Hyperlink On Single Word In A Cell?

Hi all, just wondering is it possible to insert a hyperlink on a single word in a cell containing text, rather than on the whole cell? Or to have more than one hyperlink in the cell, each referring to a single word? My initial research says no, but I would be delighted if somebody could prove me wrong.


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I have a hyperlink to a word document, but I really don't want to open up word, as much as I just want that link to bring up a window with the TEXT found in the word document. In essence, I want a pop-up window, so you can still see excel in the background.

I tried placing the following code in the word document, but it just opened it normally without the size changes:


Private Sub Document_Open()
    With Application
        .Width = 150
        .Height = 500
    End With
End Sub

Hi all,

This is my first post so please correct me if I am doing it wrong. I have read your forum so many times with GREAT success and now for the first time I can't seem to find the exact answer I am looking for. So, I am jumping into the world of forum help.

What I am trying to do is probably pretty simple. I have an excel sheet with a number of rows (about 100) where each row has a hyperlink. I am trying to run through the rows and for each hyperlink return the last modified date of the linked file, next to the hyperlink. All the files linked to are word documents.

The below picture is a screenshot from my file. The hyperlinks are in column D and I would like the date pasted in column E.

Thanks a lot for your help! This time, but also all the others


Best, Aja

When linking a single cell from Excel 2003 to Word 2003 I'm getting a forced line break right after the linked cell data.

The vacancy rate was 4.5%
in the Western U.S., while it was 2.5%
in California.

There are line breaks after 4.5% and 2.5% that should not be there.

My Procedu
1. In Excel, copy the cell
2. Go to Word, Paste
3. Use Formatting Box next to pasted text, select "Match Destintation Formatting and Link to Excel"

Other Info
I can do the following...
Clickbehind 4.5% and start typing but Word highlights this text in Grey as part of the Link to Excel. I don't know if that's going to be a problem later, plus it makes it harder to read what is boiler plate vs. dynamic text

Thanks Much!

I have a long series of cells that are hyperlinked. The text displayed in the cell is NOT the hyperlink. Is there any way to paste the value of the hyperlink into another cell? Is there a function or macro that can extract the hyperlink and place it in a new cell?

I have a series of hyperlinks in cells that display dates. I am looking for a formula that will reside in a different cell, that determines the latest (max) of these dates, and then will have a hyperlink that connects to the hyperlink of that cell.
That is, I would like to have hyperlink in a cell, and have it open the hyperlink of a different cell. The selection of that different cell is based on a determination as to whether the date displayed in that cell is the maximum value of a range of cells (each cell has different hyperlinks).
Thank you! in advance

Evening all

I was wondering if anyone could help with this thing I need?

Before I try to explain the bigger problem and confuse myself (cos it's not hard), i'll ask a simpler question.

Im doing a vlookup that is returing the value of a cell which is a hyperlink but it will only return the text and not the hyperlink itself, is there anyway of getting it to show the hyperlink?

Cheers peeps


Hi all,

I am completely stumped with this problem and not sure where to begin.

I have about 20,000 hyperlinks in my excel sheet that I would like to assign to individual images.

For example, how do I link an image in cell A2, using a hyperlink from cell B2?

I know that if I wanted to simply hyperlink text, I would use =HYPERLINK(B2,"text"), but this reference won't work for images.

I also know I can right click on the image and insert a hyperlink that way, but this obviously isn't practical because I am working with over 20,000 links.

Any help would be appreciated with figuring out this monster of a task, thank you in advance!

How can I insert a hyperlink in Excel which links to a particular bookmark in
a Word document?
Bertie C

I have a worksheet full of hyperlinks in a single column - I want to remove the display text in each of the cells so all that remains is the url. This is similar to manually: Right-click the cell with a hyperlink Select 'Edit Hyperlink...' Delete the text in 'Text to Display' box Click OK Repeat on next cell below
I recorded a macro based on the list above but I can't seem to modify it to do all cells at once.

There are over a thousand cells to do this in, all in column J. I've fumbled my way thru this for fours hours with no luck, so any ideas are greatly appreciated.


Hello All,

This is my first post here and looking for help.
I am working with a database which does not let me import data. So i have taken screen shots of the data, cropped the relevant data needed using MS paint and pasted the images on a word document.Next converted the word Doc into PDF and then using a OCR, have converted the images to editable text. Next have copied the converted text into excel.

