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Create a Drop Down Menu List in Excel - Data Validation

I tried to create a drop down list (Data > Validation > List) with the
source from a different work book (If you type the list in a different
workbook, define a name with an external reference to the list.). I followed
the instructions given in the Microsoft Online Assistant.
Iam not able to create the same as iam a getting a message stating that "You
may not use references to other worksheets or workbooks for Data validation

I am trying to make an interoffice work order for maintenance issues and need
to create a drop down calendar with a box with a button (icon) that when
clicked on shows the calendar to pick the date and enter it into the box. I
know how to insert a calendar that stays on the page but does not drop down.
I am using Microsoft Excel 2003. Help!!!!

Does anyone know how you would create a calendar drop down box in excel?

Is it possible to create dropdown lists in Excel? If so, how do I do it?


I want to create an invoice with a drop down list for the "Bill To" section.
Any help would be apreciated

i followed the directions to create a drop down list on one workbook with
criteria from another workbook with data validation (as the directions stated
from the help section"Create a drop-down list from a range of cells "). when
i enter the name of the reference (=ValidDepts), i get an error message that
says, "you may not use references to other worksheets or workbooks for data
validation criteria." can someone help me with this?

Much Thanks

I need to create a 'sub' list from a drop down list.
I have 8 categories in a drop down list in column A, but i need column B to also have a drop down list of sub categories depending on what category is selected in column A.

And once column B is populated, i need column C to auto populate with a value. All data is stored on the spreadsheet.

Hi All!

I am working on a form on excel to allow a secretary to log hours into excel. But instead of having her type in each name, I want her to be able to choose them from a list. So for example, when you do Data>Forms, the category under "name", would be a drop down menu so you could pick a name, and enter the amount of hours worked. Any help would be great!


Hi all!

I am creating a form in excel where the person should rate their mood in regard to a few questions. The ratings that they are allowed to do is limited to *** different values so i want to do that using a drop-down list with those numbers so they just select them from that list. Also, realted to this. How do i create a litte help text that displays when the user moves its mouse over the cell?

I am using Excel 2008 on a mac.

How to create a selection list (drop down menu) which obtains values from defined named horizontal area? (In fact consisting of a table column names and headers on the next worksheet)
Forms->drop down list seems to work only on data colum and not horizontally.

I'm trying to create a filtered table with HLOOKUP function with data extraction from full table. Where lookup is based on drop down list combined of names in full table first row on next worksheet(being column header on the same time).

The result of first selection list above will be linked to the cell used for HLOOKUP.

I hope it sounds logical and will not turn into cross reference

I am making a spreadsheet for food and calories, On sheet one i have a meal tracker, I want to have a drop down list in colum 1 that references the food list on sheet 2, column A=food, column B=Protien, column C=Carbs, column D=fat. The values from Sheet 2 columns B-D would then be inserted into Sheet A in the respective slots. I have fiddled with vlookup and tried numerous things but I can't seem to figure this out. Any help would be appreciated!

Trying to create a mountain chart using multiple rows of data. The chart will populate via a selection from a drop down menu. Received an error message stating series can not use multiple cells, rows or columns, only single. Any suggestions on an alternative?

Good evening all.

Trawling of the forum has not thrown up quite the solution a biff like myself requires so heres a direct appeal.

I want to use a form pretty much similar to the one built into Excel to allow my staff to view equipment records and add new ones as necessary, however I can't allow them to type in whatever they want so I want to force them to select from a list instead. The lists already exist as named ranges within my workbook.

Do any of you have some examples I can blag and pretend are my own or can you point me at a tutorial to create something like the built in excel form but with lists instead of free text.

Thanks for any guidance


What I am looking to do is create a dropdown menu. In this menu I want each individual date that I add to the column plus something that says "blank" so that if the menu is on it the only data that will be on my screen is the data that does not have any info in that column. I would also like an option in the menu to read "all" so that if I would like, all of the data will be displayed no matter whether there is info in the column or not.

What I have is 6 columns. I have it sorted by Plate#. I want a drop down menu for the dates that each individual registration was recieved. When I input the date into the box I would like it to automatically appear in my drop down menu that at a later date I can pull up all of the registrations recieved on that particular date.

I hope this makes sense to someone. My current job does not have a computer person where as my last job the IT guy set it up for me.


Ok, guys, new to this forum and I need some help with a business invoice. I know how to create a drop down list. But what I want to do is create a Drop-Down list with customers names, say cell A11. After selecting a customer name from the list, It would be able to populate the address in cells A12 and A13. Is this possible?