want to assign some value to a cell if some condition
is fulfilled. But if the condition is not true, I want
the cell to be empty.

But if I use a formla like this...


.... the cell gets the zero-length string value, which
is *NOT* identical to an empty cell, because if I
use CRTL-<up/down-arrow> to skip to the next non-empty
cell, a cell with value "" is a non-empty cell.

So, is there a way to clear a cells value by an assigngment?

Hello all.
I am trying to get the 3rd of the conditional formattings to format a color when a different cell has text in it that ends with an "A".
I have this formula in there now and not getting the result.


Thanks in advance for any help!

Hell all;

I have an excel spreadsheet that is linked to a pivot table. The cell will reflect what ever the pivot reference link is behind it.
Here's my problem, if the link doesn't exist (Null) I want the cell to reflect "0" (Zero).
I assumed the following formula work but it doesn't

=IF(=GETPIVOTDATA("SEAT AVAL",'ATRRS PIVOT'!$A$3,"MOS","13D1","FY","2009","QUARTER","Q1 ") Is Null, "0", =GETPIVOTDATA("SEAT AVAL",'ATRRS PIVOT'!$A$3,"MOS","13D1","FY","2009","QUARTER","Q1 "))

Any ideas on how to make this work would be appreciated. Thanks