Now I need help formatting the data. Have succeeded in separating the single column into multiple columns using the de-limited format and removed the parenthesis using replace function

Need help on the following

1) Converting the multiple rows of data in each paragraph in MS word into a single column
2) Pasting the different paragraphs in the word document into different columns.

Any and all help will be much appreciated. Am attaching the files for clarification.

Thank you very much



This has frustrated me for years now. Is there any way in Excel to *stop* the annoying 'click on a cell with a hyperlink and it automatically follows the hyperlink' behavior?

I know in Word the default is 'Control-click to follow hyperlink'. You can even choose whether or not to use the 'Control-click' method, or just enable direct clicking for following hyperlinks. This is exactly the control I would like to see in Excel for following hyperlinks.

Too many times my work is interrupted because I have to stop and shut down a stupid browser or file popup that I didn't intend to open, all because I didn't hold down the mouse button long enough when selecting a cell with a hyperlink (for editing, cutting and pasting, sorting, whatever). Every single time, it's one of those "argh, there's GOT to be a better way!" moments.

Is this option (enable 'Control-click' method) available in any newer versions of Excel? Or, (preferred) is there any way to get this behavior shoehorned into Excel 2003? I'm not afraid of some rudimentary VBA, if that's what's needed...but since I have no idea how to override the basic program's handling of hyperlinks, I'd definitely need some pointers in the right direction...perhaps a few nudges, or even a shove


I'm copying hyperlinks from webpages into excel 2007, however the link only appear as plain text, not as a hyperlink. I have to format the actual cell as a hyperlink after pasting. I would like to use Paste as Hyperlink but its greyed out. If I choose Paste Special I only have paste as Unicode or Text. Is there a way of enabling Paste as Hyperlink?

I have an Excel Workbook that I wrote using Excel 97 (or similar). It makes extensive use of hyperlinks, where the whole cell is one colour and you click on the cell to jump to a different sheet.

The people using this have now partially migrated to Vista and I think Excel 2007. The hyperlink now only works when you click on the text and now anywhere in the cell. I appreciate this is how a hyperlink is supposed to work, but the functionality of the workbook is reduced.

Is there a way of forcing the hyperlink to be the whole cell and not just the text?

Many thanks.

I am trying to hyperlink merged cells to another document into a single cell.
For some reason, the formula prints out in the cell, instead of the
information I want. When I go back to the document I am linking from, and I
go to the merged cell I am trying to hyperlink to the other document, the
indicator in the left hand corner is showing only one cell, instead of 2
cells, and the document I am linking to DOES show both cells in the formula
that is in the cell I have linked to..... How can I remedy this?


I want to send a word document via email (the easy bit!), however, within this word document I have a hyperlink to another word document which I need preserving.

Obviously the hyperlink works fine this end, because it links to the file saved at Y:\Folder\filename.doc

However, am I right in thinking as soon as I send the email, with both documents attached (the document with the hyperlink, and the document that is hyperlinked to) the hyperlink won't work anymore because it'll look for Y:\Folder\filename.doc ?

Therefore, is it possible to send a .zip file (for example) with my original document within it, then \Folder\filename.doc and preserve the link this way?

I can't remember what language it is (maybe VBA) but I thought you could create hyperlinks by writing \\Folder\filename.doc or something like that.

Many thanks.

I have a large number of different hyperlinks to various different websites in different cells in Excel (2003) and I am trying to change the viewable text in ALL these cells to a simple word link "weblink" rather than see all the hyperlink address.

I know it can be done manually by right-clicking the cell and "Edit Hyperlink" but I would like to do this globally everywhere I have a hyperlink so it doesn't take my all of my natural life to complete the task. Can anyone provide direction?

Thank you.

I have a file with info in a cell that looks like:

123 South Main St. Suite 6

I want to do text-to-columns, splitting each cell out based on the word
Suite. I can’t do it by a space delimiter because it will break it out in
too many pieces. Can I use the "other" delimiter choice but put in an entire
word rather than just one character?

Any suggestions?

So i get a data set from my database program that includes a column of hyperlinks. I go into word and mail merge to email these links and other data to people but my hyperlinks aren't hyper. What do i need to do? Designate the hyperlinks somehow before i merge to word?

Example below:

Dear John,

Welcome to the Oranges Group.
Click below to enter the oranges group:

http://www.orangesgroup.com <--- when merged - doesn't show as hyperlink


So what do i need to do to get the links to be hyperlinks in my word email?

