Where Can I Get A Template For Excel To Track Vending Machine Tak.

where can I get a template for excel to track vending machine tak...

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How do I sart a inventory sheet to keep track of filling and sales of a
vending machine?

I am looking for some KPI board templates in Excel. I have a two shift, 6 machine operation. I would like to track pieces, footage, and weight per man hour. I currently have 30 employees. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

i'm looking for an excel template that will help me track business insurance
policies over a long period of time (compare coverage, deductibles, costs
etc,) while tracking carrier changes as well.

I am looking for a template or database that will track home building costs.
Keeping track of subs, invoices, payments, inspections, etc.

I am setting up an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of vendors, by invoice and
amount of the order. I am new at doing this. Is there a template where I
can just drop these in and it is done!!!

I am looking to track daily/weekly activites of my employees with
excel/pivot. Have been searching mainly for freeware but have not found
anything. Am looking to list name, date, kind of activity, positive/negative,
action item etc. - Is there something like this? The more employees, the
harder it gets to keep mental track of a specific worker (things he has done
good or bad) - Hence, a 'Employee Chronicle' template is what I am looking
for. Thank You

Hello all, I have attached a file I have started in Excel, its purpose is so the head of the Maintenence Dept here can keep up with the weekly and Monthly Downtime of a single machine, im not very skilled at Excel at this point so I was hoping one of you could help me out. I would like a simple way to set the date,machine id, downtime for entire month and ive left room so I can add a description of each machine. Thankx for any help.

In search of a template to track corporte credit card expenses and the
expense reports submitted for those expenses. Or a template to track and
reconcile credit card expenses and expense reports.

Is there a template or something out there that will help me track my daily tape backups? I just need something that will list the date, the 3 backup jobs, successful/failed and a notes section.

Anything out there like this?

Im in property management. How can I keep track of all the bills I pay for
all my buildings. e.g. Peoples Energy, Com Ed, etc

Is there a software program or template in excell that is used among farmers?
We would like to keep track of what we plant and how much, what kind of
fertilizer etc...... Please let me know if you have any info. Thanks

I am looking for a template to keep track of golf scores and to calculate
handicaps over a prolonged period. I am using Office 2003 professional.

Hello, my name is Alex Barker and I am working for a company in Ontaro Canada called Knoch Manufacturing.

I am experienced with Excel, but not quite capable enough to complete the project given.

We are a machine shop that has 14 different CNC machines.
We keep track of Queued, Pending , and Distant jobs for each machine
Queued- ready to run
Pending- one more operation then ready to run
Distant- 2 or more operations becure ready to run
This information also comes along with a due date and hours remaining on operation

What we are looking for is a program that schedules this information into a calander in priority of due date. We have 3 shifts a day and this information changes daily.

Some parts have multiple operations and then switch machines and a part can be running on the same machine for a shift to a week at a time.

Is this at all possiable for your company to handle?

Ive spent the past week staring at a computer screen and at the point right now of getting outside help.

I have a data base of information that I have transfered into excel and is capable of being updated almost instantly.



Alex Barker

is there a template that will allow me to track the weekly activity of new
calls, meetings ,proposals,follow ups versus the number of sales landed?
that will display in a graph of some sort

A buddy of mine is looking to start some sort of lottery pool at his place of work. I told him he should use excel to keep track of everyone's numbers so he doesn't have to spend 24 hours looking through the number himself. He doesn't know much about computers so I told him that I would set him up with a template he can use to fill in everyone's names and numbers. I'm great with computers, but I have 0 experience with excel. I've always had excel but never bothered to open it, as I have never needed it before. I can't seem to find any templates that will accomplish what he is trying to do and since I don't use excel I can't figure out how to make one. Any how-tos would be greatly appreciated.

The layout seems fairly simple. Everyone's names on the left, and the 10 numbers they pick on the right. The main question I have is, how do you input the 6 numbers that get drawn in the lottery and have excel search and blank out all the inputted numbers as to keep track of who has the most. And how do you have excel re-arrange the players so that the person with the most amount of numbers hit is all the way on the top?

I know that these kinds of posts can be very annoying to most people and I may have broke a few hundred forum rules, and for that I apologize.