Thanks for the help gang.


Hi there
Have got a before follow hyperlink event

Private Sub Worksheet_FollowHyperlink(ByVal Target As Hyperlink)
End Sub

What I want to do is capture the active cell reference on the active sheet before the hyper link is activated.

Private Sub Worksheet_FollowHyperlink(ByVal Target As Hyperlink)
CurrAddr = activecell.address
End Sub

CurrAddr returns where the hyper link is linked to not where it was.

I want to be able users to click the hyperlink to a help screen and click another to get back where they were. Hyperlink seems to default to cell A1. Have an idea the option to specify the specific cell is in the insert hyperlink dialog box somewhere.


Hi again everyone,

I've posted this similar question, but it's not on hyperlink.

Anyway, i want to check in a given cell, if I put a hyperlink, i want it to be GREEN in colour, and if i remove the hyperlink, it returns to YELLOW.

Can I do this with UDF, via VBA?


I currently have a macro that adjust the width for columns of a given range and then copies all rows to a word document. In doing this, I have some table that exceed a single page and was wondering if it is possible to shrink the table, vertically only, to fit it to a single page.

I can shrink the table in word by simply holding the lower right corner and adjusting the size, but when I try to record this action, the option to adjust the size is not available; you gotta love the recording ability in word.


'To fill the page, each Column must be 14.43 or 106 pixels
If ws.Name  "Profile Index" Then ws.Range("B:H").ColumnWidth = 14.43
 'Copy Selected range of each worksheet
If ws.Name = "Profile Index" Then
   ws.Range("B2:W" & LR).Copy
   With appWord
       'Paste copied range into Word Document
       .Visible = True
       'Insert Break after Index
       .Selection.InsertBreak (wdPageBreak)
   End With
  ws.Range("B2:H" & LR).Copy
  With appWord
     'Paste copied range into Word Document
     .Visible = True

Can we create a hyperlink to a particular sheet (or a defined range) in
a excel document from powerpoint / word??


When I copy a table from Word, which includes hyperlinks and then use a paste
special in excel with using unformatted text, (don't need the hyperlinks) the
rows are not copied the same as the table. The cell(s) after the hyperlink
cell (from the word table) drop to the next row when I paste in excel. Then
I have to highlight and move those cells that dropped to the next row back to
where they should be. Which is very time consuming. I know this sounds
confusing and hope someone can help. Thanks.

I have a word template that I open (as a new document) with excel VBA.
This template has bookmarks in it and I can copy and paste text or cell values from excel to the template to fill it out automatically. The one area I am having problems is in trying to create an email hyperlink in one of my bookmarks.

Does anybody have any suggestions?
Here is an example of the code I am using that does not work correctly:

Sub Hyperlink()
Dim wb As Excel.Workbook
Dim wdApp As Word.Application
Dim myDoc As Word.Document
Dim LinkName As String
Dim LinkAddress As String
Dim SPE, SCM, Purch, SQE, Vendor, Veri As Boolean

Set wb = ActiveWorkbook
Path = wb.Path & "\Test.dotm"
'On Error GoTo ErrorHandler

'Create a new Word Session
Set wdApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")
'Open document in word
Set myDoc = wdApp.Documents.Add(Path)

'Activate word and display document
  With wdApp
    .Visible = True
    .ActiveWindow.WindowState = 0
  End With

LinkName = "Name Here"
LinkAddress = "Email@Address.com"
  With myDoc.Bookmarks
    .Item("Bookmark2").Range.InsertBefore LinkName
    With Selection
      .Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=Selection.Range, Address:="Mailto:%20" & _
      LinkAddress, SubAddress:="", ScreenTip:="", TextToDisplay:=LinkName, Target:=""
    End With
  End With
End Sub

I have tried several variations on this and cannot seem to get it to work. I can paste the "LinkName" to the bookmark and select the bookmark just fine, but I cant get the hyperlink to attach.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I am using Office 2007 for this project. The Macro starts and runs in excel which then opens the word document. I wasn't sure if any of that was clear or not.

Hi, As specified in the title, does anyone know how to do vlookup but the returned value is still in form of hyperlink to another cell in other worksheet?
I tried using this
but it doesn't work if the value returned is a hyperlink to another cell.
It only works if it is hyperlink to internet address.