Hello guys,

I'm working on a project for work and I really need help on this part.

I have a data set with two columns, the start time and end time of a machine.

I need to make a "time-line" or some-sorts that can clearly show when the machine was on and when the machine was off.

Like a x-y plot with the x-axis being time between
12:00 AM - 12:00 PM

and when ever the machine is in use there will be a block covering from the start time to end time, then it'll be blank until the next time the machine is ran.

Any suggestion would be helpful. Thanks!


I am a volunteer at a non-profit and they want to track survey results in an Excel spreadsheet. No problem except that for at least two of the survey questions, the person filling it out can check more than one selection (Check all that apply). One has 15 possible choices, another has more than 15 possible choices.

We could just put a column for each possible answer, but that means that whoever is tabulating the survey could end up tabing through 30 columns. Is there a way to allow more that one value (up to say 20) in one cell? Or go to a separate sheet? Sort of like a 3rd dimesion in an array. I would assume that they will also want to be able to get a summary, count, of these also.

Hope this makes sense.

General info:

- I am a novice when it come to Excel, though I have done alot of programming
- This will be implemented on a Excel 2003 SP5 machine
- My machine where I would like to develop it has Excel 2002 SP3



My question is the following:
I have 2 excel worksheet.
In the 1 worksheet there is an empty template (with 4 rows and 5 columns).
In the 2 worksheet there are 20 templates with values in the 4 rows and 5 columns. Each template has a different name.
In the 1st worksheet there is also a list with the 20 different template's names.
What I would like to do is that when I select one name, Excel will look for the corresponding one in the 2nd worksheet and automatically display the related values in the empty template.
Maybe it might help you with a little illustration of the problem:
Worksheet "empty template":


Worksheet "templates":

5 10% 13%
6 20%
7 35% 14%
8 20%

5 14%
6 20% 32%
8 18%

5 14%
7 20%

So let's assume that I choose "NAME OF TEMPLATE 3" then automatically, the value 14% and 20% will be displayed in the "empty template"

Hope I was clear enough and that you can help me on this one. Thanks a million

I have downloaded the Loan Amortization Template from the office web site.
This helps you calculate on monthly payments. However I would like to change
the formula so that it can accurately track bi-weekly payments.
This is how it looks at the moment. Could anyone assist me to change it to
track bi-weekly payments. Any help appreciated.

Hey all,

I am in no way an expert at using Excel. I can find my way around it for some really basic spreadsheets but I need some help in deciding what the best way is to keep track of specific inventory.

I'm working in IT and I need a way to keep track of a number of things. To start, I want to keep track of printers and their toner usage. I'd like to be able to specify when they toner was last changed or have some sort of quick "check box" to mark off which will automatically record when I change it and also possibly calculate the amount of time in between the last time it was replaced. If it's even possible, I'd like to see about setting up a formula to calculate the average length of time in between changes.

I don't know if this is all possible and I apologize if this isn't in the right forum. I could look up a template but I'd rather do this thing from scratch. Poking around it seems like this would be the sort of thing people would want to get paid for. I'm looking for a free solution. However, if that's not possible I would appreciate any help in getting pointed in the right direction.

In the future I'd like to add another spreadsheet to keep track of desktops or machines within the company. I'd need to log models/model #'s, date we purchased/acquired them, who it's currently assigned to, service tags if any, and any other pertinent information we deem necessary.

I realize this may be a tall order but I'm hoping I can start a more organized and clean spreadsheet. Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi all,

Following a terminal illness of my old PC (and it's incumbent software) I'm about to create myself a little Excel book to track all our home income & expenditure but wondered if anyone on here had a template I could use as a starter (or point me in the right direction to one on the net)???

I want to use the book to enter all transactions by date, payee, amount etc and then to be able to reconcile against my bank statements, perhaps though a simple form that pulls up all transactions yet to be reconciled.

Anyone got something they think might be suitable?

Ta in advance

Rather than spending 2 days every January going through previous years
reciepts separating taxable and non-taxable reciepts, I'd like to enter and
track them every month as I write them out, this way I can just bring them up
on my PC whenever I need them. When I'm ready to file my taxes, just the
touch of a key will bring up my entire years expenditures.